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Any Time

coffeeshop Alkmaar
Reviews of Any Time Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
This is a medium sized place. When you walk in you find the bar in the back as well as the smoking area to the left which is divided into two rooms. Including a 'Vapolounge' which is more of a corner but comfy where only a few people can sit at but coming with a TV set, a sorta photo play and a Verdamper for obvious reasons; there are two other ones at the bar as well. The other room is for smoking and behind glass about twenty seats and all together in this shop about thirdy. Wiet: Thai (5€/g), Jamaica (6€/g), Buitenwiet (outdoor, 8€/g), Cbd Wiet (11€/g), Dancehall (10€/g), Northern Lights Gruis (6€/g), Northern Lights (10€/g), Mystery (10€/g), Amnesia (9/10€?/g), Kaas (guess what?, 11€/g), Og Kush (18€/g), one in-house haze (11€/g) and Pink (forgot the price tag but description reads 'hipster weed', lol). Hasj: Afghan (6€/g), Maroc (pre-packed, 25€/5g), Rolex (6,5€/g), Libanon (6,5€/g), Polm (7€/g), Hia (7,5€/g), Zero (8€/g), Super Polm (8,5€/g), Parvati (11€/g), Mazar-I-Sharif (12,5€/g), Nepal (14€/g), Skuff (15€/g), Tropical (15€/g) and Malana Cream (22€/g). Staff is friendly but prices are bad in my opinion. While they seemed to be reasonable at the lower end of the menu below 10€, at least hashwise, I found them especially overpriced in regards to Malana Cream and OG Kush. Latter one a couple of guys we met one evening there since it was our base shared it with us and it was merely good enough but nothing exceptional. Just overpriced. The Malana Cream at best looked nice enough too and couldn't compete with stuff I've had for example (!) at places like Blue Bird or Anyday (rest in peace) in Amsterdam, when certain batches were very good and similar priced as so often with hashish from Asia for some reasons. The other gear were not special either and again at best the coffeeshop standard of today. At least there is a choice one might think? Only thing I remember trying was their blonde Super Pollen from Morocco which was nothing special but solid; though my other mates definitely bought at the lower price range as well and we found them as said reasonable. At the consumption area it can get smoky by the way. So despite all this criticism it was hands down the best place to go for quality and the second best to spend some time at. Worth a look!
Positive Review Malin from Norway sent 1 Jul 2011
Visited several times as both the weed and hash were great! The people working there were really nice and made you feel welcome. They have a smoking booth for those who want to use tobacco in their weed/hash and another room for vaporizing.
Positive Review Tony from Canada sent 30 Oct 2007
Very friendly service. Has 5 or 6 tables to sit down at. The employees made sure stems were removed before weighing, which was nice as I have noticed some shops don't. Can still buy Northern Light Special for € 10. Great place!
Positive Review Mark & Russell from Scotland sent 15 Jan 2005
We were in Alkmaar in December 04 for a UEFA cup tie against AZ Alkmaar and were looking to sit and enjoy a smoke in different surroundings as we usually go only to Amsterdam. A local resident directed us to Anytime coffeeshop and advised us it was the best one in town. I have to say it was a very pleasing experience, the staff were extremely friendly and made us feel instantly welcome. The smoke was of a very good quality, we sampled Peacemaker & E.T. (grass) and also the light Moroccan 11 Euro for 5 grams, great value for money as were the drinks, 50 cent. After a short while the guys working there introduced us to the house vaporiser, wow, probably the highest we have ever been, what a buzz, we were also encouraged to use it as often as we liked, which was pleasing. We spent a good three or four hours in Anytime which tells you we had an excellent time and whenever I go back to the Netherlands I shall be looking to visit this coffeeshop, 5 stars.
Positive Review Robbie from Netherlands sent 23 Dec 2004
Ask for the Northern Light Special. Really the best of them all. Don't believe me? Buy a little bag from € 10,- and you will see!
Positive Review Dj_necratog from Netherlands sent 22 Nov 2004
Good shop, but the quality of the weed may vary from time to time (can park in front of door).
Neutral Review Pieter from Netherlands sent 15 Apr 2003
Coffeeshop Anytime in Alkmaar has moved from the "Bergerweg" to the "Laat". Unfortunately I do not know the housenumber, but it is a neighbour of ZeroZero.