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Amsterdam West Centrum
Centrum is the innermost district of Amsterdam. West Centrum is one of the prettiest parts of the city and is only just out of the centre.

At its northern end is Haarlemmerbuurt. Stretching south from there are the three grand canals of the Grachtengordel. At their southern end they are crossed by little bridges connected by little streets known as De 9 Straatjes. Finally, west of the canals, is the Jordaan.

Most of West Centrum is covered by the Amsterdam Map.
(Neighbourhoods that have never had any coffeeshops or suchlike are excluded)
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Amsterdam West Centrum in context
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Amsterdam-Centrum > West Centrum
West Centrum > Haarlemmerbuurt
Street NameNumberShop Name
Singel 8 Coffeeshop Amsterdam Cafe
10 Hempshopper
12 The Bulldog Rockshop
14 The Store
Haarlemmerstraat 8 Amsterdamned
30 Buddah 2 souvnirs
34 La Grotte
44 Coffeeshop Amsterdam
62 Green House Munchies
63 Popeye
64 Greenhouse Lounge
66B Royal Queen Seeds
98 Barney's Farm
102 Barney's Coffeeshop
105 Barney's Uptown
Binnen Oranjestraat 9 Relax
West Centrum > Grachtengordel-West
Street NameNumberShop Name
Brouwersgracht 11 Siberie
Herengracht 25 A.B.C.
114 't Heerenhuys
133 Amnesia
Oude Leliestraat 2 Grey Area
Raadhuisstraat 8 Rockland
West Centrum > Grachtengordel-West > De 9 Straatjes
Street NameNumberShop Name
Herengracht 287 Magic
Berenstraat 30 Crumbs
Runstraat 8 De Runner
Huidenstraat 13a Best Friends II
West Centrum > Jordaan
Street NameNumberShop Name
Brouwersgracht 137 Coffeeshop 137
Goudsbloemstraat 9 Real Thing V
2e Boomdwarsstraat 4 Tranquillo
Westerstraat 121 Spirit
Bloemgracht 14 Strange Fruit
Marnixstraat 74 't Keteltje
86 Pascha
92 Bronx
164-166 Sound Garden
194 1e Hulp
233 Free City
333 Funky Munkey
383 Crush
1e Bloemdwarsstraat 2 Paradox
Rozengracht 1a Black Star
139 Flower Power
2e Laurierdwarsstraat 1B / 13 Fairy Nuff
44 Mr K & Co
50 Real Thing I
64 Pi Kunst & Koffie
Hazenstraat 15 Biba
Elandsgracht 3 Johnny
53 Rokerij IV
Prinsengracht 312 La Tertulia