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Sticky Fingers
Koestraat 17
6211 HR, Maastricht
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Smoker-friendly bar, allowing pure cannabis consumption
043 3218757
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Sticky Fingers
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Shophopper from Germany. Sent 16 Jan 2007.
A bar with no coffeeshop module any more.
Mark from USA. Sent 7 Feb 2003.
Near the Vrouwebasillek. A little hole in the wall shop and the head honcho was in a bad mood. He looked at me like "get the hell out". So, I bought a gram of house special, and sat down at this little computer they have there, next to door as you walk in. I was so glad to find a computer, at least they had one. After about 40 mi. and several looks from the man, I decided to leave. The smoke was good, but I felt as though I was an ohsama member, or even worse, an American.
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