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Veldhofstraat 79
6471 CE, Eygelshoven
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Coffeeshop, licenced to sell cannabis to over 18s
045 5354007
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Xacrinha from Brazil. Sent 1 Dec 2014.
I really liked this shop, the attendants are nice and helpful. Nice weed and hashish for a fair price (between 8.5 and 12 euros). The atmosphere is cool, they have big televisions at everyplace you look, also some board games and a snooker table. They never asked me for my passport. I really recommend this shop if you want to smoke and spend some time there.
Tom from Germany. Sent 8 Jan 2014.
White Widdow now costs 10,00 Euro/gram. Germans are welcome. My ID has never been checked.
Weedweed from Germany. Sent 30 Dec 2013.
I tried "Amnezia" for 12.50 euro/g. Vendors are friendly, Germans are welcome. Opening hour is 16.00.Weed is good but not premium. Nice shop. White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Shira & Pollen. A good place to chillout.
Alex from Germany. Sent 2 Dec 2013.
The shop and the owners are really nice. It looks friendly and clean. They have 4 or 5 different hashes (Shira, Afgahn and the other I don't know anymore) and 4 different types of weed (White Widdow, Amnesia, Snow Ball and ... ? I don't know it anymore). The prices really nice, the Shira, WW Snowball costs only 10 € per g. Also you can buy prerolled Joints, but I didn't do this. The Shira, the White Widdow and the Snow Ball are pretty nice. But I think the Amnesia was not clean. It gives a firework when you smoke it. Next time I come back to this shop.
Weedburner from Germany. Sent 5 Jul 2013.
An old shop that's been in Eygelshoven for more than 20 Years. The chef is a guy from Morocco and the hash is mostly Moroccan too. They sell Ketama 5g for 15 Euro, Ketama-Special 1,8g for 10 Euro, Pollen 1.5g for 10 Euro, Zero 1.2g for 10 Euro, Shira 1g for 10 Euro. Sometimes they also have Skuff 1g for 10 Euro. On weed they have White Whidow, Amnesia, Snowball 1.1g for 10 Euro. The shop is very clean and has nice interior. Large flatscreen TV is mounted on wall on every view direction. They also had pool tables but they had to remove them to make a glass-wall to separate the bar from the smokers area. They still have 3 pinball machines. You can borrow little acrylic bongs and tabletop games. They have a real kitchen and you can order food and drink at the bar. You can buy papers and screens for home, good customers normally get papers or screens as extra ;). Each Xmas they buy nice presents, like wood-made grinders with the logo of the coffeeshop on it, to give them to their long time customers. German customers are welcome (July 2013).
Freek from Netherlands. Sent 8 Jun 2009.
What a crap place. I went to go get a pre-rolled and there wasn't any weed in there. If I were you you should go to the Capricorn in Heerlen, much more quality there.
Durv from Netherlands. Sent 30 Jul 2008.
It's a modern shop and good to chill and smoke, they got like almost always K2, Nortern Light and White Widow. They are 0,9 gr for 7 euro and Skuff (pollen, unpressed hasj) for 10 euro for 1 gram. Last time I visited they had 1 gram Haze for 12 euro. But I must say their dope is well dried and good dope aswell. My scale says: if you buy 0.9 gram its 0.90 gram not 0,91 or 0,89 (they pre-make the bags of weed).
Alex from Germany. Sent 4 Jul 2008.
Modern shop, great menu but high cost. Very nice people there. A flat screen TV in every direction you can look. Great for watching football smoking a nice joint. The prerolled ones are not that good than the other shops.
Reinhard from Germany. Sent 11 Feb 2007.
The prices are ok, for 1 gr. White Widdow 7,50 €, for a joint with Pollen 3,50 € and for a Ketama Joint 2,50 €. I couldn't test the weed myself, because I was the driver every time, but I could see that it was good weed in the faces of the other persons :) The shop has different possibilities to have fun: There are different TVs, a kicker, 2 pool tables and game machines like Flipper. You can sit very relaxed at different tables with single chairs, not as in the Smokey Boat where you sit like in a tent at karneval. The owner was very nice and the place is all in all very recommendable.
Tom from Germany. Sent 20 Oct 2004.
It's a very uncomplicated shop. First I was there, I thought that it was a Chinese restaurant :) They opened at 4 o clock p.m. The prices are cheep. I bought 4gr of White Whiddow for 26Euro. It's a relaxing atmosphere. Around the corner of the shop you've got good parking places! It's easy to find and it's the 1st address if you came from Germany, don't want to drive a long way and just want to check out some good smoking stuff.
Nikkel from Netherlands. Sent 12 Mar 2004.
Quiam is da place 2 b! Very relax atmosphere! Price is high for a local, but compared to Maastricht and tourist shops it's okay. Very good service, you get your ashtray cleaned every 15 min or so. Full of air filters, TVs and beautiful lights. If it wasn't for the weed it wouldn't be a coffeeshop. We love you Quiam.
Jacksen from Kazakhstan. Sent 12 Feb 2004.
You can play shaken, billjard and other games. The prices are not so expensive like in Amsterdam, Maastricht or the other bigger cities but not so low that you can say it is cheap. The salesmen are very nice and helpful. The shop is not so big but the atmosphere really great.
Sid from Netherlands. Sent 13 Nov 2003.
I think the Quiam is one of the best shops around. It's relaxed and most important it's clean. In Limburg there are a lot of filthy, old shops with a dark and aggressive atmosphere. The Quiam is a bit expensive but well-worth your money. I go there several times a week.
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