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Kleine Gracht 19a
6211 CA, Maastricht
Shop Type
Smartshop, selling 'natural highs'
043 3212337
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Reinhard from Germany. Sent 16 May 2007.
It's a cool place with many antique buddha buildings and has a very nice service, I bought just a woodgrinder for €3,25, but the mushrooms are cheaper than in the Sens. Also the guy spoke really good German.
Alexander from Germany. Sent 30 Dec 2006.
I have been twice there. Both times they had only Mexican 'shrooms. The salesman told me that I can buy dried Hawaiian or Equadorian, which he dries manually when the expiration date of the fresh mushrooms comes. When I was there the second time I bought a package of dried Hawaiians, however there was no trip with them. The dried mushrooms are illegal in Netherlands, so I think the staff in the shop tries to sell the mushrooms without psilocybin and cheats on customers. I do not like it.
Tom from Belgium. Sent 8 Nov 2004.
My first time I bought shrooms, this is where I got them. Recently, they won't sell dried psylocibin anymore, so you'll have to settle for fresh ones, which you can easily dry by putting them on the heating for a few days. But this is the same in the entire Netherlands. The shop sells Mexican and Hawaiian shrooms although the Hawaiian are sometimes sold out, due to the, in my opinion, superior quality. The people are friendly and the girl who works there is absolutely beautiful and pleasantly conspiring. The beautiful statues sold in the shop, together with the trip toys and the aromas of the incense make it worth a visit albeit. Top notch.
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