• DjShaggy37 minutes ago
    It was more the fact that its full of music, photos and contacts are all on the cloud so its no issue but my music maaan
  • sNc36 minutes ago
    Yeah thats a shitter..just the fucking hassle too I guess
  • DjShaggy36 minutes ago
    The question now is how badly smashed is it? will it be repairable or am i gonna have to go buy another. iphones arent cheap haha
  • DjShaggy35 minutes ago
    I was also unimpressed that the find my iphone app which lets you track your stolen phone anywhere in the world and put messages on the screen etc, doesnt actually work if the phone has been switched off. who steals a phone and leaves it on?
  • sNc33 minutes ago
    Yeah it sucks for that reason
  • DjShaggy32 minutes ago
    Time will tell, best have a joint before i get wound up haha
  • sNc32 minutes ago
    Right must in the foreign land (England)
  • DjShaggy30 minutes ago
    Yes its not a happy place is it haha
  • DjShaggy30 minutes ago
    Peace bro
  • sNc30 minutes ago
    :wink: i'll survive
  • macky26 minutes ago
    @DB glad to hear your into 420 8)
  • matty2234 minutes ago
    Good to see DB is going to make it this year

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