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Bleu Dream
Scharnerweg 82
6224 JJ, Maastricht
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Closed Coffeeshop
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Permanently closed
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Bleu Dream
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Sjef from Maastricht. Sent 6 Mar 2007.
Back open again since 1st March but still not popular with the local authorities.
Shophopper from Germany. Sent 16 Jan 2007.
"Closed for an unknown time" according to a sign referring to city council authorities.
Vinnie from Belgium. Sent 20 Mar 2005.
I go to this place about once a week to buy 5 grams. It's a small place but very nice. Mostly reggae music even if sometimes it seems to be adapted according to the kinda people who are in there The choice in smokable gear is interesting: Weed: Super Skunk, Citral, K2, Jack Gold, Peace Maker, White Widow, C5 Haze. Hash: Maroc +, Polm, Blue Polm, Nina, Nepal. Special: Promo (a mix of the different sorts of weed remains for 5€/gr.) Skuff (a brown mix of branches and leaves hacked in small bits for 10€/gr.) Plus naturally pre-rolled joints. The prices are reasonable (from 5€ to 10€ /gr.). It's quite remote from the center of Maastricht but those who travel by car won't be bothered 'coz this coffeeshop is actually the most easy to reach when you come from Belgium or France on the Highway (A2): it's simply the nearest. In that way it's a great place to go, buy weed, smoke a joint, get high, drink something and leave. But it's not the kinda place where you can stay for hours. The staff is really nice, the waitress come to each table to empty the ashtrays. High-quality bongs and waterpipes can be borrowed to the bar. The grates are changed each time and you are given all what you need to 'mince' your weed. As the coffeeshop stands in a wide street, there are a lot of empty places to park your car (for free of course). Enjoy it!
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