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Reviews of Arabica Lounge Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Q from Amsterdam. Sent 29 Dec 2010.
The only good stuff they sell there is Amnesia Haze, I was surprised how good it was! Only 10,50 a gram.
Positive Review SeniorHippies from USA. Visited Sept. 09. Sent 25 Nov 2009.
Having read good reviews of CS "Old Amsterdam" my wife and I got off the tram on a Sunday morning or early afternoon and walked back to find "Old Amsterdam" was not open yet. We wanted a smoke, a cup of tea, and the WC so we continued another few doors to the Arabica Lounge. We were pleasantly greeted at the door by a middle aged guy who gestured for us to be seated. Only after shedding jackets and packs, ordering tea, and using the WC did I proceed up to the weed counter. The man behind the counter waited attentively as I checked the menu and ordered some nice weed. I usually order something pretty nice since I'm only in Amsterdam just so often. He weighed out my purchase adding of little pinch extra. We rolled a joint and had our tea. The people in the shop were friendly and asked how long we were in A'dam, where we were from, etc. The man who sold me the weed came over to ask how it was and if we were satisfied with it. Our answers seemed to make him genuinely happy. When we were done and were on the way out the door, he asked if we needed directions, and bade us come back again. We didn't get the chance, but when I'm in the neighborhood I will. It was, all in all, a good experience. I seem to remember a cat.
Neutral Review Matt H from Canada. Sent 5 Jul 2009.
This lounge is mid sized and is frequented by many locals. Did not buy their weed but drinks were well made and was a fairly laid back place.
Neutral Review Kokoshka from USA. Sent 11 Feb 2008.
I'd been here twice before and thought it was okay, however this time I dropped by on my way to the airport and proprietor pretty much kicked me out because I wanted to finish up some stuff before my trip back, maybe he was having a bad day or something but this was the only bad time I'd had with any of the 10 coffeeshops I'd visited this trip.
Positive Review Sur_1_nuage from Belgium. Sent 1 Jul 2007.
Went there after a rather crappy visit to Smokey, on which I wont add anything caus it's not worth wasting my time. I was always used to buy of Moroccan peopz when I lived in BE and was going to Holland so I decided to get in. The staff is exclusively Moroccan and very very friendly, they were not talking much but they put u at ease. We got in and ordered a drink, the guy said "fine u pay after, after!" which is kinda not common over there but anyway I bought Silver Haze there for 7.5E/Gr which is very correct and the weed was gorgeous. Full of crystals, not too fresh so very easy to take apart and so sweet, what a smell and what a taste! I even went back the 2nd day because I thought it was there I could get the best deal on weed and was not tired to smoke their Silver Haze. The crowd: 1st time we were on our own with only 3 Japanese smoking outta pipes not saying a word caus so stoned! and the 2nd time was a bit more crowdy with an old 60 y old Dutch woman who was there apparently chatting up the staff lol and jus a couple of Frenchies next to us. Very nice place that I'd recommend to everyone! Defo go back there when in the Dam again!
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 14 Sep 2006.
Has been redesigned inside since our 05 visit. Seems smaller with wooden benches replacing wicker chairs and tables. The buzz in door was gone. Friendly vibe, classic rock playing at low volume during our AM visit. Opens at 9 AM. This shop was recommended to us by the staff at our hotel (Fantasia) for their good deals and good weed. Their "Gruis" was 3 grams for 10 Euros and the dealer threw in a White Widow bud to top things off. Was a good start to our 06 trip. Clientele at that time of day was local, Dutch speaking. Among the coolest lighters you'll see in an NL coffeeshop, refillable at that.
Positive Review Joey and Cindy from USA. Visited July 05. Sent 17 Mar 2006.
We had a great time there. Best weed and prices in Amsterdam. The staff was so nice. I don't know what security door the other people were talking about? We sure didn't see it. The murals on the wall are also great. I think those people made the comment about the wrong lounge.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 1 Jan 2006.
Located on a seedy stretch of Amstel. Just across that big bridge, near the Stopera. A large comfortable shop. Several nice tables and a big sofa area in the back. A few Dutch speaking couples sitting at tables, and lots of loud Arabic from the sofa area. Very jovial, friendly mood. They have a shake special "Arabicus Gruis" 5 grams for 10 Euros. Which was as good as we got anywhere. Maybe we got lucky, but was a good deal that day.
Negative Review Lisa and Sam from UK. Visited 30/12/04 - 03/01/05. Sent 4 Jan 2005.
Never again. We already had a bit of weed so did not want anymore but the guy was very off when we just asked for a couple of cokes he then has to let you in through a security door very un-nerving and not needed no atmosphere either.
Negative Review Bernie from Netherlands. Sent 22 Feb 2004.
Yesterday I went to this shop to buy some hash. I heard from someone that they have very good Arabica hash. I ask if I can see it and smelled. I got hash that was really looking and smelling great. So I buy 5 grams. The guy in the shop told me that if I buy 10 grams it is cheaper. So I did. When I was at home and open the bag I discover that I got bad hash. I know this trick from Morocco but I hoped in Holland it is forbidden. I would advise everybody: DON'T BUY HERE! They are jerks that don't understand that you can fuck up somebody only once. I'll never go to this shop again, even if is the only shop in Holland. Then I rather quit smoking.
Positive Review Professor Horsecollar from USA. Visited Dec 16-23, 03. Sent 14 Jan 2004.
This place is on Amstelstraat just before you get to the river. It and the two Andalucia Lounges in the same area are all part of the same outfit, with identical menus. Their top gear (9.50 Euros/gm) is the Diesel Haze, which recently got a glowing review in Smokers Guide. It is pretty good stuff, but not worth a special trip.