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Reviews of Andalucia Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review sNc from Wales. Sent 16 Apr 2017.
Small shop with a strong eastern European workforce. No one acknowledged me and the strain list was pretty weak and massively overpriced. Much better product on offer in other shops close by.
Positive Review Chris from USA. Sent 24 Mar 2008.
Pretty solid selection, a little pricey, with 2G of Diesel Haze running 28Euro. The lower end of the menu had some decent prices, Skunk/Blueberry/Northern Lights anywhere from 16-20Euro for 2G. I can't complain about the smoke, the Diesel was very smooth and had a very clean high. All in all, worth a look in if you pass it by. Friendly staff, as well.
Positive Review Kokoshka from USA. Sent 11 Feb 2008.
Despite what the posted hours on the door say, this coffeeshop opens around 9am. Yes they have pretty much the standard menu, as did most of the shops I visited on this trip (10). However they didn't mind that I often smoked stuff I'd bought at other places. The owners are from Spain, hence the name, and were very cordial. This is a nice place to spend a quiet early morning smoke with lots of room upstairs.
Positive Review Dale from USA. Sent 25 Oct 2007.
Right at the top of their menu was Diesel at 28 euro for two grams. Just what we were looking for, a crisp clean high with lots of energy. It's best to exhale after each puff as this is strong stuff! Upstairs are comfortably worn cushioned benches and a calm place from which to begin your journey.
Negative Review Aaron from UK. Sent 14 Aug 2007.
We wandered in here because we needed to stop for a joint and it looked nice from outside. Same generic menu as everywhere in Amsterdam, only these people try and sell in €20+ amounts minimum! The weed was ok but there's much better to be had. The drinks were a rip off, €2.50 for a coffee and €2.50 for a soft drink. The guy was quite friendly but avoid this place!
Positive Review Hilian from UK. Sent 4 Mar 2007.
I visited this shop in February last year with my hubby & mate. We made this our last call before bed as we were staying nearby. The staff were friendly and the decor was relaxing with nice couches and cushions upstairs. Bought some nice weed, too stoned to remember what now but it did what it said on the tin.
Positive Review Pete from England. Sent 2 Aug 2006.
This was one of the smallest shops I visited, the guy was coooool I had to wait while he sorted through a huge bag o weed. I bought 3.6g of Diesel Haze which, by the way, was the best smoke I tried in my week, very uplifting and trippy. I rate this place highly (if you pardon the pun) the guy is friendly, place is clean and has a massive menu.