Cafe Batavia 1920

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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by MJ420 » Mon 11th Sep 2017 03:24 pm

My favorite smoker-friendly bar. Food is great and they have a good selection of beer to choose from.

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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by madmaxxx » Thu 28th Sep 2017 01:52 pm

Went there twice last week.ribs where 10/10 fell off the bone.and the roast was lovely.allways get a big platefull

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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by macky » Sun 1st Oct 2017 02:34 pm

madmaxxx wrote:
Thu 28th Sep 2017 01:52 pm
Went there twice last week.ribs where 10/10 fell off the bone.and the roast was lovely.allways get a big platefull
An you had a trip too Spider,s garden all in one week 8)

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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by free_phil_spector » Sun 29th Oct 2017 10:29 pm

Front end of its face has been ripped off :(
It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate - it takes guts to be gentle and kind...

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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by DeLekkersteNUGS16 » Mon 30th Oct 2017 07:33 am

Indeed the front room (wooden "box") was taken down.

It was part of a longstanding mandate by the Gemeente.

Was there until the wee hours of Friday night (Saturday morning) and it was there. Returned the next afternoon it was already gone, I walked up to the bar and thought I was in parallel universe or some shit for a second. Was very jarring to say the least.

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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by GreenGhirl » Fri 17th Nov 2017 11:10 pm

Was in for a while today for the first time and its a cracking place. Bar tender sorry I didnt catch your name went through all the beers with us and we got a seat in the corner next to the window at the back and had a smoke and beer. Going to try the food :D

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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by private_press » Thu 23rd Nov 2017 10:12 pm

Ate twice here over the weekend. Ordered the Beef 'Pie' stewed in La Chouffe. Amazing nosh. Wasn't really a 'pie' but more of a 'really really big, triangular pastie' however no complaints were made at all. Beef chunks were just so soft and falling apart, AND, stewed in one of my favourite beers! Puff pastry was top notch and buttery. Decent helping of roast veg and creamy mashed potato! Loved it so much, I returned the next day, ordered the same + Bitterballen (I maybe recall they were on the menu as being 6pcs but received about 9 or 10!)

Class atmosphere, they were playing Mr Scruff tunes on when I arrived which was brilliant. Quick run around to Voyagers to topup as well. Staff all seemed very friendly; however a lady did have a bit of a kick off at some customers as nobody was returning their dirty plates to the kitchen, which was totally fair enough and justified. That's their system, and allows the smoking room to operate!

Wish I could handle beer + weed, or else I'd have sampled a few beers too!

Dave near London
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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by Dave near London » Thu 23rd Nov 2017 11:02 pm

Increasingly busy , tricky to get a seat last night - so left) , an absolute quality place and very "democratic" - always enjoyed a modest pint or two with a a smoke , much as a couple of glasses of red wine after a smoke, keeps the enjoyment going.

Batavia is a very special place , - decent enough food and beer and that special tolerance....must really help their economics.

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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by HashyH » Thu 14th Dec 2017 07:40 pm

Was closed Friday and Saturday nights due to a Northern Soul fest.
Went in there on Sunday after a full day of walking, museums, bongs etc and had the Sunday Roast. Top notch roast. Went down to the basement for a couple of spliffs, chilled vibe.

Went back yesterday and had the bbq burger, mrs had the ribs. Both dishes were great quality pub grub.

It's the ideal place to take a non smoker. No smell upstairs at all, lovely pub feel to it. Something for everyone.

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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by deebzy75 » Mon 22nd Jan 2018 08:25 pm

great place always a frst stop...nice grolsch \and a great basement with european football on and fuckin lovely food

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