Het Ballonnetje

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Positive Review Rafiki from Germany visited June 2019; sent 16 Jun 2019
Charming little joint in a building constructed around 1890 with a high Stucco crafted ceiling and gold paint. Everything is made out of wood, which gives it a nice warm feeling. Drinks are mandatory to sit down. You can shortly roll one up however. Wedding Cake 15 € / g had that beautiful white coat, but their Gelato 14 € / g was cut / trimmed wrong. Too many stems! The budtender / owner was super friendly and found a nug that looked right. Dank je wel!
Positive Review Marcel from Netherlands sent 9 Aug 2011
Rusland's little sister, situated very close to the zoo, and everyone knows going to the zoo while high is one of the greatest things to do, which is why I visited this shop. A really small and cozy shop and very similar to Rusland (great weed, great prices, nice and cozy vibe). Great to chill out in on your own on an afternoon, although it easily gets crowded because of its size, which is why I prefer to go to Rusland. Have a look if you're in the area or happen to run into it.
Positive Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK sent 17 Jan 2011
Only popped in here for a quick spacecake before goin back to hotel. This is a mainly locals place but friendly and not unpleased to see us at that late hour (they were just about to close by looks of things). Wish I'd gone back to this place, I will be back!
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 13 Apr 2010
Highly recommended shop for its quality, one of the best all over Netherlands! I think Rusland has the same weed and hash.
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 18 Oct 2009
Went into Het Bellontje (The Balloon) after strolling around the Artis for a few hours, ordered a Coke first from the drinks bar that is right in front of you as you walk in, I was gagging for a drink, then went to the dealer's bar that is in the corner to the right as you walk in, got a gram of Power Plant, 8euros and went and sat upstairs in the gallery which looks over most of the ground floor and out to the street, the Power Plant was amazing for the price, a nice clean tasting smoke with a light trippy stoned feeling, perfect after a long walk, music playing was a mixture of new and old reggae, great place to chill, be careful walking back down the stairs, very narrow and very steep with a door half way down! Top place.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 24 Jul 2008
Number one on my list now 7 years and running! A smaller shop, but still one of the best hangs in town, this place just puts me in such a relaxed state, especially the terras out front this time of year, brilliant! The Pac-Man game is gone from upstairs, but that has made for more spacious seating. Menu had 10 wiet choices, and 9 hasj choices, try the "White Russian," at 8e a gm., a great deal, a great smoke (also available at Rusland). They now have a volcano vaporizer to use!
Positive Review Dangerdanz from USA sent 7 Oct 2007
Crowded. Seemed like a lot of locals all Dutch speaking. Waitress was super sweet and made a great latte. Ordered 1 skunk prerolled and 1 that I asked him to recommend saying give me your best. Both for 7.50 euros I thought spendy. Then as I lit the recommended one a young guy said something about how Chico sold the funky shit to the Amerikin. Not sure what that meant as he laughed didn't get me too high so I presume it meant not good. Asking for spice cake she told me they were out. Finished my coffee outside which was nice but didn't feel real comfortable there, learning Dutch as fast as I can. But I will probably go back since I have 2 months here and it did have a very nice environment.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA sent 15 Aug 2006
We spotted this place after going to the World War II Resistance Museum, and by the way, we highly recommend both. A few things stand out about this shop. One is the ample outdoor seating. Another is that the place is similar in many ways to its sister shop, Rusland, which features identical weed and drink menus, including a selection of dozens of teas (my personal favorite, although Mrs. C.J. says the coffee milkshakes are 10/10). Both are extremely comfortable shops. However, if you come here, please note that the staircase is a bitch. It isn't just that it's narrow and steep, as all A'dam staircases seem to be. It's the steps themselves, which are only 4-5 inches (i.e., roughly 13-16 centimeters) in depth, so less than half my size-14s were actually on the step unless I walked sideways! But I loved the place, and the Jack Herrer (1G/E6.80) was quality.
Positive Review Doody from USA visited May 30-June 7; sent 27 Jun 2006
Still number one on my list, 5 years running! This place actually gets better each time I go there. I was doing a live radio broadcast down the street at Cafe Tros, which Lemming from this site came to see (thank you once again by the way), and was able to spend an entire morning here. The menu this time was all indicas, with "Jack Herrer" being just about the best I have seen anywhere, and still at the low price of 6.80 euro a gm. They also had a special on "Skunk", 5 grams for 15 euros, what a deal! The entire menu had 8 indica wiet choices, and 8 hasj choices, with the "Royal Polm" being the best that I had. Great staff as usual, chilled ambiance, the outside terras is wonderful this time of year, a coffeeshop that you comfortably can and will want to spend alot of time at.
Positive Review Sean from USA sent 12 Jun 2006
Thanks for recommending this shop! I just got back from Amsterdam and this was by far my favorite coffeeshop. Their gear stood up to Dampkring and others, but at way better prices. My hotel was in the University area so I went here several times. I didn't see any other tourists and the locals were quite friendly. Had awesome coffee at good prices (1,10 for cappucino) and their bud was very fairly priced. Their pre rolled joints the cheapest and best I had.
Positive Review Bubbalicious and JP from Canada visited 18/04/05; sent 22 Feb 2006
Wheelchair Accessibility: Accessible, nice break after the zoo. Pre-rolled have tobacco-yuk, we tossed. Also got 1G White Widow for 6E. Nice staff. Cheaper shop, out of the downtown a bit.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 8 Jan 2006
Nice place and prices. Friendly Amsterdamner people, no tourist flooding.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 1 Jan 2006
Located in the Amsterdam University area, and opening at 10 AM. This was our first stop in our last trip (closest to Hotel). Not a very big shop, with some very steep and narrow stairs (welcome to Amsterdam) leading up to a balcony area, and a few tables and chairs downstairs. Was quiet in the AM, and packed in the PM with what appeared to be a multicultural crew, playing board games, arguing politics, etc. Heard Dutch, Arabic, German, English. Service was friendly. Bathroom not very clean, great selection of teas. Weed about average for Amsterdam.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 28 Oct 2005
This place just gets better and better! The menu continues to grow and offer the best quality weed and hash at low prices. Try the "Amsterdam Flame," at 6.80 euro a gram, one of the best I had on this trip. The upstairs balcony style lounge area is one of the best places to hang in town, so laid back. They still have the Pac-Man game up there and I got the high score. The frogs have returned in the terrarium, fun to sit and watch. Still the same friendly staff, relaxing ambiance, and remains on the top of my list.
Positive Review Bear from USA sent 13 Nov 2004
One of the highpoints of my trip. The perfect coffeeshop for me. Quiet and laid back. Felt like a normal cafe (with great smokeables). I had the NL ice at 9 euros a gram. Great taste, great stone. We were the only non-Dutch in the place, which I enjoyed. The staff wasn't particularly friendly and the barmaid didn't seem to notice or care that we were leaving and couldn't muster a "tot ziens". All the same, a great place that I look forward to visiting again!
Positive Review Mary from USA visited 2-8 Nov; sent 9 Nov 2004
The White Widow was good! Friendly dealer and right across from the University of Amsterdam! Actually pretty easy to find. I walked there from Leidseplein! Nice walk, but have good shoes. I wanted to go back and try other stuff, but my God, a person can only smoke so much weed and/or hash in a week! It's worth the hike!
Positive Review Patrick from USA visited Oct '04; sent 6 Nov 2004
My absolute favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam! Right infront of the University of Amsterdam, a great stop before hitting the Artis Zoo (Recommend). Walk in and a slit level with a huge window in front. Everyone has view of the outside. To your right is the menu. About eight selections of weed, and I got the Snow! Only 6 euros. It was the whitest bud, I'd ever seen. And it gave me the best "happy" buzz, that I hadn't felt in a long time. The best bud I'd ever smoked! I sat upstairs, and it's extremely tricky getting up the stairs. There are several tables upstairs with, yes, Ms. Pacman! Nothing like a good stone and playing Ms. Pacman. There are other games in the corner. But after getting high, watch the steps going down!
Positive Review Doody from USA visited May 26 - June 7; sent 20 Jul 2004
My favorite shop has gotten even better! A larger menu, still the best prices anywhere, now offering 10 or more types of weed and 12 or so hash varieties. I tried the Ice, Gronic and White Russian all mind blowing at 6.80 euro a gram! Also the Blonde Moroccan (6 euro gm.) and Dutch Delight (9 euro gm.) are both amazing hashes. They also have pre-rolled joints now, both mixed (2.50 euro) and pure (3.00 euro). Still the best staff, drinks, and most laid back shop in town.
Positive Review Ryan from USA sent 10 Jul 2004
This place is great. A true locals coffeeshop, in fact, the dealer told me I was the first tourist he'd seen in there in a while. The staff was amazing: very friendly, very knowledgeable, and very willing to sit and chat about the dam. The dealer (who I think may have been the owner) would chat with me everytime I went in there (about 4 times) and taught me how to roll a perfect Dutch hash joint. I don't think too many other dealers would take the time to do that. Weed selection was small, but the product was great (and cheaper than in the center of town). I tried the Bio-Skunk weed and the ICE weed all on their recommendations. The ICE was amazing. Great taste, super smooth high. I also tried their Blond hash on the recommendation of the dealer. Awesome stuff. It was my first time smoking hash, and it was great. I highly highly recommend this place, my favorite coffeeshop of my trip.
Positive Review IzerTWO from Germany sent 17 Apr 2004
A good place with friendly people, nice coffee and good weed. This was the most frequented coffeeshop my friend and me visited, most likely because it was quite near to the hotel. Anyway, a great place to stay, no frogs anymore though.
Positive Review Bubbalicious from Canada visited 26-30 Mar 04; sent 5 Apr 2004
Great first experience. Very clean, well run, and the cheapest food and drink encountered, likely because they are right across the street from the University. 2 cappuccinos cost 2.20 euro for 2. Grass selection was good, staff was nice. Didn't purchase, as I had too much already. Lots of locals choose this place, they would stop in, grab a bag, and go. A few tables outside were very nice to sit at, just felt a bid weird smoking a spliff as families walk by to go to the zoo just up the street.
Positive Review Dano from Ireland sent 8 Mar 2004
Well worth finding. Great Moroccan Katama, great ambience and a totally new locale for me in Amsterdam. The staff were very friendly and we will go back there.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 1 Sep 2003
The best coffeeshop experience I have ever had!!! I was staying in an apartment just down the street so the Het became my "Basecamp" so to speak. The staff was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable on their products, as well as making excellent cappuccinos. It is a less touristy coffeeshop that caters mostly to locals as I saw several people pulling up in cars or bikes, coming in for a bag, and then off they went. Also, for three days I was the only American person I saw in the place, besides my bandmates. It is in a nice neighborhood, across from the Universiteits-Gebouwen, and nestled between two canals. For a nice walk, head North (left out the front door) across two canals, then follow the tram tracks up the Plantage Kerklaan to the Artis Zoo, a 5 minute walk at most. The weed at the Het is very high calibre, with all the varieties you would want. I asked for the strongest and the fellow behind the counter suggested the Jack Herrer. I also tried the Bubblegum and the Edelweiss, and here's the best part, all at 6.80 euros a gram!!! They also had Ketuma hash for 3.00 euros a gram!!! There is a beautiful balcony up a very small, but unique staircase that looks out to the high windows to the street, and there are also terras seats outside, two great places to enjoy your smoke and watch all the people walking by going about their day. While I was there they were playing Eminem, some trance and a local radio station, depending on what time of day you went. On the main floor they have a big table and barstools plus a terrarium with frogs and a beverage bar as well that serves all types of coffee drinks, plus sodas, juices, energy drinks and a great choice of teas. You can also get toasties and broodjies and other light snacks. They don't serve alcohol, but just down the street is De Bamboeseur, Eik En Linde, and cafe Koosje, all on the Plantage Middenlaan between Kerklann and Parklann, with De Bamboeseur terras right across from the Wertheim Park. the Het is really not that far out and in my opinion, is a much better experience than some of the over crowded, and over priced shops elsewhere, so a trip here is definitely worth your while. Considering the beautiful staff, the quality weed, the prices, the cappuccinos, the good music, the location, and the most laid back and enjoyable ambiance anywhere, I give the Het Ballonnetje 5 stars!!! A must visit!!!
Positive Review Jason from USA sent 6 Jan 2003
Het Ballonnetje has everything you want if you're in search of a REAL Dutch coffeeshop that's away from the tourist areas. Catering to a mostly Dutch clientele and one of the oldest coffeeshops in town, Ballonnetje is located right across the street from the University of Amsterdam in a beautiful and tranquil tree-lined neighborhood. It has a very native Dutch feel to it inside, and you're just as likely to find professors lighting up while talking about classes as you are the regular off-duty Amsterdam policeman enjoying a smoke. This shop offers a very solid selection of weed, most of it quite potent and reasonably priced. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and is willing to answer your questions whether you're a beginner or if you've smoked weed all your life. The vibe is very laid back, yet extremely funky. There are several tables downstairs as well as a few upstairs with some vintage video games. In addition, several benches and tables on the sidewalk outside make for a truly enjoyable visit as you watch the street traffic and people walking by. They serve light meals, tons of juices, and dozens of kinds of tea, but there's also an Italian joint a block away if you've got the heavy-duty munchies. Overall, this is a must-visit coffeeshop if you're in Amsterdam. The atmosphere, extremely friendly staff, great weed, and beatiful neighborhood make Het Ballonnetje one of Amsterdam's best-kept secrets. It's away from the tourist center, and you can enjoy a nice cup of tea and a killer joint as you get the chance to chat and mingle with native Amsterdamers. Get high and "get native" all at the same time. It's hard to find a more laid-back coffeeshop than Het Ballonnetje.