ACD Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory
1012 Map

Interactive map - click on any shop for more details. Further info at the bottom of the page.

Postcode District 1012

1012 is the postcode representing the most central part of Amsterdam.

The heart of the city is very compact; in fact the area covered by this map is less than a mile from top to bottom. It's very densely packed with countless tall narrow buildings lining its many streets and alleyways.

All of the shops in 1012, past and present, are listed in the Inner Centrum index of the directory.


This is a large-scale version of the area around D7 to H2 on the main map that has been rotated so north is towards the top left corner.

Click on the numbered spots to see full details of the shops.

The green spots are coffee shops, the blue ones are smart, head and grow -shops.

This map is a bit old now. It's incorrectly titled 'Centrum', which is actually a larger district roughly corresponding to the main map. Nevertheless, the details revealed by clicking on the shops are accurate and up-to-date.