• RoMoney52 minutes ago
    Fcuking Ryanair might strike on 20th, I'm flying on 22nd :o
  • RoMoney51 minutes ago
    I don't get it, they stopped abusing their customers why can't they stop abusing the staff!?! :D
  • CopenhagenCouple43 minutes ago
    :lol: @RoMoney not sure the 10.000+ customers who recently got fucked by said company agreed, but get where you are coming from... :roll:
  • RoMoney40 minutes ago
    Haha, very true, but in general their service has improved, you get a seat allocated and they don't herd you on like cattle anymore
  • RoMoney39 minutes ago
    They are also way more flexible on the hand luggagae
  • RoMoney38 minutes ago
    This is a 2 minute Irish comedy sketch on their improved customer service:
  • RoMoney38 minutes ago
    Very funny
  • choppermike7 minutes ago
    I hope these maverick Captains come to their senses before they make Michael very angry with them 'cos he has the money to fix them and there could be mass collateral damage !
  • RoMoney6 minutes ago
    It Doesn't take much to send Michael off on one, he's always giving out about something
  • RoMoney6 minutes ago
    Once they all focus on ensuring my holiday remains intact we should be ok
  • RoMoney6 minutes ago
  • RoMoney5 minutes ago
    And I always have Aer Lingus and KLM as a backup if I get stuck either side

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