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Maaskade 22
5911 EW, Venlo
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Closed Coffeeshop
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Permanently closed
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Closed. Moved to Roots-Oase.
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Dr. Helmer from Germany. Sent 22 Oct 2004.
Last time I visited Venlo and the Roots, in the window of the shop it was announced that they will be moving. Unfortunately I forgot to notice the new address. Does anyone know it? It's a very fine shop, where the prices are really fair and the dealers are mostly very friendly, so I would be very sad if I don't find them anymore.
Crazy Elg from Germany. Sent 7 May 2004.
Nice people, nice grass, very dirty. I think I will try it again :-)
Fastdagda from UK. Sent 17 Jul 2003.
WOW, great gear, great lounge, good tunes, friendly people, well worth the drive, back there in September I hope, or when my mate gets another idea about a quick trip abroad.
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