coffeeshop in Dordrecht
Reviews of Asilah Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Anon. from Netherlands sent 26 Apr 2022
Nice paintings in shop, just recently renovated. Different flavours. Represented. I take Super white.
Positive Review Jaap from Netherlands sent 25 Jan 2022
They have a big assortment of weed and hash. I bought Gelato, AMG Haze and Super Polm. The Gelato was very sweet but not so very strong. The Amg haze took me to the moon hahhha. The super polm was blond and had a sweet taste, when I took a hit my brain took me back in the days I was backpacking in the north of Africa. Mostly I go to Rotterdam for my stuff because the coffeeshops in Dordrecht sell very bad qualities and the prices are too high. A neighbour told me Asilah was renovated and now sells good quality so I checked it out. The staff were very kind and they have knowledge of what they sell. I will surely come back to the shop as they have a big assortment. I was like a little kid in a candy store.
Negative Review Anon. from Netherlands sent 25 Apr 2021
The Super Polm is really bad quality. It looks like Super Blond and that for €12/g. People buy your hash somewhere else!
Negative Review Anon. sent 29 Dec 2010
The place is very dirty, it stinks like hell. I used to go there in the 1980s, when the old Moroccan was still there. It was different then, old but very customer-friendly with people hanging out. Now it's getting worse every year.
Positive Review ][TML ßrowser from Netherlands (Resident) sent 19 Sep 2006
Currently this is my favorite coffeeshop in my hometown Dordrecht.
Positive Review Petrone from UK sent 12 May 2004
Staying at the Stayokay hostel on the edge of the Biesbosch, Asilah proved convenient for the no.5 bus stop at the station. You could walk past, not knowing this to be a coffeeshop such is the air of discretion. It's on Baginhof where it peters out towards Vest. The decor inside is noticeably faded but it's a pleasant place.
Positive Review ][TML ßrowser from Netherlands (Resident) sent 17 Jul 2003
Bargain prices.