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coffeeshop in Utrecht
Reviews of Andersom Number of Positive Reviews 11 Number of Neutral Reviews 4 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review JustinCase sent 21 Nov 2018
They weigh ganja in front of you. Hasj comes prepacked. Don't ask me about joints, I don't smoke tobacco. They sell from a minimum of seven euro. Shop architecture is worth a visit. The lowest-priced weed (White Widow) was the best: No shi-shi, but old-school quality n taste without epic fantasy names. Staff is helpful with disabled customers.
Neutral Review Andy from USA sent 19 Jan 2013
Easy to find in the middle of town, next to the Dom Tower. Prices were on the high side, you have to buy €10 or €20 worth at a time with €10 getting you barely over a gram of most strains. They also sold €4-5 spliffs, and don't carry pure weed joints. Selection was OK but I didn't notice any sativa strains, just indica. Buy on entry, room downstairs to smoke. So-so atmosphere and service, seems targeted at tourists. Although the basement is at canal level, the view isn't anything special. Would recommend going to one of the other shops a little further out.
Positive Review Manasinho from Czech republic sent 24 Nov 2010
One of the best stay in Utrecht but menu items and prices are not so good.
Positive Review Autumn from Australia sent 20 Mar 2010
It's a little bit more touristy than the other places, but it's still very much frequented by locals. The prices are higher than usual, but in compensation the location is probably the best in Utrecht, right in the center near the Dom. Its location and quite cool smoking areas are big pluses, the minuses are the consistently cheesy R&B/hip-hop, that you are pretty much guaranteed to have to share a table and chat with your neighbour if you're not in a big group (could be a plus though, depending on your mood) and the prices.
Positive Review JoeMamma from Canada sent 15 Oct 2009
Good store, courteous and friendly service, nice location to chill out watch TV or play video games. Fair amount of grass and hash for the prices. Also in a pretty cool part of town.
Neutral Review Otto from Groningen sent 18 Dec 2007
Seems pretty commercial, when you look at the menu that seems to be correct. Pricey stuff, I've had better for the money. I tried the Black Widow, which was nice, but nothing special.
Positive Review Thomas from UK sent 8 Sep 2007
A buy before you enter place. The guy on the front was friendly enough. Amnesia for 2.2gm for 20€. Some very nice Afghan hash - but by that time I can't recall the price.
Negative Review Aaron from UK sent 14 Aug 2007
This place is terrible. It has about 2 types of weed and 2 of hash, the quality isn't very good. The staff always seem very moody and unfriendly. The downstairs is nice to chill in but it's not worth it at all. Avoid!
Neutral Review Martins from Latvia sent 22 Jan 2007
Rather expensive weed and once I got not very good quality. Also the staff was not too welcoming. I meant it was ok, but in other places it is more friendly. There are tables downstairs, but I heard you can go there if you buy stuff from there before. I didn't myself though.
Positive Review James from England sent 23 Sep 2006
I was told by a Dutch lady that it wasn't very good but when me and my mates went in we felt very welcome and bought some White Widow which was awesome, didn't cost much either! Really good atmosphere in there and really cool just chillin next to the canal having a sweet reefer! If I went back would definitely make a stop there!
Neutral Review Homerro from Poland sent 18 Sep 2006
It looks better inside than most coffee shops in Utrecht and is situated in a very good place (easy to achieve and very nice) but it's quite pricey. Weed is satisfying however it's nothing special for such a price.
Negative Review Csenorchurls from USA visited Jan 26-31; sent 1 Feb 2006
The dealer tried to rip off the fairly toasted customer in front of us. Fortunately the customer wasn't stoned enough to fall for the old 'change for a 20 euro instead of the 50 euro note' trick that some dishonest dealers like to pull. When it came our turn it was service with a snarl, we bought some Nepal hash (which turned out to be crap) and when we asked to buy a lighter he rolled his eyes and threw one at me. Not a place we will be returning to even though we liked the layout of the place.
Positive Review Kelly from USA sent 9 Aug 2005
Great location, easy to find on Oudegracht (or Old Canal) can't miss it because the lofty Dom church tower is right around the corner. Decent selection of herbs & good hash; not much room upstairs but more space downstairs with a door looking out on the canal itself; a scenic, convenient place to get a good smoke and then continue your touring.
Positive Review Patrick from USA visited March '04; sent 6 Nov 2004
After looking for No Name and found out it was closed, I found Andersoms. It is centrally located next to the Domplein. Walk in and order coffeeshop. I got the K2 for only 5 euros. There are a few seats upstairs, but downstairs was huge. Very smoky, but lots of stuff to look at. And yes you'll be frightened by the life size police officer as you got back up the stairs.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 11 Jan 2004
Located in centrum, one of those buy something then thru the gate you go. The downstairs was roomy, comfy, not too loud, well decorated and had a great view on the sunken canal Utrecht is known for. American motif with old gas station signs, cigar store, Indians, etc.
Positive Review Jim from USA sent 13 Nov 2003
Great location on a corner near the Oudegracht. Fellow at the counter didn't seem to know English (which is perfectly ok with me. I practiced my wretched Nederlands on the poor soul), but he still got me the haze I wanted. Also sells pipes and assorted paraphernalia. I sat upstairs where there are only a few tables, but I was able to sit by the large windows and watch the people walking by and the clientele coming in and out.
Positive Review The Edinburgensians from Scotland sent 24 Sep 2003
A ‘gatekeeper’ shop (buy on entry) opposite Steenweg, with a roomy area before the counter. There a few tables through the gate at street level, but the much more spacious basement houses the (soft) drink and snack bar and pinball machine (Williams JunkYard when we visited), as well as lots more tables, hard and soft seating, and ‘retro’ Americana decor including a dummy in full US motorcycle police uniform (!), with a suitably rock-oriented music choice. Recommended to us, and now by us to you, as a good place to sit for a while.