Dam Square, Barcelona

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Dam Square, Barcelona

Post by sNc » Wed 13th Sep 2017 09:40 pm

Address: Carrer Mare de Deu del Pilar, 26, 08003 Barcelona (Catalunya)

Opening times: 12-24

BCD page: Dam Square

First things first.....there is a lane/alleyway before the one this club is on, go down that lane and visit Alcatraz club instead! Much much better club!

Dam Square.....an absolute tourist trap without question!!
They will literally take you off the street for sign up...membership is usual €20 for a year but.....prices are a flat rate of €20 per pre weighed bag that ranges in weight between 1.2g up to 1.6g depending on the strain.

Quality was actually pretty decent but way overpriced it's not much of a nice chill out place either being pretty basic in decor and lacking any atmosphere.

Much better clubs to spend your money in..avoid this place at all costs!

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