Goa Coffeeshop (Leiden)

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Goa Coffeeshop (Leiden)

Post by hippy_man99 » Thu 28th May 2009 05:04 pm

ACD Page: Goa

Not to be mistaken with the Goa Coffeeshop in Amsterdam, this is a different place in my town of Leiden

Located a little past the main coffeeshop drag in Leiden, its just off the corner of Lagegracht and Korte Mare. It's on a quiet street next to the canal. It's a lovely part of town, not too busy and very picturesque.

Inside the shop there is some excellent mural work along the wall with a very Indian theme. There is a bar in the front and a sectioned off room with a pool table in the back. The budtender is a really nice guy and we chat every once and a while. It's not touristy, but thats usual outside of Amsterdam, and they're quite nice too... many locals..

The Menu is relatively basic with 4 different kinds of weed and 2-4 kinds of Hash. The Mea Culpa (weed) is a good smoke, overall nice mellow high. It's about 7-8 Euro a gram give or take. I like their light hashes as well. Quite good Polm and Primera. The budtender just got in their first haze on the menu, Amnesia for 10 euro a gram it stacks up there with some of the stronger hazes I've had in Amstedam.... obviously not in the same ball park as say Neville's Haze from 420... but its a lovely bud nonetheless.

I'd say if you take the day trip up it's worth a shot.... but i'd stay away from the pre-rolled. A bit too expensive for my taste. The large weed ones are 5 euro a piece and don't have enough weed in them to justify the price...


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Post by sh@dy » Thu 28th May 2009 05:50 pm

next time we make a longer trip I will try to get there. local reviews are always very appreciated ;)

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Re: Goa Coffeeshop (Leiden)

Post by Pierre von Mondragon » Fri 14th Oct 2016 10:33 am

This place is marked as permanently closed in the directory, but is definitely open again. Not hugely special menu, Goa Mist was alright. Locals style vibe, didn't sit in.

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