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coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Negative Review Dr E Staller from Netherlands sent 27 Oct 2022
Real bunch of clown. Horrible service.
Positive Review Patchling from UK sent 13 Oct 2010
The first coffeeshop we went to as it was round the corner from our hotel. We loved the place so much we actually spent most our time there and took back friends too. The owners and workers there are really friendly and know their stuff, they are happy to chat to you and interested in where you're from and what you're looking for. We tried Santa Maria for 12 Euro, which is a pretty mellow smoke and Bubble Kush (my personal fave) was 10 Euro, which is more intense but you can still do stuff. Its not a touristy place, and has a more chilled and personal feel to that of say Abraxas or Barney's, it's got a more old skool interior with zebra print booths and pictures of Marley everywhere. You can play pool, foosball or even backgammon, as well as a games machine with Bomber man, and the best thing is you can have a tea or coffee for 1.50 Euro, which is way cheaper than any in the centre, where we were paying twice the price. Felt like we were in a Rasta's home, loved it!
Positive Review Nick from Netherlands sent 3 Sep 2009
What I first liked was the very friendly shop owner and the big menu. I asked for some good weed for a regular price (I come from Utrecht, the prices are lower there but the weed is better in Amsterdam) and he say smell this and opened a box with nice tops of Bubblegum (1 gram - 9 euro). I walked in the shop which looks very nice. It's not a tourist shop with the big flatscreen TVs and modern looks. It's totally opposite from it. The old skool look, a long zebraprint couch, some gamecasts a very old Nintendo and a newer one and in the back of the shop there's a like own space to sit with a few people. I give this shop an 8.
Positive Review Dil from Scotland sent 19 Nov 2004
We pop into this locals coffeeshop when we have been shopping at the Albert Cuyp market. Katsu just around the corner is famous for it's range of products but it is just too small for us big dudes to hang out in - there are 7 of us the smallest being 6 foot 1 inch the tallest 6 foot 7 inches, we need space for the massive to chill. Atlantis is usually quiet and has a pool table, the rasta owner is a nice bloke and we normally get free coffee after each of us has made a purchase. The product range is limited i.e. 2 polms and a weed or two. Polm special is usually euro 8-00 a gram and tile polm usually 6-00 a gram, we often get a discount when all 7 of us buy. The polms are normally very good, you would pay considerable more for similar product in a centrum establishment Get out there and support local coffeeshops, these are often the first to shut up trading when the councils are putting the pressure on.