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Reviews of Amnesia Number of Positive Reviews 46 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 4
Positive Review sNc from Wales sent 16 Apr 2017
Busy shop but some good quality product, Diesel supposed to be good and Acapulco Gold also. A little pricey but quality is there.
Positive Review Barfkoswil sent 2 Oct 2016
Excellent place to chill and spend a while. Super decent staff and the shop itself was contemporary. Amnesia Lemon Kush was the first really good weed I've bought so far. Only negative was the music - it wasn't Frank Zappa.
Positive Review Niklas from Germany sent 4 Jan 2012
Very crowded place where you can eat. We just had some drinks and smoked our own stuff. Quite nice. 6/10
Positive Review Wackness from UK sent 24 May 2010
First coffeeshop visited and probably the best Amnesia Haze, blew my mind right open, as did Shiraz, very relaxed place.
Negative Review DJ Reign from UK visited 2 Oct 09; sent 11 Jan 2010
Really disappointed. I have been to Amsterdam 20 times over the last 10 years. I had never been to Amnesia but was promised good things. We walked for a long time to find it, and when we did the first thing the barman asked was for ID. Why this was I do not know and when I protested that I am 36 he just said he did not ask my age. The guy was really rude and I would avoid if you want to be treated like a human being. Looked like a nice shop where we would have returned. Not to be I guess.
Positive Review Matt H from Canada sent 5 Jul 2009
The Amnesia Haze was some of the best weed in town as I and a local medical user that I met up with can attest to. The red is all gone. Now black purple velvety lounge feel to it. They have three Volcanoes (two digits one classic) that are easily accessible once you put down a 5-10 euro deposit. The juice bar is the best in town by far. Great place to hang out.
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 1 Jun 2009
Has been tarted up, it is no longer red but a battleship grey kind of colour! Sounds awful but actually looks quite trendy and hip, the interior is also a kind of grey and silver with loads of small lights clumped together on the walls surrounding the place, there are 3 Volcano vaporisers in place for use and they also have bongs to you can use for a deposit, the dealer's bar is on the right and everything is on view so you can see what you are purchasing, asked to smell the Pineapple Haze, now I know it's supposed to smell a bit like pineapple but this stuff took the piss in a good way, it absolutely wreaked of pineapples, tasted nice and fruity as well and gave a nice uplifting high, the drinks bar is past the dealers bar at the back of the shop and had all the usual beverages and munchies, this was the only coffeeshop we went to over the four days of our trip that was busy with tourists, all in all still a top place.
Positive Review Eddie from England sent 18 Oct 2007
My favourite "chill out" coffee shop. The staff are friendly and they have a large chess table, complete with large pieces, and I love to play, particularly when I am stoned.
Positive Review Aaron from UK sent 14 Aug 2007
This is the only coffeeshop in Amsterdam I truly like. The prices are high (well average from Amsterdam) but the quality is good, the weeds well trimmed and the hashes have a good taste. The staff are friendly and the hot drinks are made with time and care and brought to your table. It's a really relaxing place to sit and have a smoke.
Positive Review Yankee from Germany sent 6 Aug 2007
Bought a gram of Amnesia Haze and White Widow. The White Widow was very very original, extremely white and it scratched like a bitch when smoking a joint or bong. Didn't stay long, only browsed the menu quickly and left, later I bought the weed. This and Kadinsky was the only coffee shop to congratulate me on my 18th birthday, made me feel very comfortable, I am definitely coming for a stay by this one the next time I go.
Positive Review BigMan from Wales sent 24 Aug 2006
Yet another amazing place! Nice weed and some cool customers!
Negative Review John Doe from USA sent 6 Aug 2006
I've been a few times & wondered why this place has so many fans. I'd found Amnesia's service spotty. Last time (and I do mean the last time) I was in there turned out they'd decided to paint the bar - and it was a busy Saturday. They couldn't wait until the slow days, Mon. or Tuesday? Or just close it down any morning & do the whole place at once? Wet paint abounded & traveled to even the supposedly "dry" places, so hope you're not wearing anything to get paint on. &, of course, they had the bathroom blocked up w/ all the shit for painting. I understand they've scheduled their next renovations for Gay Pride Week, with touch up scheduled on Queen's Day. Maybe put in the new window on New Year's Eve.
Positive Review Nibes from USA sent 16 Jul 2006
Easily my favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Me and my friends bought a gram of NYC Diesel (9.50€) and a gram of Amnesia Haze (11€). The NYC Diesel packed quite a punch and the Amnesia Haze was my favorite weed of the entire trip. This coffeeshop also sells milkshakes, which complement ganja ridiculously well. The clincher for me was a bartender from Hadera, Israel and the mezuzah on the door, which, as a Jew, made it feel like home. Just a sick coffeeshop.
Negative Review Dave from USA sent 6 Jul 2006
I was very disappointed in Amnesia. Maybe because I heard it was supposed to be so good from reading various online reviews. In their defense, it was the hottest 4th of July ever in Amsterdam this year (just our luck) but the service was flat crap at Amnesia. It was packed and I felt for them, so it didn't really bother me. But my wife, who is the most patient person I know, couldn't believe how rude the staff was. Not really to us, because I ordered everything at the bar, but they were flat mean to these two girls sitting next to us. Then, as we were leaving, there were a few local "toughguys" trying to start something with a few Americans (or maybe Canadians, but I think I know my own). I am not kidding! I was shocked by this. Amnesia is in a very nice part of town, with no other coffeeshops nearby (other than Grey Area). Not the place you would expect to see a few thugs hanging out. These guys were well-dressed thugs, but thugs nonetheless. Almost gangster-like in some of the comments they were making. They were sitting outside, but we could hear them from the inside. I will say this: their milkshakes were very good. But other than that, everything was a big letdown at Amnesia. I don't think the owner (Sissy?) was working when we were there. It was a young girl who walked around with a joint in her mouth all night (she was hot!) and some young dude behind the bar. The girl handled all bud/hash transactions, so maybe she was the owner? I bought some NYD and it was pretty good, but it was definitely the smallest "dime bag" I bought the whole trip. I bet if I went to Amnesia on a nice cool April day, it would be awesome. But my experience was a 2 out of 10.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA sent 21 Jun 2006
This place is okay, it has a Volcano, but looks sorta "richy". Weed is okay but price is rather high. I dunno if I would stay but the Pot-O-Gold was nice weed. Chocolate shake was tasty but there was no stone to it (weak hash).
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 18 Apr 2006
Nice decorated coffeeshop. Only women working there, one of them was a German, she explained us everything about their menu. We bought NYCD and Congolese weed, both were very nice. We also tested some hashes like Malana Cream, Pollem, Hassan Supreme and Cashmere Pollem. All of them were pretty pricey but had a nice taste and effect. Ah and their banana milkshake really was awesome!
Neutral Review TWoz from USA visited Mar. 4; sent 3 Apr 2006
Ok place, buds were kinda small but reasonably price, 1g of Amnesia Haze for 11 euro, ok.
Positive Review Beth from USA sent 15 Mar 2006
My friend and I loved the interior of this place the most. Really dark mood and it smells great. Plus it has chess! But the best part about this place was that we were allowed to look at everything before buying. Really helpful staff.
Positive Review Bubbalicious and JP from Canada visited 18/04/05; sent 22 Feb 2006
Wheelchair Accessibility: Good door, totally accessible, no bathroom. Great service. Our favourite of the trip. MK Ultra- 1G for 10.5E. 8/10- wow, what a taste. Incredible. The staff at the Victoria hotel must have been happy we were at the end of the hall smoking this stuff! Silver Blue - 1g 11E- 7.75/10. Again, what taste! Sour Diesel- 1g 10E. Very very nice. Melana Cream Hash 1G 14E- For the wheel chair folks, this stuff is a toe tingler! JP felt his feet! Very medicinal. Burns great. Good atmosphere. Can sit on nice couches, get out of wheelchair. Very nice shop!
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 8 Jan 2006
It's a nice place to chill, the dealer was a Rasta and he was very friendly. Backgammon available, cheap drink prices, and we tested the Amnesia Haze (10,50-11,00€/g.) the smell and taste are fruity and very strong, the turn is very high.
Positive Review AzLaker from USA visited 10/20; sent 24 Oct 2005
Very nice place with lots of locals. Bought a gram of bubblegum. Very good taste and buzz. Hung out for a while and talked to the locals, before heading across the center and to the Bluebird.
Positive Review Richard from Canada sent 20 Sep 2005
The NYCD was by far the best bud in town - smooth, great tasting and the high was strong without being cloudy. Their pre-rolls (Silver Haze Specials) were great, well priced and perfect for my morning bike rides down the Singel canal.
Positive Review Meaza & Charlene from UK sent 14 Aug 2005
1 of Amsterdam's top coffeeshops and the staff and the owner are very good ppl bringing us this high quality grass & hash, I have been smoking for 15 years and growing and Amnesia know how to do tingz perfect.
Positive Review Kelly from USA sent 9 Aug 2005
Great location on the Herengracht (or Gentleman's Canal) & Berg Straat; bigger facility than most shops with ample seating inside & out; a bit pricey but the best menu selection I experienced in Nederland; Bio Witte, AK-47 & Lavender were great. I prefer this shop over Grey Area (right around the corner on Oude Lille Straat) any day - why?: because it has more space, seating & ambience.
Positive Review Yank from USA visited 9 July; sent 9 Jul 2005
Silver Blue Cross, very tasty, very nice. Great place to chill for awhile. Staff rated muy bien. Very well run.
Positive Review Valo from England sent 17 Jun 2005
Very friendly shop in all aspects, attractive decor makes for a mellow mood throughout the whole day and the hospitality of the staff was of a high standard. The menu is a little pricey but I found a bargain in the Canadian Crown (€7,50) and they do great milkshakes and good variety of fruit and herbal teas. Didn't mind us carrying our bags inside after we found out the Centraal Station luggage lockers were out of use.
Positive Review Wilson from UK visited 24-26 April; sent 27 Apr 2005
First visit to this shop after reading the good comments about it and they are all true. Great place to chill in a relaxed and comfy atmosphere and most importantly the gear was great. Tried the MK Ultra, two of our party (who had been drinking earlier in the day passed out). Not just great effects but the best grass for taste I've tried in a long year.
Positive Review Jon and Shell from UK sent 30 Mar 2005
A pretty cool coffeeshop that was near out hotel, good weed, sensible prices and friendly staff. Definitely worth a visit!
Positive Review Roy from Australia sent 22 Mar 2005
My personal favourite. Great location, excellent smoke and wonderful coffee. They even have regular happy hours - and they are happy!
Positive Review Fatboy Scouse from UK sent 2 Mar 2005
Without doubt the most improved coffeeshop in my mind over the past few years. Everything I've bought from that place over the last year or so has been fabulous. MK Ultra, Stella Blue, Shiva, Sour Diesel, Amnesia Haze, Silver Blue, incredible quality. Great hash too. Super friendly, knowledgeable service from Sissy and crew. Shop itself is spacious and reasonably comfortable, but it's the smoke and service that makes it. An absolute must visit!
Positive Review TrippingOverGod from UK sent 6 Feb 2005
Wonderful place tucked away in a quiet area but still close to the centre. Very enjoyable quiet smoke at the end of the night.
Positive Review Happy Chap from UK sent 11 Jan 2005
Been a couple of times now, and never had a dull moment. Good weed, good coffee (it is a coffee shop after all!). Lots of locals popping in for a coffee and a smoke. Staff are excellent, very helpful, good choice of weed too. Volcano vaporiser for your pleasure. There's also a discount if you want 5g. All in all must be one of the best in town.
Positive Review B4yes from England visited Nov 04; sent 6 Jan 2005
Situated in the quieter side of central Dam, and perfectly located at the side of the pretty Herengracht canal. A very laid back coffeeshop that I would recommend to anyone visiting Amsterdam. From the outset, you will be greeted in the friendliest manner by the lady running this joint, and her assistant follows suit; he seems to be really into his smoke and music. Music styles such as ambient electronica/dance/dub provide the perfect background to the Amnesia experience. Finding a seat is never a problem, and you have the choice between a comfy bench seat, sitting outside in the sun, or a game of chess on the all in one chess board and table. I haven't purchased much smoke from Amnesia and so can't really comment on the quality; however their prices seem very reasonable especially in comparison to some of the more commercialised coffeeshops. In addition to this Amnesia is one of the few coffeeshops that makes you feel more than welcome, and whilst you're there, being chilled out, relaxed and happy is guaranteed!
Positive Review Dave S from England visited 17-20 Dec 04; sent 4 Jan 2005
Great place to hang out! I found this place after a recommendation from a good friend who'd lost several hours here! The atmosphere is friendly, the weed is great and the snack items like their cheesecake and chocolate cake is outstanding! Comfy seating and a good range of treats for all tastes. A real hit! I sampled three different varieties on my many visits there; MK Ultra - a bit hard on my poor throat first thing in the morning, but a real head-spinner! Sour Diesel - Very tasty indeed - I was so pleased when I found a single seed hidden away in the buds - that's going to a good home! Amnesia Haze - wow. That's all I have to say. Loved it.
Positive Review Marius from Germany sent 28 Dec 2004
Small coffeeshop run by a German woman called Sissy. Good interior with chairs that you dream of. Good sativa based menu but also the Ice hashes for about 30€. Bought a 100% Bio Sativa don't know the real name but try one and you don't want to leave the shop. Also sell "Bonbons" which more look like chocolate bars. They are named: Mary Jane (for "Mars" taste); KiffKat (for KitKat) and Stoners for Snickers taste did not try one of them because it was priced about 4€ or three for 10€. One of my favourites don't miss if you're nearby. Rating 10/10
Positive Review Shalom from UK visited Nov 04; sent 3 Dec 2004
Sort of stumbled across this place, and what a stumble it turned out to be. The dealer was a safe guy and the weed was spot on. I got 3grams of Sour Diesel and it was some really nice smoke. The atmosphere was really really chilled and the staff were safe. Seating was comfy and I wish I could have stayed longer, but the raging munchies set in and we had to leave!
Positive Review Old Hippie Dave from USA visited Nov 04; sent 2 Dec 2004
This is my regular hang out when I go. The place is so comfy and the cheesecake is so good when ya get the munchies and Sissy really tries hard to have the best weed and hash. So it's no surprise that she won the Hippie Shack Bud Bowl trophy for the best coffeeshop 2004. The last day I was there she just got a new menu it's got like 11 different weed and a dozen kinds of hash. The Amnesia Haze is very good and I got some weed at Hunters a few days before which is the fav of my trip called Lavender real sweet my friends said it was ladies weed but I love it. Anyway she got that on the new menu now too and the sour diesel looks real nice too. So many choices it's hard to pick. That's why I go, I'll take some of this and this and this and... When ya go in, point at the trophy and tell em Old Hippie Dave sent ya and she'll give ya a discount. Try a couple vapo bags of that Lavender!
Positive Review Roy from Australia visited Nov 04; sent 30 Nov 2004
An excellent shop with high quality wares, friendly staff and good coffee. Amnesia is located in a nice area on the Herengracht canal and around the corner from Grey Area. Their entry into the Cup this year "MK Ultra" was one of the best smokes I had during a three week visit recently. The rest of the menu is also high quality. Amnesia sometimes has vaporiser happy hours in the early days of the week and usually give out flyers with details the week before. A nice lady in a nurse uniform was dispensing on one of the nights I was there. Highly recommended.
Positive Review Tim & Amey from USA sent 23 Nov 2004
Once we finally got waited on and sat down to relax, we really liked the atmosphere. The woman behind the counter was very friendly, but kept filling drink orders whilst a line was growing for the weed menu. Priorities? However, inside we found cool and comfortable decor. Decent tunes, weed and prices. It looked like they had some incredible desserts, too, although it was too early for us to partake. Unlike all the other shops, we did see her card someone - so, maybe they got busted recently or something. We're old so carding is not an issue for us, lol.
Positive Review J.C. from USA sent 19 Nov 2004
Amnesia is a really nice place for a morning cup of coffee. It's located on a very pretty canal and is a quiet and peaceful place.
Positive Review Emma and Ben from UK sent 13 Nov 2004
Popped in for a late night smoke after a huge meal, didn't buy any weed but the menu was pretty pricey. They didn't seem to mind us smoking our own and we had no hassle (we look quite young and didn't get ID'd). Good music, excellent coffee and really nice decor.
Positive Review Fresh Air Inspector from UK visited 2nd Oct 04; sent 20 Oct 2004
Found this shop whilst waiting for Gypsy Nirvana to open on Saturday morning. The shop was clean, airy and comfortable. Good selection of drinks and nice music. Excellent weed selection. I was disappointed there was no Buddas Sister available, but Soma's New York City Diesel more than made up for this. Not cheap at euro 10 per gram, but quality smoke and probably the best of the weekend. Can't really say this shop would appeal to me during the evening, as there is no alcohol available; but it is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon after wandering around the lovely part of Amsterdam where this shop is located.
Positive Review EdinaSm0ka from Scotland sent 9 Oct 2004
Chilled atmosphere with a good selection in music, very comfortable seats and a very very nice menu! Not only that but the staff, especially the lady who works there with the curly-ish but long hair, were all very informative about their selection of marijuana and hashes, "do u want to be very high in the head or more kind of spaced out in your body?" was one of the questions I was asked when stumbling upon their roughly 12 large list of marijuana. And along with that there are dozens of choices u can make on their hash side of the menu. For me though it always has to be a nice Moroccan type hash and Amnesia has many.
Negative Review Craig from UK sent 6 Oct 2004
I didn't even get a sniff of the menu here, which was a disappointment to say the least. After reading positive reviews here I was quite looking forward to the visit. To be refused entry at 27 years old, for not having 'ID' was a complete piss take (there can be no excuse), rounded off with the fact that I was then refused a look at the menu unless I headed back to the hotel to get my passport (yeah right). I guess the final insult is that the girl who refused me entry was English herself. I can only assume that your average English bloke is not welcome at Amnesia.
Positive Review Doody from USA visited May 26 - June 7; sent 20 Jul 2004
What a great shop! Located right around the corner from the Grey Area, directly on the Northwest corner of Herengracht and Bergstraat. Outside there is a nice terras looking out to the Herengracht, a beautiful place to sit and relax. As you go inside you immediately notice the spaciousness of the "One room" interior. There are some tables with wood chairs to the right, and a counter with stools to the left, looking out some nice round windows to Bergstraat and a glimpse of the Herengracht. Then it opens to a large sitting area with a long, built in couch along the left wall, several tables, and nice big arm chairs. To the right is the beverage bar which has everything, but no alcohol I believe, and in the back, in front of the bronze Buddah, is the hash/weed bar. They have a smaller, but very high quality menu; 8-10 weed choices, 8 or more hash choices. I tried the "Amnesia Haze" at 10.50 euro a gram. I used their grinder that is available at the bar (along with other utensils) and rolled a pure joint, it was amazing, definitely try it! They were playing some great trancy, acid jazz music and it really was a great groove. In addition there is some video games, as well as checkers, chess and Jenga to play. The staff is amazingly polite and helpful, all with a smile on their face! Almost cattycorner, across the Herengracht, is "Het Arendsnest," a fantastic profloekal that serves the rare "t'IJ" brewery biers. A great shop, in a picturesque setting, well worth the visit.
Positive Review Old Hippie Dave from USA sent 7 May 2004
Sissey(sp) the owner is really nice and takes real pride in her shop and has top quality weed When I was there in the end of March me and Otis and Dov did a little blind taste test for her. Said she's been working on this one strain for a year and a half. Gonna be her entry in the C cup this year. Can't say what it is I'm sworn to secrecy. But It's really yummy. Very comfy couches and tables. The dealer with the dreds is very knowledgeable
Positive Review Daniel from Canada sent 3 Dec 2003
My favorite above and beyond any other. I got excellent service and was highly entertained by "MR CORRECT", the man at the counter, and would like the opportunity to give them the credit they deserve. They are located about one block from Grey Area, the only other coffeeshop we really managed to find in the vicinity.
Positive Review Mike and Juliet from USA sent 26 Nov 2003
I have to say that in the 4 days we had in this grand city this was the greatest place we found. Located a bit out of main traffic areas, it seemed a bit less crowded than most shops, but with the room this place has in it you wouldn't notice much any way. The dealer was wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable. He delighted in showing me the whole "buffet" he had to offer. During my stay I sampled the NewYorkCityDisel, the Shiva and the Heven... the Heven was a beautiful indica bud that looked like little super balls. Wonderful taste and great high. Same with the NYCD was very happy with the quality of this great bud here. But I will say that the SHIVA I got at Amnesia was the greatest bud all around I got my whole trip. The inside is comfortable and inviting. They offer great drinks, teas, etc... and give u a good selection of bongs/pipes to use, as well as a great vaporizer. DO NOT MISS AMNESIA. You will be happy u didn't.
Positive Review Scott and Garry from Scotland sent 19 Jul 2003
As a regular visitor to Amsterdam, I would like to sing the praises of the coffeeshop Amnesia. Not only do they have nice quality staff, the quality of their stock compares to none, especially Hussain Special, one of my all time favourites. The music is also of high quality. Stumbled on to shop by accident but will be first stop every time. You won't get better than Serge ask to be served by.
Positive Review Stuart from Australia (staying in NL) sent 16 Jun 2003
One of the greats. Serge is there most days and because he's been working coffee shops for the past 15 years you cannot go wrong asking him about most things. The shop itself is comfortable and quite roomy, coffee and extras are of a high standard and the fact that you can buy up to 5 grams of a type of weed or hash (at a discount!) is an added bonus! There are bongs for use there and usually a nice cookie on the coffee saucer as well.
Positive Review Aaron from UK
I like Wootsies because it is on the canal behind the Singel and faces a couple of 'working girls' (picturesque location!)!! The previous owner was assassinated by the Russian Mafia. This is lucky for the new owner as it one of the few times somebody can apply for a coffeeshop license!