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De Apotheker and De Bakkerij

coffeeshop Eindhoven
Reviews of De Apotheker and De Bakkerij Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review Danielle from Dublin sent 6 Nov 2018
Can no longer smoke on the terrace outside, only in the dark back room of the bar. Can be full of strange people at times. Not somewhere to go alone or with just 2/3 girls. The manager thought it was funny that we were being bothered by an obvious alcoholic. I was embarrassed that I brought my friends there. Also cash only, no credit card machine. Was told to go across the street to an ATM, which was broken. Very embarrassing experience.
Negative Review Jesscass sent 19 Jul 2018
Coffeeshop Apotheker will be closed for one year.
Positive Review Zizipoil from France sent 13 Aug 2011
This place is quite of a concept on its own. It consists of two distinct parts: a dealer and a bar. You can buy some weed at the dealer, and smoke it at the bar or at the terrace. Opened late at night, it is located in the street with the largest amount of bars in the Netherlands. Quite a party place.
Positive Review Jerry the Gooner from UK sent 10 Feb 2009
Wow, what a change in coffee shop? The place was buzzing. Smoking is now allowed in a very large air conditioned back room to the rear of the coffee shop, complete with darts board and other entertainment. Comfortable seating and a warm friendly atmosphere. The coffee shop guy is a bit manic, English speaking and friendly. Still next door to buy your smoking fuel. Opens at midday. Still rate this the best supplier of Amnesia Haze in Eindhoven at 12 euros a gram. We smoked a few joints of it but can't remember what happened? Lol
Positive Review Jerry the Gooner from UK sent 24 Sep 2008
Very basic (and empty). No smoking is allowed in the shop only outside. Locals recommended me to find it and try the Amnesia Haze at 12 euros a gram. I bought 5 grams and it's as good as you can get. One joint and you can say goodbye to the next three hours. Very uplifting.
Positive Review Barry from Belgium sent 19 Jan 2008
Very good weed and hash, but it's quite pricey. It's also very, very small. Right next to it there's a smoking café, where people of various ethnics hang out. Warm atmosphere and friendly people. Liked it.
Neutral Review Puncho from France sent 25 Jul 2003
Non-official coffeeshop, but very friendly, even with strangers...
Positive Review Hugduck from Belgium sent 22 Jul 2003
(Mid-class). Good because it's a combination of a coffeeshop and in the weekends they open the backdoor to the discotheque, surely worth a visit.