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La Kasba
Tidemanstraat 1
3022 SB, Rotterdam
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Closed Coffeeshop
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Permanently closed
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La Kasba
coffee shop La Kasba, Rotterdam, Zuid Holland for cannabis
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Tadhg from Rotterdam. Sent 15 May 2014.
Shut down last year.
Marc from UK. (living Rot) Sent 9 Jun 2011.
Small place, steady stream of locals buying and smoking. Only have White Widow, (7 € /gram) which varies from very good to poor and two hashes (don't bother with the normal polm). After a few repeat visits you'll notice the Super Polm comes from a different coloured bag than usual, this is the good stuff. Main reason for going is that it's only a two minute walk to my front door. 5/10 (maybe a 6 for the coffee).
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