Amsterdam Licence Numbers

Known Historic Licence Numbers
001 Rusland
003 Basjoe
005 Freeland
006 The Jolly Joker
010 The Bulldog No. 90
011 Paradox
016 Het Gelderse
024 Noon
025 Funky Munkey (former names: Baywatch and Softland 2)
028 Boerejongens Centre (formerly Stix)
029 Siberie
030 CoffeeshopAmsterdam (former names: Pink Floyd and Dampkring 2)
036 Balou
044 Old Church 2 (former names: Big Fun and Rokerij III)
047 Johnny
048 Reefer (former names: Nice Dreams and Sunny)
051 Het Ballonnetje
054 Easy Times 2 (former names: Grand Prix, Betty Too and Betty Boop)
055 Route 99 (formerly The Wall)
059 Nogal Wiedes
060 Bluebird
061 Bagheera
062 Babylon (former names: Kingston and Joy Stick)
065 The Bulldog Palace
067 African Black Star (formerly African Black Star)
069 La Tertulia
074 1e Hulp
078 Goa
081 Crush
082 Best Friends Centrum (former names: Down Under, Extreme and Het Wonder)
083 Tweede Kamer
084 Central
085 The Saint
089 Kadinsky 2 (formerly Front Page)
090 Kadinsky
092 Grey Area
095 Sativa (former names: Monaco and Green Planet)
096 Terps Army (formerly El Guapo)
097 Funny People
103 Kadinsky 3 (formerly Cum Laude)
104 Hunter's No. 37 (formerly Coin)
105 Voyagers
106 Hunter's Rembrandtsquare (formerly Sevilla)
107 De Overkant Hortus (formerly Outer Limits)
108 Mr K & Co (formerly Sanementereng)
109 Amsterdamned (formerly Picasso)
110 High Time
180 Flower Power
182 Solo (former names: Waeghals and Stix)
184 Prix d'Ami
185 De Dampkring
187 Cookies (Greenhouse) (former names: Greenhouse Lounge, Blue Velvet and Fancy Free II)
189 Coffeeshop 137 (former names: Sturgis and Bon Ami)
190 Kooi (formerly Old Amsterdam)
194 The Rookies
210 420 Cafe (formerly de Kuil)
216 Rick's Coffeeshop
220 Easy Times
225 The Store (formerly The Doors)
228 New Times (formerly M&M)
234 Greenhouse Namaste
236 The Plug Utopia (formerly Utopia)
239 Green Place (formerly Experience)
243 Feels Good
245 Stone's Corner
246 De Kroon
660 The Bushdocter
C01 Baba (former names: De Barentsz and Het Hemeltje)
C03 Hugo de Groot (formerly Dali)
C04 Sensemillia (formerly De Top)
C05 Catch 33
C06 Yin Yang (former names: Heavenly and Kloon)
C07 The Corner (formerly The Wauw Shop)
C08 Freedom
C13 de Republiek
C35 Chapiteau (formerly Conan)
D01 2e Cheech and Chong's
D05 Coffeeshop Kashmir (former names: Chicago and de Jan Piet)
E03 De Graal
E05 Club Media
E06 Roxy (former names: Ceko and Sheiva)
E12 Ibiza
E13 Nice Place
E17 Superskunk 1 (formerly Atlantis)
E21 Blue Sea
E28 Carmona
E31 Stones (formerly Kabouter)
E35 Yo-Yo
E55 Papillon
F02 Trefpunt
F04 Speak Easy (formerly El Yamama)
F07 Crash Light
F07 Eastwood
F09 Nachtegaal
F12 The Point
F13 Los Angeles (formerly California)
F14 Happy People (formerly Kasbah)
G03 The Stud
G04 Warda 2
J06 The Dream (formerly Cartel)
J08 Ruthless
J09 Boerejongens West (formerly Get a Life)
J11 New Amsterdam (former names: Sinbad and Nieuw Amsterdam)
J12 Coffeeshop 156
J15 Massawa
K06 Best Friends Oud-Zuid (former names: Sancho Ponza, 't Gierenest and Basjoe 2)
K07 Pacific (formerly Harley)
K08 De Prijs