Is Iceland about to legalise cannabis?

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Is Iceland about to legalise cannabis?

Post by avfc-herbalist » Mon 9th Oct 2017 02:59 pm

Is Iceland about to legalise cannabis?

A bill to legalise recreational cannabis in Iceland has been introduced to Iceland’s Parliament
Over 20s would legally have the right to grow, purchase and consume cannabis.
The Bill will be voted on after Iceland’s General Election in October.

A bill which would legalise recreational cannabis was introduced to Iceland’s Parliament last week.

Under the bill, adults over 20 years-old would legally be able to purchase, consume and grow their own cannabis, once a government permit has been obtained.

Retailers will also be permitted to sell cannabis and any affiliated products (e.g. edibles or paraphernalia). However, it will be up to individual municipalities to issue licenses for the existence of these establishments, and all employees must be older than 20 years of age.

While consuming cannabis in these stores will remain illegal, lounges and restaurants will be permitted to allow customers to use cannabis in their premises via government licensing.

Similar to UK tobacco laws, all cannabis products must have their THC levels printed on the packages to inform consumers of the potency; products will be in grey, plain packaging, labeled with black text on a white background, much like our UK cigarette packets.

Packages will also contain the name of the manufacturer, name of the product, type of product, description of contents, and health hazards.

Advertising of cannabis and paraphernalia will remain banned.

“Regulation gives us the option to control prices and control access.”
– MP Pawel Bartoszek

Speaking to, the bill’s author MP Pawel Bartoszek expressed his reasoning for opting for full legalisation, opposed to decriminalisation:

“I hear in the discussion that many people would like to see some sort of decriminalization as the first approach. I simply think that the [legalization] solution is more effective than decriminalization.

“Regulation gives us the option to control prices and control access.”

“The reaction to the bill has been strong, from both sides. I have three co-sponsors, Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir from Reform and Gunnar Hrafn Jónsson and Jón Þór Ólafsson from The Pirate Party.

“In Iceland, we fine 1,000 people a year for various drug offenses. I want that to end and this is the right way to do it.”

According to the World Drug Report 2016, roughly 18.3% of Icelanders use cannabis a year.

Out of 334,252 Icelanders, 60,000 are regularly using cannabis. 60,000 people could benefit from this bill, not to mention the country’s economy.

In 2015, Colorado took in $198.5 million in tax revenue from in-state cannabis sales of $1.3 billion. That’s up from $699.2 million in sales in 2014 and $996.2 million in 2015 sales.

The Bill has a long way to go before becoming law. A General Election campaign is currently underway in the Northern European country, so it cannot be debated and voted on until the result of the election are known. ... -cannabis/
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Re: Is Iceland about to legalise cannabis?

Post by CopenhagenCouple » Wed 11th Oct 2017 05:51 pm

Erhm, ok. Wait, what? :shock: Iceland might be legalizing for recreational use, with the possibility of places licensed for you to consume in public? Dafuq, how did that slip under the radar? :wtf:

Now hurry the fuck up and get that decided up there… Cheapest flights to YYZ from CPH is with stopover in freaking Reykjavik! :D :D :D That would be gawddang awesome, chilling a bit in the blue lagoon smoking a big fatty en route to seeing the ACD crew at macky’s! 8) :mrgreen:

Yes yes, it could be a bit of a long shot, but think how great it would be to have legal weed in Iceland…
“Whattayasay we go fire up the Volcano a bit?” :mrgreen: :lol:
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Re: Is Iceland about to legalise cannabis?

Post by matty223 » Sun 15th Oct 2017 12:57 pm

No more non stops to Amsterdam if this happens,


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