closed coffeeshop in Bergen op Zoom
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Positive Review Anon. sent 25 Dec 2022
Best weed en hasj.
Negative Review Ganja X from Belgium sent 18 Mar 2009
Closed for good, this true some police action that was going from 12.03.09 till 15.03.09. This police action is being a big success because of the big amount of people that got busted and the coffeeshops that have been controlled. At that moment the police was standing outside coffeeshops to see who was going in and out. The action was on every border and even on the trains. Because of the success of this action the police is going to control a lot more than before and please look out because they can be there every day! Look out for the police and the joint hit team if you visit Holland the next months that's my advice to you all. Look out for guys in normal cars that follow you, it can be cops instead of drugdealers.
Neutral Review from Belgium sent 23 Jan 2009
An unofficial coffeeshop not on the local authority's list of legal shops.
Negative Review kennyL from Belgium sent 20 Mar 2006
This is not a good place to go, their weed and hasj is the most bad stuff in Bergen Op zoom and they are not really friendly.
Positive Review Julien sent 23 Jul 2005
It's a small and pretty place owned by a Moroccan guy. This place looks like a room in a house because the decoration and the height are like a bedroom. Concerning the weed, there is only one kind of weed but cheap. My girlfriend doesn't enjoy this place because there are some pictures with naked women.