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Centrum is the innermost district of Amsterdam and the 1012 postcode area is the innermost part of Centrum. At the north end of 1012 is Centraal Station, Amsterdam's main railway station. The spine of 1012 is the former course of the Amstel River, which once flowed northwards to its mouth where the station now is. Nowadays it's a major tram route from Centraal Station, down Damrak, across Dam square and onto Rokin. In addition to being a major thoroughfare, it cuts 1012 into two parts. The former left and right banks of the river.

The Old Side (Oudezijds) is the right bank and is the site of the ancient settlement from which Amsterdam grew. It includes the historic Warmoesstraat and the main Red Light District (De Wallen or De Walletjes).

Here was once the greatest concentration of coffeeshops in the city but many have been closed since 2007 as part of 'Project 1012', a municipal initiative that has taken out much of the soul of the area. Nevertheless, there are still many shops here as you will see listed below. Coffeeshops in this area are also shown on the Amsterdam Map.
(Neighbourhoods that have never had any coffeeshops or suchlike are excluded)
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1012 postcode > Old Side
Street NameNumberShop Name
Prins Hendrikkade 85 Cafe Batavia 1920
87 Emerald Triangle
89 Central
91 Smokey
Geldersekade 2 Voyagers
54 Het Gelderse
Nieuwebrugsteeg 24 Funny People
Sint Olofssteeg 3-5 Aka
Zeedijk 55 Mike
Oudebrugsteeg 4 Speak Easy
16 Grasshopper 2
Beursstraat 27 Babylon
Warmoesstraat 12 Conscious Dreams 'Kokopelli'
24 Hunter's Pub
35 Hunter's Vodka Bar
36 Coffeeshop 36
37 Hunter's No. 37
47 Baba Souvenir Shop
52a Hill Street Blues
53 Greenhouse Effect
54 Elements of Nature (No 54)
55 Bones and Co
59 Stone's Corner
64 Baba
70 Het Oerwoud
73 Sheeba
77 Route 66
79 The Tribe
85 Highlight
91 Stone's Café
96 Stone's Nightclub
97 Elements of Nature (No 97)
102 Star Souvenirs
129 Winston
143 Greendayz
Oudezijds Armsteeg 12-14 Last Waterhole
Lange Niezel 5 Wonder Bar Two
7 Twilight Zone
13 Smoking Bull
14 I Love Amsterdam
21 Smoke Shop
25 Highway
27 Freeland
Wijde Kerksteeg 3 High Time
Oudekerksplein 54 The Old Church
Sint Annenstraat 19 Smartzone
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 36 Feels Good
47 De Oude Kerk (Bushman)
67 Dread Rock
90 The Bulldog No. 90
132 The Bulldog Mack
141 The Other Place
189 City Hall
189 Headshop Free Adam
191 Greenhouse Centrum
206 Bulldog Souvenirs
218 Bulldog Hotel
220 The Bulldog Energy
222 Two Twenty Two
246 Rock Planet
248 Smart and Herbal Company
250 Rick's Coffeeshop
252 Rick's Cafe
254 Susies Saloon
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 23 Black Tiger Bar
48 Excalibur
61 The Bassment
81 Cafe Remember
124 Cannabis College
130 Hemp Museum Gallery
131 The Flying Dutchmen
142 Hempstory
148 Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum
150 Sensi Seed Bank
Nieuwmarkt 4a The Jolly Joker
12 Rock-It
14 The Greenhouse Effect
28 Cafe Del Mondo
Sunny Corner
Damstraat 8-10 Paradise
16 The Old Man
46 Royal Queen Seeds
Oude Doelenstraat 20 Sensi Seeds Corner Shop
Oude Hoogstraat 2 Extase
3 Tiani No.3
4 Number One
5 Pick Up The Pieces
7 Tiani No.7
9 Choice Exact
13 Free Adam
19 Laut's Souvenirs
27 Karel Appel
29 Josephine Baker
33 Bunyip
35 The Bold Man
Nes 33 't Nes Cafe
Kloveniersburgwal 4 Green Place
32 Old Indian Shop
40 Chill Out
42 Goa
60 Bagheera
62 Basjoe
St. Pieterspoortsteeg 3 Gaffa
Rusland 16 Rusland
Rokin 115 Smokey Bear's
Langebrugsteeg 7a Kadinsky 3
11 Greenhouse Gifts