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Neutral Review Marcel from Netherlands. Sent 9 Aug 2011.
Decent as a take-away. They sell really cheap hash and weed, but this is really bad stuff which is really fresh and poorly cured. Their average and higher priced buds are good, but you can find better for the money.
Negative Review Micky W from UK. Sent 17 Oct 2009.
Was very crowded when we walked in, people crammed in like sardines, got to the dealers bar which is just to the right as you walk in and ordered a gram of a bud called Dreamcatcher, mainly because I had never come across this particular sample before, asked the budtender if there was upstairs seating so I could go and chill but was informed I could not smoke up there if I was going to use tobacco in my spliff, fair enough, this approach is taken in a lot of places now, but so long as you're discreet most shops don't mind, I don't think the bud tender wanted me and my mate there as a local was rolling a joint and was clearly using tobacco! Shame 'cause the Dreamcatcher was really nice but I won't go back 'cause the budtender was a tosser who obviously didn't like tourists.
Negative Review B&E from USA. Sent 11 Oct 2008.
We walked in and were greeted by a guy behind the counter who asked what we would like. We said coffee and without any acknowledgment of what we said, he asked what herb we wanted to buy. We said we had some already and he then asked us to leave. He was amazingly rude and we were polite. It's about ten feet to another shop so it wasn't a big loss, but I would have been happy to buy some herb from him had it just been nice about it, e.g., "hi, this is a small place, I really only sell herb if you want to smoke I have some great stuff" etc. Or even a sign on the door. I'd skip this place unless you plan on buying there.
Negative Review Courtjester from USA. Sent 12 Dec 2006.
I don't know about the service, because we only got takeaway weed, but the Hash Plant Haze (1g/E11.60), which was the specific reason we visited, was vastly overpriced for the quality. It was good, not great. Maybe the HPH is overrated, or maybe the shop just overcharges. In either case, I won't return.
Positive Review Nibes from USA. Sent 16 Jul 2006.
Our hostel was literally 20 seconds away from this coffeeshop, and let me say, am I glad our hostel was so close. Over the 5-6 times I visited I bought Northern Lights Special, Stella Blue, WW x Kush, and probably something else that I can't remember. All were in the 10€ range and worth the money. They bartenders were all cordial and happy, and there're 6 vaporizers to use, 3 upstairs, 3 downstairs, meaning there's always at least one open. Up a winding staircase is a small chill-out room, and there're also tables and chairs outside. A worthwhile coffeeshop to visit no complaints from me.
Neutral Review Tyler H from USA. Sent 21 Jun 2006.
Blue Stella was okay, light and fluffy buds with a weird smell and almost a little spicy, and it wasn't that great really. Place was pretty chill and the staff was very nice. Too bad the product wasn't as good as the service was.
Positive Review Happy Chap from UK. Sent 5 Jan 2006.
Visited Anyday a few times on this visit, great staff, good weed, and Verdamper vaporisers for you to use- much better for you. Even a chance of having a smoke with the inventor of this wonderful device! There's not much room, but it's very friendly in here. A better way to start your day? I can't think of one.
Positive Review Playo from UK. Sent 31 May 2005.
I went to this shop about twice a day with my mates and we loved it! They guys are all very friendly and inviting, the weed is all good (we managed to get through the whole menu!) and once you've mastered the tricky steps up stairs there's a pukka vaporiser for you to use, which we canned every morning before we set off on our wanders, if there is a better more friendly coffeeshop than this I don't know it!
Neutral Review J.W. from USA. Sent 28 May 2005.
Went there several times only to turn away due to no space. Must have been a great place cause it was always packed.
Positive Review Gary from USA. Sent 30 Mar 2005.
A friendly atmosphere and plenty of help. It was suggested we purchase a half gram of several different flavors, one for each day. We tried Purple, Swiss Air (both friendly in full strength-no tobacco mixing), and White Widow (I was comatose for an hour afterwards). I wouldn't hesitate to go back there should I visit Amsterdam again.
Positive Review John & Jo from England. Sent 19 Dec 2004.
As always when you're ready to catch your plane home you find a really good place. Don't know what its like upstairs because we had our luggage with us and they were really steep! But downstairs there were a few vapourisers to use, and the girl working there was extremely friendly. Bought some White Widow, and a gram of Sneek, both excellent smokes. When going back again I will try upstairs and maybe stop a little longer!
Positive Review Craig from UK. Sent 6 Oct 2004.
I only got chance to try the N.L.S (Northern Light Special) from here which packed a fair punch. Staff were pleasant, welcoming and keen to advise.
Positive Review Ramon from Netherlands. Sent 17 Jun 2004.
Close to the central station, in a small red light district. A small pleasant shop to chill with a nice atmosphere. 2 floors 7 vaporizers (also for sell) for free sucking and with very very friendly sellers, they will give u good advice about their menu list. I like the weed menu, different kinds of originally weed taken from different land in the world. From Afghanistan comes the famous "stella blau" they told me that they have smuggled seeds from there and a few years of attention and farming have resulted in this smooth tasting, clear high effecting weed, so nice Afghanistan taste, so tasteful! Nice fact is that I found a seed in this shape of this weed. He' s now 4 inch long. I will see of this will taste as nice as in the shop (I grow for 2 years). They have a vietrien with different kind of stuff from and about hemp.
Positive Review Ant from Wales. Visited 2001. Sent 13 Apr 2004.
Very friendly staff, clean but not the most comfortable of places to sit back and relax. Good selection, and a good mix of friendly people to talk to. Nice and quiet which is good after a few days of all the bars full of tourists. ****
Positive Review Dil from Scotland. Sent 30 Jan 2004.
Another familiar shop always worth a visit, although I thought this time the prices were a little higher than normal. Went for a mid range polm at 7-50 euro a gramme. It's a good daytime smoke, but maybe slightly overpriced. Regarding price I can understand slightly higher prices in the winter. The weather was terrible during my visit and I saw a lot of coffeeshops closed even in the evening, I suppose no tourists no business, higher prices therefore are maybe the norm at this time of year in touristville. The answer get out of the Centrum, go East, West , South and save your pennies.
Positive Review Rob from USA. Sent 24 Nov 2003.
(10/10): I love Anyday. By far, hands down the best herb in the city is Anyday's Stella Blue. Not too crazy of a head buzz, but just a great tasting mellow buzz. It's a small shop, so not very comfortable as a chill area, but you have to grab a coffee and sit and use a vaporizer at least once, it definitely is a different and ridiculous buzz that makes wondering Centrum a little more interesting.
Positive Review TG from UK. Sent 29 Aug 2003.
It's quite small downstairs, with the counter on the right and some stools on the left. The menu was fairly comprehensive and I plumped for a gram of Jamaican. The dealer produced this big brick of it and cut me a piece off which wasn't much to look at but didn't have too many seeds or twigs in it. I headed up the spiral staircase and sat down by the window in the corner to sample the produce. The taste was quite sweet and gave a different high to the skunk that I had been smoking for most of my stay up to that point. It was definitely nice to have a change and this stuff was a good choice. The shop itself was nicely laid out and they had a selection of bongs and a vapouriser to use. The music at Anyday is reggae. I know this because they played the same song over and over again, for the whole time I was there!! Everytime the song finished it would start up again and while this was mildly amusing for the first couple of times, it started to do my head in after about half an hour. I don't know if this was some kind of sadistic plot by the owners to confuse stoned people into thinking that time had stopped or something?!?!? A good place to check out if you are on a crawl around the centre. Give it a look next time you are in town.
Positive Review Seppe from UK. Sent 23 Jul 2003.
The Home of the Vapouriser! (apparently). The home-made "original"? vapouriser is a must to try. The heat gun will definitely give you ideas for home experiments. The weed here is good quality at a very fair price. Stella Blue was a particularly potent smoke. The shop is small so you may not be able to stop for a reefa but don't let that stop you looking at the menu. This is a must for any smoker in Amsterdam.
Positive Review P.K. from Europe. Sent 23 Apr 2003.
Probably the coolest coffeeshop in Amsterdam. What it may lack in size is more than amply compensated for by the superb "menu" and very friendly and welcoming vibes. Some of the best grass and hash in A'dam. Try their haze (grass) or their splendid Reserva and Icolator hashes. Lots of local connoisseurs are regulars and frequent visitors to Holland always return to Any Day to say hello and to score good smoke at amazing prices. A great coffeeshop run by a young team (the same guys for over 2 years; how rare is that?). They operate with integrity and enthusiasm and are not into ripping off tourists. If you enjoy a good smoke with friendly people you must call in at Any Day. Say hello to Serge, Ray, Percy and Igor and tell them Pearse sent ya! ;^))
Positive Review Pedro from USA. Sent 26 Feb 2002.
My pick for best shop...........Anyday, Amsterdam, These guys really seem to care about the whole scene, I think they have the best prices in A-dam. Great location, usually futball on the TV, freindliest place in town to visitors and will take time to tell you about each of their products and what to expect. 5******.
Positive Review Kevin.
It's worth the stop. I have been to Amsterdam a lot and have found that the Anytime has some of the best grass in the city their hash is good but not the best.