coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Positive Review Jesscass visited Spring 2022; sent 8 Aug 2022
Located in a more or less dull housing estate and funnily among others shares the same building with a childcare facility. Dutch pragmatism again. Plenty of parking spaces and a playground around, too. Young polite lad inside behind the counter one sees after entering this coffeeshop despite queue took his time showing his wares. About eight mostly modern strains of wiet to be had from Gruis (7€) to Ice Cream Cake (15€) which were looking nice enough. Amnesia and Sheeva (sp, 9€) were also sold. Choice for hasj was limited to three options: Super Pollen (12€), Critical (12€) and blonde Atlas (16€), all Moroccan. Their most expensive in opposite to the others seemed to live up to the name of this place qualitywise though was still overpriced due to still ongoing crisis supposedly caused by Covid-19. Latter one didn‘t allow sitting down in a separate room, too. What ever, considering being in the middle of nowhere this spot could be way worse.
Neutral Review Radar from France sent 25 Aug 2021
I recently visited this coffeeshop a few times to buy some hash. Nothing to complain about the quality of their products or the menu but after buying, it always turned out to be less on my own scale. Maybe it is because I come from France and it is their fashion to rip off foreigners. A good alternative I found at Boerenjongens coffeeshop, it is a few kilometres from Atlas and for sure a recommendation to buy your softwarez.
Positive Review Claud from Netherlands sent 22 Nov 2004
It is a nice coffeeshop with nice people and with good music. They have a pool table and a jukebox with CDs hanging on the wall. They only have one weed and one hash so it is an easy choose. The weed is good quality and the hash also :) They have large tables so you can sit with eight persons on one table. At nightly hours you have to ring the bell to come inside.