Los Angeles

closed coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Los Angeles Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Mr Incognito from UK sent 18 Aug 2022
A sad loss from the Oost map. Los Angeles was always good to me - last time I was in they were happy to sell any amount, but this time it's gone.
Positive Review Arsonist from USA sent 23 Mar 2012
Located away from the center and heavy traffic in the east. It's not one of those places that you just happen to come across, but don't let that stop you from paying a visit. One can commence at the Hortus Botanicus, take a stroll down Oosterpark, and enjoy a smoke at this place. Expect to see many North Africans, others buy and fly, but the locals hangout. If it's a full house, you might stick out like a sore thumb which could work to your advantage (e.g. immediate table vacancy, beverage delivery). The lads here can be very hospitable to strangers as they don't get much tourist traffic. The lone traveler will be approached and engaged in conversation to 'lively up de place', so take the opportunity to polish up on your French, Spanish, or Italian. The weed is okay, one can find better elsewhere, but the hash is exceptional. Also, the Mint Tea will instantly transport you to Marrakesh. It's that good, and yes, if you have any trouble maintaining your liquids within the provided container, 'dude' will help out with the mess.
Positive Review Jay from Amsterdam sent 26 Dec 2010
This shop is like 2 minutes away from 'The Point'. It's a Moroccan local shop. About everybody there is Moroccan and they have good hash. If you want weed you can get it there but it's not the best I have had. If you go down there in the daytime you don't fit in. There are a lot of Moroccan youths playing cards, watching TV and smoking hash inside. In the night time you have a few different people sitting there and then it's not too bad to chill out inside. Staff is friendly and it's an ok shop.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA visited 15 Dec 07; sent 7 Mar 2008
This is a Moroccan locals joint, though quite personable to the obvious strangers. I can't say enough about three things. One was the service. When Mrs. C.J. goofed and spilled the last of my tea, it seemed like the dude was there with a rag before the glass tipped. Two was the Moroccan tea itself, with fresh mint, a suggestion from the budtender/bartender; it was delightful. Three was the cheap White Widow, 2.3g/E12.50, which is what it should cost. WW and a cheap Colombian were the only weeds on the menu. There were 4-5 hashes. Next time we're anywhere near the area, I'm going for another Moroccan tea and several of those WW sacks for the stockpile.