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Reviews of Bagheera Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Paul from USA. Sent 2 Mar 2009.
My wife and I patroned Bagheera on our honeymoon (Mar. '08). The shop was quiet with some chill reggae playing in the background. We came here because Basjoes (right next door) was way too crowded (but very cool owner). The menu was decent, not so much for hash, but the best Blueberry (6E/gr.) I had on the whole 2 week trip. I really liked the environment (albeit very narrow table area all along the bar. The budtender was pleasant and the prices on the low side, really a decent shop. There are apartments available from right across the street which made Basjoes, Bagheera and Bluebird ultra convenient.
Positive Review bl0b from Germany. Sent 26 Jul 2007.
Good shop, friendly and cool owner. We bought the Santa Maria 8euro/g. If u buy five gram u get a lil discount. Weed was nearly expensive but really really good quality and nice big buds. Outside seating-possibility if the weather is good. If I recall correctly, Banghera was wheelchair accessibility, but don't count on that, I'm not sure.
Negative Review Doody from USA. Visited May 30-June 7. Sent 18 Jul 2006.
Located right next to Basjoe, on my visit they were closed, and the windows were all taped up. Perhaps getting a re-model or a new paint job? There was no sign that I saw, but it was definitely closed. Maybe now they have re-opened? Looking forward to visiting this shop next time.
Positive Review Glock23 from USA. Sent 25 Oct 2005.
I loved this place. Surinamese chick was very friendly. I bought some Manali Fingers (1 g) and 1 g of Moroccan Blonde. Don't remember the prices, but I think around 8 euros each. Place was pretty empty when I went in. rolled up a j, proceeded to feel sick off the tobacco. I'll never forget the sight of the Maroc getting cut with a knife. It looked like butter or something, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Was very good shit :) Had a long talk about Dutch spliffs and the use of tobacco and blonde hash with some guy who was hanging out there (dealer?) They didn't laugh at me for getting sick off the tobacco. I liked the music here a lot (reggae, lots of Bob, the BOX on TV) and lay on the couch for at least an hour. Had a bunch of drinks. Threw the chick a 2 euro tip cuz she was nice :) She was definitely happy with that.
Positive Review Tenda from Italy. Sent 5 Jan 2004.
I visited Bagheera coffeeshop last august, I've bought 2 grams of Silver Haze at really nice price and I was well impressed about the quality of the weed, intense smell with fine trichromes. The place is small and there were some tables outside, at those were sitting four guys, the shop was empty. My impression was good cause they gave me good weed.