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The Saint

Post by Ldog » Wed 9th Jun 2010 07:39 pm

ACD Page: The Saint

Just wanted to send some love to The Saint. I liked it! I could not figure out how to leave a review on the directory, so maybe this will work.

This place had the best cappuccinos I have ever had... in my life. I just got back from Amsterdam last night, and wanted to say thanks! I went almost every day I was in town... It made a difference who made it -- the quiet white guy w/o the dreads who works mornings made the best ones, but I liked the guy with the dreads, too -- all the staff were great, and no complaints!! This guy just made the best cappuccinos. :) I have been trying to figure out how to make them at home...

I liked the music and the interior, and enjoyed sitting at the patio. Also liked the drawings on the ceiling. Looking at other reviewers' comments, I do agree that the alley wasn't the loveliest location ever, but they have made some improvements. Someone has gone through some effort to paint a city scene on the walls, which was cool. The weed selection seemed a bit limited, but there was also hash and something called haze, which I did not try... the pot was OK, just thought maybe there could be some more flavorful options... It still "worked" just fine, though! Thanks again, best of luck with the new ownership!!

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Re: The Saint

Post by TwoCanucks » Fri 3rd Jun 2011 03:29 am

anyone else stop in here and try the wares? curious to check it out.
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Re: The Saint

Post by treetop » Fri 30th Mar 2012 06:13 am

I was in there a while back. Like at least 2 years ago so take this with a pinch of salt....

It was a nice little cosy coffeeshop that is very handy for the wonderful Art Deco movie theatre just across the street down the alley.

Have popped in there a couple of times. Very friendly and fun budtender. Prices obviously cheaper than Centrum but after such a long time the menu will be different now anyway. They have seats outside with a little wind break so sitting outside is possible in most conditions.

Inside it is small and with a low roof a little cramped feeling. However only if you are tall like me!

They have various tables and seats at the bar. I think it must be the low roof that gives it such an intimate feeling inside. It seems like you are in someones front room and obliged to talk to them or it is arkward kinda vibe. If you are feeling sociable then it is great but if you are a little more introspective you might prefer it outside.

I wouldn't go out of my way to visit it but if I were passing I'd certainly pop in. Especially for a smoke before the movies!
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Re: The Saint

Post by courtjester » Wed 19th Jun 2013 04:44 pm

I've walked out of five shops, that I can think of, just because of looking at a menu. Elevated price structure is why I walked out of Extase, Tops, Get Down To It and a shop in Maastricht that I can't remember the name of. I walked out of The Saint because the only choices were White Widow, Colombian and Thai. The place is brilliantly located in the heart of the Amstel/Rembrandtplein area, a place heavy with coffeeshops, and that's the best it can do? No thank you.

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Re: The Saint

Post by nathan420stoner » Sun 14th Sep 2014 11:02 am

was in here back in february on my trip picked up some master kush 15e, it was decent smoke but well overpriced its a small spot round the corner from bushdoctor, wouldnt mind visiting again just for a look as it was the first coffeeshop i bought out of

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Re: The Saint

Post by LLMReb » Mon 10th Oct 2016 05:16 am

I was thinking about The Saint today. Like another poster, this shop was my first for some reason. The coffee was great, too.

My only visit here was 2010. So many other good shops i prefer, but late at night, this one wasnt all that bad. It certainly wasnt bad enough to get no love from reviewers. Then again, I'm as guilty as anyone.

Someone should do us all a favor and go just to report back!

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Re: The Saint

Post by LLMReb » Sun 30th Apr 2017 11:25 pm

I have been hoping that someone would visit The Saint to save me the trouble. I'm curious as to how it is holding up since my last visit in June of 2010. Nearly 7 years, yet it is still open.

Very disappointed, and a C rating is all I can provide. I didn't even purchase anything.

The bad:

Prices. Barneys and Greenhouse take a hit due to pricing. The Saint blows them out of the water on pricing! Here I was thinking that the only CS establishment that will even HINT at 20 E for a gram is Barneys. Oh no, my friend. The Saint had G13 for 20 E. G freaking 13 at 20 E!!! I saw it for 14 E at other places. AK-47 was the cheapest offering at 12 E. Yeah, AK-47. It is regularly 10 E or less, well, everywhere.

I realized that this CS is for tourists who drink enough at Rembrandtsplein to talk themselves into smoking. I cannot imagine anyone else going.

No windows. Very dark inside. You have a purchase room with a small table. Then you have another room that is very dark. You can sit outside in the alleyway, but it is the alley. I don't know about you, but when I'm in AMS, I don't want a view of the alley.

The good:

Very clean. Good coffee. Nice BT who was actually friendly and spoke other languages like Spanish.

I did not bother with a CS picture.

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Re: The Saint

Post by barfkoswil » Thu 12th Oct 2017 12:22 am

I was here a few weeks ago and what a rip off avoid it like the plague.

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Re: The Saint

Post by FlyByNite » Thu 30th Nov 2017 04:45 am

New menu for The Saint dated November 27, 2017. Thanks Mr Jonsen


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