coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Positive Review Docgonzo42 sent 27 Feb 2011
Yes Barentsz is a 10 minute walk from Barneys Uptown but it is worth it. Very nice shop that was like a gem to find in the outskirts of the main part of Amsterdam. I bought the AK-47 and Jack Herer there. No Silver Pearl. Sad:( - Until I tried the AK and JH. They were well cured and really delivered on the high. Great lady working the day I was there. If you're in the area or just feel like a new place that delivers, Barentsz is it.
Positive Review Quiky sent 18 Sep 2010
Barentsz is located several blocks away from the last stop of the 3 tram. It's a tidy shop which offers AK-47, Silver Pearl, K2, Amnesia, and Royal Cream Gold, Super Smile and Maroc Polm. I bought the Silver Pearl. (Silver Pearl later pummeled me into an anxious bruise.) I did not stay to smoke, but I did enjoy a friendly lecture from the 'tender on why it wasn't necessary to tip the 'tender. I've never actually had a smoke in a coffeeshop. (It's pathetic, I know.) That having been said, I would've loved to have stayed and hung out with the budtender for a while. She was very outgoing, and the neighborhood is quiet and nice.