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Reviews of Barney's Lounge Number of Positive Reviews 18 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Tucci's Guide from Italy sent 29 Jan 2010
This coffeeshop is the best. With all his other shops (two in Harlemmerstraat and the other one, "The Amnesia", on the Herengracht), this coffeeshop set the higher standard of marijuana in Amsterdam, and this is the reason why their weed and hash are so pricey. But you can't go wrong here: the weed is always well cured, perfectly dried, and potent as hell! And the hash too is always fresh and stoney! Try their new entry "Acapulco Gold" at 13 euro per gram: this weed has won my "personal cup", the "Tucci's Cup", as best Sativa strain of 2009! Try "Dr Grinspoon" too, if you're looking for a great buzz: a pure sativa at 17 euro x gram. Other good sativa choices could be HoneyB, fresh and piney, or Laughing Buddha, which is usually a indica strain: here you can find this weed breeded with more sativa, for a unique new potent and tasty strain! to finish, I've to say that this little shop share the same weed and hash menu with the others of Barney's chain, but the atmosphere here is unique! Friendly staff, open to chat with clients, this shop is never too crowded, so here you can really enjoy your buzz! with Volcano vaporizer too ;)
Positive Review DJ Reign from UK visited 2 Oct 09; sent 11 Jan 2010
Really good shop. The usual Barneys menu which is pricey but full of cup winners. Tried the King Hassan hash which was nice and also had some of the Sweet Tooth which was cheap and very nice. The bud tender was very helpful and the waitress was even more helpful with the Vaporizors. Loved the place.
Positive Review Wilson from UK visited 14-16 Nov; sent 23 Nov 2008
I was glad this was around the corner from my hotel. Very comfortable and quiet during the days when I popped in. The bud tender only had some scraps left of G13 so advised me to try the Amnesia Haze. Very potent. When I dropped by on the Sunday with my newspaper to kill a few hours before the flight home I had a G13 pre-rolled which goes against the grain but I couldn't be arsed rolling after the heavy weekend. No worries as it was the perfect accomplice for my tea and paper. Clean , modern and comfy with friendly staff. Highly recommended.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 24 Jul 2008
Two years ago I tried to visit this shop, but they were busy remodeling it, so I am very happy to finally visit it now, and what a great coffeeshop it is! Located in a very picturesque part of town, right on the Reguliersgracht (canal), just south of the Rembrandtplein. It is also at the northern end of "7 Bridges," where there are seven bridges in a row you can see when looking down the canal. They have very limited terras seating, but if you are lucky enough to get a seat there isn't a much better smoker friendly, canal- side hang in town. As you walk in there is lighting made to look like stars above your head, cool effect, very effective lighting throughout, candles everywhere, other spot lights and hanging lamps. There is counter seating with stools here where you can sit and still have a glimpse of the canal. The wiet counter is half way in to the right. In the back is a lounge area with nice big padded seats and several tables. There are big, flat screen TV's with sports and music videos on them, they were playing James Brown, great vibe in the shop. The menu is the same as the other Barney's, amazing! I had the "G13 Haze" at 13.50e a gm, a little expensive, but well worth it, this stuff is a cannabis cup winner, and very very good. They also have a wide variety of pre-rolled joints available that are actually quite good, try the polm, and puur wiet. Overall a very relaxed and chilled environment, the wiet and hasj are amazing, and the location is very scenic, don't miss this place. Daytime seems less crowded.
Positive Review Jon from USA sent 21 Jan 2008
On my second visit to Amsterdam, I very much wanted to find a quite, small coffee shop - away from the cliché tourist coffee shops that I frequented on my first trip. Barney's Lounge has it all - high quality herb (Crimea Blue, and G-13 are must haves), pleasing atmosphere (two plasma TV's), and a friendly staff that is warm and receptive. They boost two Volcano Vaporizers (a little too worn out), and upon my request changed the bag and cleaned out the chamber. For any enthusiast looking to relax an make one shop their own - look no further.
Positive Review Matt from USA sent 16 Jan 2008
The walls are no longer red and the place has a more mellow feel. I did try the G13 Haze 14 euro and the Amnesia Haze 13 euro. I really liked the taste of the Amnesia. The Barney Rubble is now 44 euro a gram. No longer in powder/kief form, it's black and sticky. Very tasty and very strong. They had something on the menu for 65 euro a gram, I couldn't bring myself to try it!
Positive Review Zack from Canada sent 11 Aug 2007
Great little spot hidden amongst restaurants and souvenir shops below the Centruum. The budtender I had was very nice and accommodating. Glad I went during the evening though, when I got there the budtenders were changing shifts and the day guy seemed like a bit of a dick. Maybe he just needed to smoke a joint. The Willie Nelson is very potent but will knock you on your ass. The G-13 is the real deal as it got me buzzing for the entire day with absolutely no burnout. The Cheese was probably the best sativa I smoked, very strong though. Nice comfy seats in the back and always something good on the big screen. 8/10
Positive Review Dave from UK sent 17 Jun 2007
I liked it here, bought some Honey B nice, sweet sativa bud. Quite modern with friendly bar staff, at the back there's couches and as you walk in it's like a walkway with long wooden benches at running down either side (for skinning up on), mirrors just above them, well lit and stools, defo go here again.
Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal sent 28 May 2007
Honey B - smooth nice weed, nice place, nice people.
Positive Review Jon and Shell from UK sent 10 Mar 2007
Fairly small place with friendly staff, always nice and airy. Good weed! Bubblegum: this had a really nice flavour and was quite a strong high, the smell was fantastic - a good smoke. NYC Diesel: very sweet smell, and a very warm and clear high, this weed had virtually no bad side effects and was really potent.
Positive Review Danny from UK sent 26 Sep 2006
This was my favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam, and suited my mates who were more into trendy bars than poky little coffeeshops. It was very quiet the two occasions we visited one on a Saturday night the other during the day. I still reckon it's a bit unknown which is a good thing. It's very modern and sleek interior has comfy seats and the dealer was really helpful and friendly. We tried the Volcano vapouriser with some Laughing Budda weed - OMG! We were all pissing ourselves all night - highly recommended!
Positive Review Jr. from USA sent 16 Sep 2006
Much less crowded than the other Barneys. Visited in April 2006 and dropped in many times. Was closest to the houseboat we were staying on. They have some great hash. I bought some Caramello Cream that was awesome. My brother bought some Barney Rubble for I think 40E. It was great but very expensive.
Neutral Review Enrico from Germany sent 26 May 2006
It's closed, re-opening at July 2006.
Positive Review Henry from USA sent 26 Apr 2006
The fellow behind the bar couldn't have been nicer, the atmosphere was mellow and calming, the music was perfect and the art on the walls terrific.
Positive Review Matt from USA visited Feb 06; sent 15 Mar 2006
Same grass menu as the Breakfast Bar. On a quiet side street, not far from Rembrandtsplein. It's only been a few months since they opened, and not too many people seem to know about it, yet. Red walls (!), and techno music at a reasonable volume. I did not notice any food, just drinks. They have a Volcano. Maybe six tables, and a few stools, not a large place. It wasn't crowded the few times I was there, so I don't know if people share tables like they do at the Breakfast Bar, certainly a different vibe, and a pleasant place to stay out of the rain. They did not have many of the Cup winner's grass, so I focused on the hash. The Nepal Temple Ball (€10/g) and Mazar I Shrief (€14/g) ("Direct from the Taliban" the dealer assured me!) were great. Both were soft, and I could make snakes and roll them in joints. The Mazar would bubble when flame got near it. I also tried the Barney Rubble (€40/g). I only bought €10 worth. Took two hits and didn't move for a long time, outstanding!
Positive Review Terry from UK sent 28 Feb 2006
They have the same smoke menu as the other Barney's but they serve no hot food, bought the Love Potion #1, top smoke Willie Nelson ok but not the best. Nice relaxed shop not too busy either got the big table with the comfy cushions everytime we visited.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 8 Jan 2006
This is a good alternative place to chill to the original Barneys.
Positive Review Lisa and Sam from UK visited 30/12/04 - 03/01/05; sent 4 Jan 2005
[about Jamaica] Quite small and almost intimidating at first as was quite full! Got to the bar and just decided to get two pre-rolled from the Rasta behind the bar. Very happy spliffs and good Bob Marley being played very happy jet chilled went back a few times for quick pre-rolls but did not buy hash there.
Positive Review Dano from Ireland sent 8 Mar 2004
[about Jamaica] Selling neat dollar sized Moroccan in round plastic containers, stylish and strong. They were also friendly and cool.