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Reviews of Abraxas Number of Positive Reviews 62 Number of Neutral Reviews 8 Number of Negative Reviews 5
Neutral Review Truff Atomic from France sent 27 Jun 2012
I loved so much to come in this coffee for the atmosphere (which is still good) but the quality of weed became bad, I couldn't get stone this time.
Positive Review Craftybrewer from UK visited 21/06; sent 25 Jun 2010
Excellent tourist coffeeshop, helpful staff, decent if not mindblowing Hawaian haze and a hell of a lot cleaner than when I last was here. At 13 euros for 1 gram seems excessive, but par for the course these days in Amsterdam.
Neutral Review THCproxy from USA sent 27 May 2010
This coffeeshop can be a bit tricky to find but is well worth the search. Despite the fact that it is one of the more busy and touristy coffeeshops, the interesting décor and relaxing atmosphere is worth the trip. Simply walk down Nieuwedzijds Voorburg heading south and after you pass Paleisstraat continue down Nieuwedzijds Voorburg until you see the Abraxas neon sign leading you into Jonge Roelensteeg. Purchased the Elephant for 9 Euros a gram but when weighed out was a little over, for 10 Euros to which I agreed. While it was nice to meet and speak with other American travelers, this coffeeshop was a little too crowded and touristy for me. Nonetheless, I had no trouble finding a table of my own, and enjoyed a nice joint. My only other complaint is that the buds are in glass jars under the counter and cannot be seen up close or smelled. Other than those minor things this is a decent place to go when visiting Amsterdam Centrum.
Positive Review Matt H from Canada sent 5 Jul 2009
Best place in town for edibles. Their weed to price ratio is the best in town for weed and taste great. The lounge is nice and well ventilated. Check out the third floor closet. White Widow x NL is nice at 10 Euro per gram. Internet is available as well.
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 1 Jun 2009
Update: Has now removed the comfy seating on the ground floor and replaced it with a large dealers bar.
Positive Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA visited July '08; sent 7 Jan 2009
Always love this place. A hip scene with cool budtenders. They have spacecakes which actually taste good. I picked up 6 for the flights home, but ate 3 of them prior to my flight! Also tried the LA Confidential. Seems to be pretty popular in the dam these days. Nothing that special, but this place always has a lively crowd with people to hang and smoke with.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 24 Jul 2008
I have no idea why I never went to this shop during my last 6 tours of Holland, it is a very relaxing shop, and they have great cappuccinos and customer service. Perhaps the reason I never went here before was because I walked right by it. Down a very narrow alley type of street, but there are neon signs marking it, still easy to miss. As you walk in there is a very nice seating area with inviting, big, cushiony couches, and the wiet counter is also on this level, good menu, but a little pricey, 17 wiet choices, and 12 hasj choices. This was my last day and I had plenty to smoke, so all I got was a puur pre-rolled joint at 3.50 euro, it was actually very good. Then up a small stair case is the beverage counter, and another relaxing seating area. They have great coffee drinks, and the milkshakes are lekker. Then up a spiral stair case is even more seating in a very spacious area with molded, sculpted ceilings, bench seating with cushions, and couches as well, very chilled. The pic doesn't really do this level justice, as it is much larger than it looks in the pic, this is just one corner of the entire area, which is really split into two rooms. They also have very cool lighting, little stars everywhere, candles at every table, and other spot lights, nice ambiance especially with the great Reggae they were playing on a pumpin' sound system. They also had big flat screen TV's showing advertisements for their souvenirs. If you are lucky enough to get one, there is limited terras seating out front as well. The front windows go up two stories, so each level looks out to the street (alley). Worth visiting for the vibe alone, this place can comfortably seat large groups as well.
Positive Review Kokoshka from USA sent 11 Feb 2008
This was the most upscale place I'd seen in my 3 visits to Amsterdam. The interior was great as was the staff. My friend wasn't as pleased with his Orange Bud as he'd hoped. But I really liked this place. Bought a gram of Jamaican/Thai for 5 E and enjoyed the smooth high.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
I already know better than to buy weed or hash here, it's not worth it. I did buy the Space Shake and Space Brownie and Chocolate brownie, all of which were small sizes, but did tastes good. Light stone, expensive for nothing other then the taste and the food aspect of it.
Negative Review Aaron from UK sent 14 Aug 2007
I hate the central Amsterdam coffeeshop scene but I kept hearing how good Abraxas was meant to be so finally went. I was very disappointed. The menu was big but a lot of stuff all the "famous" coffeeshops have. The weed me and my friends bought was expensive and I've never seen such badly trimmed weed in a coffeeshop, it smoked terribly and had no major effect. The hash was slightly better but still not a patch on other hashes in that price range. I'd never come here again.
Positive Review bl0b from Germany sent 26 Jul 2007
I went there 6 times in the last 5 months, I sampled a lot of hash and a lot of weed. Hash: Cream de Maroc 10euro/g, really nice "oldschoolhash-taste/smell" Zero-Zero 8euro/g, another nice blonde hash. I don't really like black hash but the Parvati Balls at 8euro/g and the Malana Cream 10euro/g was good but I still don't like black hash :D Weed: I tried some Jack Herer-7,5euro, Peacemaker-8euro, Juicy Fruits-8euro, Orange Bud-6,5euro, Hawaian Haze-9euro. Every time I was there this year I tried another type of weed, and they all were pretty good, but a little overpriced, not much, just a little. Last time I saw some really nice lookin Red Lebanon for about 7or 8euro, it was not the real stuff, but looked an smelled very good! Staff was ok, toilet was clean!
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 4 Jul 2007
The first ever shop me and the wife went in to, it's tucked just inside a small narrow side street but don't let this put you off as the place has three levels (although I have never seen the top level open) so there is plenty of space and there needs to be as this place is always busy. The space shakes are good value at around 5 or so euros, as are the muffins and brownies at around 3.50 euros apiece, they offer a wide range of normal drinks all at reasonable prices. The dealers counter is in front of you as you walk through the automatic doors, they have a wide and varied menu with an abundance of hash and weed choices including outdoor Thai and an outdoor bio called Purple, the Thai is cheap at 3 euros per gm but not much to write home about where as the Purple at 5 euros per gm is much better value and smokes lovely although you wont get too stoned as it is much lighter than it's indoor cousins. The choices of skunk on offer is huge, everything from Super Skunk to Bubblegum, but don't get there too late in the day as they always seem to run out of the more popular skunks. Hash choices like the weed are huge, everything including Red Lebanon, Creme de Maroc, Nepalese, Isolator etc etc. Last time we were in Abraxas, we were sitting opposite a couple who had just popped in for a smoke after their evening meal, they purchased a pre rolled skunk spliff, a couple of coffees and began to toke, around half hour or so later they were ready to leave, the man stood up, followed by his wife who promptly turned white and hit the deck, she just lay there looking up at my missus shaking and talking bollox, her hubby and the dealer helped her up and she went and sat outside with her vary embarrassed hubby, lesson learned me thinks. All in all the Abraxas is well worth a visit.
Positive Review Adam + Pam from UK visited 20/05/07; sent 25 May 2007
We both decided to spend one evening at the Abraxas and bought 1g of Red Lebanon and 1g of Zero Zero. Both amazing hashes worth the try and buy (7.50 euros each). Spoke to some mad German who claimed his weed was better than anyone else's. The hash hot chocolates were gorgeous, you have to put the hash in yourself! Overall 8.5/10, definitely a place to spend a night.
Negative Review Lizard King and Ginger from UK sent 7 Apr 2007
1 gram of Hashplant which look like crap 10.50e. The interior is cool and it's got a trippy layout with glass floors. But the staff are the worst in the dam. They just ignore everyone. The hash muffin was crap too. I would go here again. There's too many other great shops you can go to.
Positive Review Anon. sent 31 Mar 2007
Went late one night and bought a gram of Juicy Fruit, a gram of Citral, and a gram of Abraxas Special Hash. The Juicy Fruit was a special surprise, nice smell and great mellow high, as was the Abraxas Special, very spicy smelling hash that was very relaxing.
Positive Review James from UK sent 17 Mar 2007
No Hawaiian haze - major let down! Still a great place to chill, great staff and atmosphere. The music most of the time is excellent too. Mind the stairs though, if they have the top floor open, getting down after a couple of joints ain't no easy trick! Tried the Kushage, not bad but left me a little flat, and 12.5 euros a gram I didn't go back for more. Drinks are a little pricey but it's easily the best coffeeshop interior in the main city centre.
Positive Review Simon and Sarah from Scotland visited Oct 06; sent 18 Oct 2006
Excellent shop, friendly staff, gear really good, got muffins but UK customs preferred them to us (lesson learnt).
Positive Review Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany sent 9 Oct 2006
Abraxas is a shop I visit every time, I had been in A'dam. I like the interior very much, but it's always too crowded to stay there long time. The hash is mostly good. There you can always get Red Libanese (7-8€/g) which is ok. This time we although bought Manali Fingers (7€/g), a black hash with a very nice taste, but less strong kick (I like it) and Citral (8€/g) a very nice weed, which smelled and tasted good.
Positive Review Axeman from UK visited July 06; sent 16 Aug 2006
The best seating available. Very nice staff who serve you with a smile. The upstairs seating area is just so cosy for lying down and sprawling out with a big fat one! Never seemed to be that busy either which was good. Don't know about the weed tho but my mate got some Apple Jack which he said was ok.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA sent 14 Aug 2006
Don't buy smoke here - but the place looks sweet, has a see-through floor upstairs which makes you think your going to fall. The space-food is the best I found which doesn't say much as it was only average but tasty :) worth a stop even though its less then average.
Positive Review Nibes from USA sent 16 Jul 2006
Bought a gram of Jack Herrer and something else I can't remember. My friends also bought a few space muffins which they said were wonderful. This place is divided into many small rooms which made it very comfortable and semi-private. When I can't remember what went on but I know I was there for 1+ hours the weed had to have been good. Good weed and a great place to smoke it.
Positive Review TWoz from USA visited Mar. 5; sent 3 Apr 2006
Very good place, plenty of room, friendly atmosphere, good bud. Got 1g of Jack Herrer for 8 euro, and 1g of Abraxis hash. Both were very good for the price.
Positive Review Dave an Rach from UK sent 2 Mar 2006
Nice shop sliding doors menu was great the mrs got Hawaiian Haze really fruity I got Juicy Fruit wasn't as fruity as the Haze nice chilled out vibe.
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 21 Feb 2006
Nice decorated coffeeshop, but very crowded. Bought a gram of "Hawaiian Haze" here. Smoked a pure joint of it on one of their comfortable couches. The weed was really tasty and it gave a strong, hazey high.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 8 Jan 2006
I like the hashmilkshakes and the big ashtrays on the tables. Upstairs is a small area with glass floor, and we sit down over that glass! Friendly dealers!
Positive Review Jack from Italy visited 10-13 Nov; sent 18 Nov 2005
A nice decorated shop with more small floors located in a small lane. The staff is friendly but the weed isn't so good there. I had their Orange Bud and I can't recommend this strain there, but I don't know how the other strains are.
Positive Review AzLaker from USA sent 24 Oct 2005
Stopped in late Sat afternoon, place was busy, but staff were super friendly. Girl at counter pointed out budtender who was super. Bought 1gram of Super Skunk, nice and tasty.
Neutral Review Chris from UK sent 19 Oct 2005
We'd been recommended this place but were very disappointed by the rude staff when we arrived. Admittedly they were busy but that's no excuse when you work in a city. Tried some of the White Elephant which was ok, sent a couple of emails from the computers and left.
Positive Review Cathleen from USA sent 6 Aug 2005
I had a hash brownie and vanilla hash milkshake (I split it with my cousin, but it made us very stoned anyway.) The interior of the shop is quite interesting with a carved wooden tree and a nice mini bar on the second floor with some nice couches behind it. We looked to see if the third floor was open so we could watch the "grass" grow, but it was closed.
Neutral Review Wilson from UK visited 24-26 April; sent 27 Apr 2005
Went there for some comfort. Nothing much changed in it over the past few years. Bought some AK-47 but not up to much. Still a good place to rest the bones on the big couches.
Positive Review Mike Z from USA visited April 05; sent 27 Apr 2005
Always nice, very friendly, good smoke selection as well.
Negative Review Stephen and Sonja from USA visited Mar 14; sent 21 Mar 2005
Wife had a hash milkshake that caused her to be sick physically for two days. Milkshakes are way too strong. Spending 2 days out of 5 caring for my ill wife in Amsterdam sucked. And the place attracts really large groups of tourists, which tend to get loud and obnoxious.
Positive Review Jake from Ireland sent 9 Feb 2005
Friendly venue with excellent ice hash, measured out by a very helpful dealer. Wasn't too sure a about their space cakes, but the milkshake with hash left my girlfriend staring into space for some hours. A must for any visitor to the Dam.
Positive Review Oakidoki from UK visited 10-14 Dec; sent 14 Dec 2004
I too got some Elephant (which was cool). The weed seller told me all about the weed he had and let me look at it and smell of course. Then I went for it. What a time, what a buzz, what nice staff. All you have to do is ask. Remember that, ask and be nice.
Positive Review Shalom from UK visited Nov 04; sent 3 Dec 2004
The Elephant I got from Abraxas was in one big tasty bud and the dealer was really helpful. We got ID'd on the way in, but in such a friendly way. Unlike back in England where it's like they are trying to insult you. We had two nice visits to Abraxas, one involved Elephant and a chilled orange juice on the second floor and the next visit involved Juicy Fruit and a relaxing smoke up in the rafters of the third floor where I could sit all day watching the plants growing!
Positive Review Jul-Kev-Stev from France visited 22-26 Nov; sent 1 Dec 2004
We loved this shop, all is perfect. These three level coffeeshop was really great, nice decor, climb to the 3rd floor to see pretty plant. They have great milkshakes. We bought Hawaiian Haze 11€, if you love Haze taste you're not disappointed. We bought Juicy Fruit, Manala Cream & Peruati Balls, great smoke trust us! After smoking this stuff, we're going out to walk along the canal and we were totally stoned! Eh eh.
Negative Review Bear from USA sent 13 Nov 2004
I enjoyed this place so much on my 1st visit a couple of years ago that I didn't want to review it, I didn't want to let the "secret" out of the bag. It was such a cool place to hang out. This visit, I just got some of their "elephant" strain to go. Totally unimpressed by these tiny buds. I might have gotten higher smoking "elephant bedding straw"! I might return to hang out, but I will buy my weed elsewhere.
Neutral Review Mary from USA visited 2-8 Nov; sent 9 Nov 2004
Crowded as hell and I would stay away from those stairs, they looked deadly! Got a pre-rolled of some kind of mixed stuff. Can't remember if it was with or without tobacco. Nothing to write home about. Noticed that their T-shirts were kinda pricey too. Cool looking but I'm not shucking out 22 euros for a shirt representing a shop that I didn't really care for one way or another!
Positive Review Adam from USA sent 4 Oct 2004
So far my favorite coffeeshop in all of Amsterdam. Started with a gram of Northern Lights and got Chinese after only a few tokes. Returned later that night and picked up a pre-rolled White Widow which was quite nice, too. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is above average if you're up for chilling and burning one like we were.
Positive Review Claire & Andrea from UK visited 15 Sept 04; sent 16 Sep 2004
We absolutely loved the hash milkshakes, these are not to be taken lightly. In this shop we bought Hawaiian Haze and talk about 'rocks' this is the strongest stuff we have ever tried and we have tried alot believe me, ha ha! After smoking this stuff, nothing has an edge to it, your eyes start to go out of focus and everything is cloudy but well worth it, very nice feeling so come and have a go if you think your 'ard enough lads! ha ha! Nuff said! Great staff, fantastic menu, gorgeous hash-shakes, very cool decor and a definite 'must go to' on every visit to Dam!
Positive Review Andrew from N. Ireland sent 10 Sep 2004
The reviews are right! I just want to go in, get a shake 'with Hash' and go (a cake for the road). The staff were very helpful and the people in there to chill. The Chocolate shakes were great and because it was open at ten, I could start my day there and although the high was mild it really lasted a long time. Even though I bused in to central station, Abraxas was worth the walk and I was never tempted to stop at anywhere else!
Positive Review Damien from USA sent 8 Sep 2004
Best decor in the 'Dam. It's like a three-story treehouse with a plant growing on the third floor. The coffee was great. Went four times, only bought weed once. Their Cream of Maroc was good but their Hawaiian Haze was ehh. Best place to chill and drink coffee (with trees from Barney's or Grey Area).
Positive Review Andy from UK visited Jul/Aug 04; sent 23 Aug 2004
This was a cool place. Real nice atmosphere and alright weed. Great drinks, but expensive. The barmaids were gorgeous but moody every day we went in there which was annoying at first but in the end we just acted happy and let em get on with it! Recommended.
Positive Review Ryan from USA sent 10 Jul 2004
Great coffeeshop to hang out at. 3 floors, very comfortable couches, and good music. I tried their Hawaiian Haze weed. Great smoke. Really clean tasting and a very refreshing high. Definitely recommend the weed. The only disappointment with this place was the dealer, he was very unwilling to talk about any products except their most expensive. That ticked me off a little. Not a place to sit and chat with the staff about life in Amsterdam. If that's what you'd like, try Het Ballonetje. The staff there kicks ass. Otherwise, Abraxas is worth a stop for their product and atmosphere.
Positive Review Kane and Hannah from UK sent 25 Jun 2004
After looking at their pretty extensive menu for a while, I told the dealer that I would like the Silver Haze. He told me to wait whilst he checked if the new batch is in, and it wasn't, so he gave us some extra of the "old stuff" for free, grateful and flattered, I was about to give the guy a tip, and he even turned that down and told me to enjoy. Great guy. Great place!
Positive Review Swaps from UK visited May 2004; sent 4 Jun 2004
Great atmosphere, much brighter n less dingy than the other places. Great menu, great drinks, great staff n great sofa! Just wot u need. Yammannnn!
Positive Review Joe from USA sent 8 May 2004
I just went in for the warez. Thank god I wrote down where I got my stuff from because this place had the best stuff in town. Hawaiian Haze was the best Indica in town. The Juicy Fruit was good too.
Positive Review Old Hippie Dave from USA sent 7 May 2004
The second floor is very cool. Liked the grow room on the third floor but the light is kinda bright. They also sell my favorite weed Hawaiian Haze love that taste.
Neutral Review Oliver sent 5 May 2004
We visited Abraxas on May 1st, the day after Queens Day. It was later in the evening and the place was crowded. We finally found a table. As we were just on our way to dinner, we decided not to smoke instead taking a space drink. We had Shakes and a hot chocolate. All was much too sweet and too expensive: €4.5 for the hot chocolate and €5.7 for the shakes. No effects. The ambience was nice, also the service. I had a look at the menu. I couldn't find anything special for me. Prices were in the mid range. Visit the Grow Box on the top floor. Overall Rating: 65%
Positive Review Jiffa from Scotland visited 14-17 April 04; sent 27 Apr 2004
This place is still my first stop when I hit the Dam. The White Widow is so sweet it left me and my mates wasted. Can't recommend this place enough.
Positive Review ace42 from USA sent 24 Mar 2004
Just stopped in for the famous Hash Milkshake and drank it while using the complimentary web access that comes with all purchases - great idea! 20 minutes later, I found myself wandering aimlessly, but happily, thru the streets of Amsterdam.
Positive Review Chris from Channel Islands sent 10 Mar 2004
The best coffeeshop in Amsterdam! We found this place on our second trip and loved it. Three floors, chilled music, chilled atmosphere, the best hash milkshakes as well, got to try them. Sit down on the top floor with a milkshake, some of their great Hawaiian Haze or K2 and a hash muffin and watch the plants growing on the top floor! What a way to spend the time, loved every minute of it.
Positive Review Gasper from England sent 18 Feb 2004
You've heard it all before about this one: Excellent decor, friendly, helpful (and sometimes very sexy) staff. They don't like people getting loud or rowdy, I've seen them throw some rowdy English people out before and it really brings you down. Smoke isn't some of the best around, but you MUST try their hash chocolate milkshakes. They're amongst the tastiest and strongest in the city. This coffeeshop is definitely worth a visit, even if it's just to see how fantastic the decor is.
Positive Review Will and mates from UK visited 4-7 Feb 04; sent 15 Feb 2004
Not the easiest to find but worth it in the end. Chilled atmosphere with a top selection of smokes.
Positive Review Natasha from UK sent 20 Jan 2004
Go just to see the interior, got to be the plushest coffeeshop I went in. Also stock Flying Dutchman and sell excellent ashtrays.
Neutral Review Epsilon from USA sent 11 Jan 2004
I liked the layout and decor but it had a touristy feel and, sure enough, what appeared to be a tour group stopped in while we were there, not to smoke, but to gawk it seemed.
Positive Review Max from USA visited 27-30 Dec 03; sent 2 Jan 2004
Seemed more relaxed the higher in the three stories you went. Bought a gram of K2 for 8 euros on the advice of the counterman since I couldn't decide. The K2 was my favorite on this trip. The oj was good and the help business-like.
Positive Review Rico from UK sent 14 Dec 2003
Anyone not been to Abraxas is missing out, I have been to Amsterdam twice now and am coming again in January. Abraxas will be my first stop, great atmosphere, great look, great weed and for you non rollers (god help you) the pre-rolled are good too. It has three levels, although the top one isn't always open. Each level has low tables and chairs with great decor. Free roach and papers are also available and the weed menu is great. Amsterdam and Abraxas really show the Dam for what it is, a friendly place with great atmosphere and plenty of things to do. p.s. The Afghan Gold in Abraxas is top.
Positive Review Rob from USA sent 24 Nov 2003
(8/10): Probably the shop I spent the most time in while I was in Amsterdam simply because it was very chill, and lots of interesting people to meet. All three floors are very different, if you want to get an unbelievable idea on how much herb gets smoked, go up to the third floor where all the smoke seems to billow right up to. As far as the smoke, nothing special, more often I would pick up herb somewhere else and go to Abraxas for a coffee or some space cake. Overall a nice place to relax, and the servers at the counter seem to love saying "With hash?"
Positive Review Pat from USA visited Oct 03; sent 24 Nov 2003
We are older (late 40s) and loved this place. Though the staff was friendly, the customers seemed a bit standoffish. We are used to chatting with anyone that comes into our orbit but found it hard to make friends there. Could have been the age difference, the other customers were younger people.
Negative Review Chris from Switzerland sent 12 Oct 2003
The worst. After being there 5 times, I find the place cool, decoration very good. A coffeeshop on 3 floors is great, BUT . . . what is important for me is the staff. I like to go to places where the staff help me to choose the grass, chat a bit about everything and nothing. At the Abraxas, you have a grass-menu card, you ask, pay and go. Sorry, but I am expecting a little more of the staff. They benefit from a good image, and they profit from it. I had the feeling to bother them with my questions about the quality, the effect... As an end-customer, I like to know what I smoke.
Positive Review Coolnout from USA visited Sept 2003; sent 26 Sep 2003
In my opinion the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Excellent weed and hash selections. I asked two dealers on separate occasions for their best and with their help indulged in some of the best we had in 10 days! The Misty and Hawaiian Ice was smooth, sweet and very potent!!!
Positive Review Shaun from UK sent 6 Aug 2003
By far the coolest coffee shop of our visit, nice friendly staff and a chilled dealer but the place was always quite busy and those nice comfy sofas were always taken.
Positive Review Mick and Will from England sent 31 Jul 2003
Great place. Tried the K2 which was sweet. That staff all seemed nice and we got a checkers board. Nice atmosphere overall and a great place to visit.
Neutral Review Paul from USA sent 20 Jul 2003
We went to Abraxas a few times and enjoyed the very good selection of smoke and warm surroundings. The staff behind the bar were friendly and they had a great beverage menu. Although, the last time we went, on a Friday evening, a dealer was very rude, and if I was not in a foreign country I would have done something about it. His was boasting that none of the ready rolled joints contained tobacco, then he sold me one that did. I found this out five minutes later lighting it up on the second floor and went back and asked him to give me one with pot only. He said I ordered this one with tobacco and that he never said they didn't have tobacco in them. I asked again would he give me one without as I had originally requested, (the White Widow I discovered is the only one purely pot), He became more annoyed as I stood my ground, and he grudgingly complied. And as I was exiting he yelled f-you, f-off to my back. We went our way and had a great evening elsewhere.
Positive Review Pete and Stu from UK sent 20 Jul 2003
This is a pretty decent place. We walked past it a few times without noticing it, but then again we also failed to notice the coffee shop directly across the road from our hotel until the day we left, so that's not saying much for our observational skills, haha!
Anyway, I can't speak for the quality of the product here because I never bought any, but the drinks were good, if a little pricey, and you get a short while on the net if you buy something and you can pay for more time. This is very useful for a few foolish e-mails to your friends back home along the lines of "maaaaaaaatee!! the dam fucking rocks... totally caannneeedd!!! :) :)" etc etc...
The atmosphere here is very good too, but it is pretty damn popular so it's often hard to get a seat. People are always obliging to move up though, and we met some pretty cool guys here.
Positive Review Mark and Emma from UK visited 7 - 10 July 2003; sent 15 Jul 2003
As we wondered around the Dam , very stoned ...we come across Abraxas Coffee shop. This place is big , on three floors and has free internet access for 15 mins when you buy a drink. the seats are comfortable and the staff very friendly. they sell freshly squished orange juice and it is lovely ...the Hawaiian Haze was a beautiful smoke ..u have to try it ... spend several hours smoking in there , felt very relaxed and happy. Its also close to some good shops, so you can keep popping back every 20 mins for another spliff after you done bit of window shopping. Well worth a visit if you're there.
Positive Review Nick from London (Irish) sent 30 Jun 2003
Superb coffee shop - comfortable, friendly and generally just a good place to be. Good service from the coffee side of the shop (and very good coffee), and an excellent menu and intelligent advice on the smoking side. Silver Haze was just sweet.
Positive Review Justin from USA visited June 18-25 2003; sent 26 Jun 2003
All 3 levels were filled when we visited this shop. Seemed like a pretty interesting inside. We didn't have too much trouble finding a seat. Make sure to stop in here, good selection of hash and grass too.
Positive Review Mary from Canada sent 14 Jun 2003
We liked this one too. It's kind of a neat place in that if it isn't too busy, you can find a nice quiet spot on one of the 3 levels and just kick back. Their hash milkshakes are great, as are the bonbons.
Positive Review Jamie from UK sent 9 Apr 2003
[8/10]: I went to Abraxas one evening with the intention of going to a club after a smoke and a wrong I was to presume that I'd be leaving Abraxas any time soon! Despite the initial difficulty me and three friends had finding a place to sit (or at least the night I went to it there was not one couch, not one table or one chair that didn't have a very happy stoned person on it!) we finally found a table and some very comfy cushioned chairs on the top floor on the shop. Abraxas is oddly constructed with a series of spiral staircases that take you through the different divisions of the shop. There's an area on the second floor with a DJ, an area to access the internet, stools by windows so you can watch the world fly by, or couches to collapse on. The top floor had a cabinet display of a few plants growing and there were some jubilant tourists beside us who were good companions. At this shop me and my mates bought 2 grams of Hawaiian Haze at a good price and one gram of white widow. The Hawaiian was gorgeous. A smooth, mellow stone that proved a good accompaniment to a game of chess. That's the funny thing about Abraxas; despite their trance and techno DJs and selection of fine weed, which I felt was priced reasonably, they don't half seem to attract a lot of backgammon and chess enthusiasts (!) who seat themselves at the top of the coffee shop and around the stools placed beside the windows. The seating is very comfortable and towards the end of the evening we drifted to the couches opposite the DJ on the second floor and felt our bodies literally melt into the soft-as-clouds leather sofas. Some of the best seating out of any coffee shop I've been to. The staff were really friendly and helpful, obviously loved the product and were happy to dispense personal opinions and recommendations. One tourist had had too much to smoke and was rapidly provided by the management with a rug to keep herself warm and made not to feel embarrassed by the staff which seemed to show that Abraxas cares about the people who smoke in their shop. I'd strongly recommend Abraxas to anyone who feels like hanging out in a shop that closes that little bit later, has decently priced weed of excellent quality (Hawaiian Haze highly recommended) and likes to relax with a game of chess (they supply you with a board if you leave them a bit of cash of your ID. so that they know you'll return it). Abraxas is obscure so you might have to keep a special eye out for it.
Positive Review Patrick from British Columbia sent 15 Mar 2003
I have been going to Abraxas since I lived in Amsterdam in 1995. It is always a warm and welcoming place with herbal quality equal to any in Holland. The owner is a great Turkish guy named Errol, reputed to be the best judge of hash quality in all of Amsterdam. This is the best coffeeshop from my point of view.
Positive Review Robert from UK sent 18 Feb 2003
Went in on a cold day and chilled next to the radiator in the window. Very cosy and nice service/weed/cushioned seats !!!!!!+
Positive Review N_Mo from USA sent 27 Dec 2002
What really drew me to Abx coffeeshop was the big lit sign out on the main straat. The blinking arrow pulled me down the alley and to the lovely selection of herbal livelihood. Overall very good place to stop and prices just as good as any in the District. Everything else is simple but very good to "get away" to.
Positive Review Jason from UK sent 28 Mar 2000
Abraxas gets busy of an evening. It has good interior decoration and good music. Staying open later than many other coffee shops, the Abraxas Coffee Shop and Night Bar is the perfect way to end your day.