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Janvossensteeg 6- 8
2312 WE, Leiden
Shop Type
Coffeeshop, licenced to sell cannabis to over 18s
071 5146667
Open Times
Daily 17:00-23:00
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sNc from Wales. Sent 16 Apr 2017.
Wasn't sure what to expect but pleasantly surprised. Good selection, well priced and great quality. When asking to view strains the BT would get out a big bud put it on the counter and offer for you to pick it up crak it and smell it! Never had that anywhere else! Powerplant looked great so did the Hawaiian Haze. Check this shop out when you can!
Dirk from Netherlands. Sent 13 Jul 2008.
It's really cool there; it is the first coffeeshop in town with a special room for the smoker.
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