• RoMoney32 minutes ago
    I've never been in Ballonetje, it's been on my list for ages, but for some reason I never made it
  • matty22332 minutes ago
    Bbl going apartment searching
  • RoMoney32 minutes ago
    Agreed re canal side, weather permitting.....I was there in Oct and Nov and Nov it was a bit chilly for spending too long out and about
  • matty22331 minutes ago
    Great shop cant wat to hit it up again in April
  • matty22331 minutes ago
    Bbl peace
  • RoMoney31 minutes ago
  • CopenhagenCouple30 minutes ago
    Papi wrote: Hmm first thing i grab my gear from canal-side to be stocked up nicely
    Papi wrote: Utopia, Ballonetje, Voyagers, 420 cafe (only to chill), baba, bluebird,
    add Boerjoengens and a few more to the list and you are golden... :D
  • Papi29 minutes ago
    Yeah my message was cut;D
  • Papi29 minutes ago
    I was typing on my phone
  • Papi28 minutes ago
  • Papi28 minutes ago
  • CopenhagenCouple13 minutes ago
    Uh, yeah, Sibierie and Tweede need to be on that list

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