coffeeshop in Vlissingen
Reviews of Aarden Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 3 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Jesscass visited Aug 2021; sent 3 Sep 2021
Typically, we mugs passed this place a few times before actually realising that was the coffeeshop we were looking for as there were no signs saying so. Two locals didn't seem too helpful when they noticed what we were looking for on our way as were reserved giving us directions somewhat. While the average Dutchie isn't too happy about coffeeshop culture anyway in my personal experiences since decades one can indeed notice the conservative breeze going on in Vlissingen and Zeeland politically speaking. However, after some stairs one enters a relatively bright room with a bar for beverages and drugs to the left. This coffeeshop had about twenty five to thirty seats and pretty much looked like a small but comfy enough pub respectively bar. Clean and welcoming but no sitting down here due to Covid-19. As much as I don't like comparisons with other drugs, all bars as well as pubs around there one could sit inside without any restrictions due to Covid-19 and served alcohol - it figures! Guy at least in his fifties behind the counter was professional and showed his merchandise to us. Which consisted of about ten offers for wiet and if memory serves me right a few less for hasj. Here the wiet on this occasion looked better than the one from Purple and it was sold Jack Herer, Gelato, Miracle Alien Cookies and Super Chrystal among others. Unfortunately chose the Twisla for around 12,5€ per g here which was pretty average. Could be due to still ongoing crisis when it comes to hasj from Morocco and elsewhere caused by Covid-19 but too expensive for what it was and not high quality so indeed only ok enough. Also Chocolope Block, Beldia and Ice Cream Block each for 15€ were sold and looked nice enough but were not chosen for some reasons. All strains are offered in bags coming for 10, 20, 25 and 30 Euro. Hashwise it was a bit different I think. They are linked to another coffeeshop in Goes but qualitywise could be way worse me thinks again.
Negative Review Dan sent 16 Jun 2017
Forget it! I wish I was lucky enough for a green pass. Without Dutch ID you are not even allowed to sit down! No wonder looks empty as the town.
Positive Review Basti from Germany sent 31 Dec 2011
Quality smoke at reasonable prices, almost no space to hang out. Most clients are locals.
Neutral Review Mental.be from Belgium sent 6 May 2010
Strange place. Good White Widow, Super Crystal and Amnesia but the barkeeper is a little bit unfriendly, and you have got the feeling like you don't belong there. The price is OK.
Positive Review Svstoned from Belgium sent 11 Sep 2008
The Place to be when you visit Vlissingen, easy to find because it's located right next to the church (St. Jacob) so if you're lost just look up until you see the church towering out of the buildings. Friendly lady, she certainly knows her stuff and is always willing to help you if you have any questions. In the summer you can buy a special bag called 'Kabouter Bud' (4 grams for 25€). Unfortunately when I write this message the bags are sold out and won't be sold again until next summer. However you can still buy 'special bags of weed', the weed has no name alas that's what the lady told me when I bought it for the first time and of course it's not that good of a weed, but it gets you stoned nonetheless. Can't be compared to Purple of Jamaica weed, the cheap weed sold in the Aarden is still good for it's price tag, infact it's excellent for it's price tag! 4 grams for 25 € and sometimes they also have another 'no name weed' that cost 30€ for 5 grams, these two special kind of bags aren't on the list, but they usually have a couple of bags hidden under the counter. Other than that they always have discount bags (DB) (if they aren't sold out yet, new delivery each day at 4PM) 3.3 grams for 25€, Silver Crystal (their most common DB), Power Plant (it's been ages since I’ve seen this one), Jack Herrer (uncommonly seen, out of the thousand times I’ve visited the shop I saw them selling JH DB for about 10 times), Bubblegum (early birds get the worms and in this case Bubblegum weed, don't visit the shop at 12pm expecting to buy some Bubblegum DB because they will be sold out, if you're lucky you can still buy some normal bags, but in my opinion SC is just as good as BB). A nice variety of quality weed (The weeds and the prices change overtime, since the start of the Euro the price of weed has gone up by 33%!) Haze (0.9 gram = 10€) (excellent Haze I must note) (usually always in stock), Amnesiah Haze (0.8 gram = 10€) (rarely seen in the shop), Bubblegum (1.2 gram = 10€ or 0.6g/5€) (usually always in stock, first weed to be sold out usually), Silver Cyrstal (1.2 gram = 10€ or 0.6g/5€) (usually always in stock, excellent weed), Jack Herrer (1.2 gram = 10€ or 0.6g/5€) (uncommonly in stock), Edelweiss (1.2 gram = 10€ or 0.6g/5€) (uncommonly in stock), Power Plant (1.2 gram = 10€ or 0.6g/5€). And even more choices but since I can't remember all of it you'll have to see for yourself! They also have a nice variety of hasjisj but since I hardly ever buy hasj I don't remember what they have in stock. Most probably Zero, Afghaan and some other shit. So if you're ever in need of some very good weed you visit the Aarden. There aren't many seats inside the shop (due to an incident that happened about one and a half years ago) but don't be afraid to sit next to someone they usually don't bite. It's actually cooler now because you nearly always sit next to a stranger and most of the time you are bound to have a conversation with them. PS: Don't buy pre-rolled joints, ever, anywhere!
Positive Review Skabouter from Belgium sent 11 Sep 2008
Quite a small shop in the middle of the town. Limited selection of weed but some real good quality. Their Amnesia makes you as stoned as you'll ever be. They also offer free coffee or tea if you buy anything.
Positive Review Hornet from Belgium sent 4 May 2008
Also expensive but much better than Purple. Friendly lady.
Neutral Review Barry from Belgium sent 19 Jan 2008
Good weed for reasonable prices. Small shop, not that great atmosphere. Indifferent.
Positive Review Max from Belgium sent 1 Sep 2007
Nice shop, verry friendly people, a little bit expensive but the friendliness of the shopkeeper compensates this, quality weed. 8/10
Positive Review Zoukoulou from France sent 30 Jan 2006
One of the most friendly coffeeshops I've visited. They offer you tea or coffee (if you buy something of course) and the choice is correct.
Positive Review Mad Dog Margetts from England sent 25 Nov 2005
Small shop but friendly and cosy. The local stoners look like they've been there for several years without ever going home, which is a testimony to its accolade as a local shop for local people. Small choice but hey, I'm from England, and this is still paradise in comparison with the unreliable overpriced rubbish we get here unless you happen to be "in the know". I hate that arrogant quasi-mystical air which some English suppliers have, as if they've tapped into some exclusive delight only available to those specially chosen. The young guy at Aarden is matter of fact and straight forward. This is what we want. Excellent service all round.
Neutral Review Ash from Germany sent 10 May 2004
It's very small and when 5 people enter the shop it seems to be overcrowded!
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 8 Jan 2004
So laid back, nice stuff, friendly, comfy.