Greenhouse (Den Haag)

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Greenhouse (Den Haag)

Post by jc2k » Tue 18th Apr 2017 07:14 pm

ACD Page: Greenhouse, The Hague

Couldn't find an existing thread for this great shop, so thought I'd start one...

Been to Den Haag a few times and for some reason never tried this place. Gutted as it's the best shop I've been to outside of the dam. Visited twice over the course of three days as the selection here was really, really varied and all top quality. Strains I got were:

Amnesia Ganja - awesome strain, you can taste the ganja in it and has the uplift of the amnesia in it. Real creeper stone, starts off a bit disappointing and then grows over time to full melt status!
The Hog - didn't smoke this until last night (back in the UK, shush, don't tell anyone) really, really strong knockout weed. Slept sooo well and woke up really refreshed
S5 Haze - nice smoke, though to be honest, nothing special.
King King - one of the nicest strains I've had in ages. Full body stone but without drowsiness, gave a real lift in an unexpected way as I bought it thinking it was a heavy indica. So nice went back for the full 5g the following day.

The bud tender was really nice and overall a great experience. Seeing the bud in jars along the counter was great and the menu had most leafly descriptions so a great all round shop.

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