Barney's Uptown

bar in Amsterdam
Reviews of Barney's Uptown Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Mr and Mrs UK couple sent 28 Jan 2013
We got off the coach at Amstel, nipped on the metro heading for a well deserved breakfast at the legendary Barnies Uptown. I was in a good mood, fairly blasted from the 1gram deal of Lemon Haze from the Bulldog we stopped at on the way. We were both tired and in need of a good bite to eat. My food well it just wasn't edible really, it was the euro to the trash. What a disappointment, dragged halfway over the town in the hope of something a bit special, well the girls serving us couldn't have given a monkeys bollocks about anything to be honest, it would have been easier to have got the attention of a the pope. I felt quite embarrassed to have brought my partner here, she was tired and thought if I had brought her here it must be a nice place, never been so upset about letting her down. Perhaps this place used to be somewhere for the weary traveller to get some nice food but it's a total crap hole now.
Positive Review El Maestro from Austria sent 3 Sep 2011
Dropped in directly after my arrival at the Centraal Station. Bought some Tangerine dream at their coffeshop (15E/g, very nice stuff) and had breakfast at the Uptown. Bit pricey but totally worth it. Gotta try the Vanilla kush too (14E/g). Got me wasted all day.
Positive Review Chocolope Monster from Ireland sent 1 Apr 2011
Well aired out, perfect Irish breaki and tea! A bit pricey but worth it to smoke a fatty with ur breaki and chill for a while.
Positive Review Delboy from Ireland visited 29/3/2011; sent 1 Apr 2011
Visited here with 3 friends. Perfect place for a cup tea and a spliff before ordering your breakfast. At 13.80 for a full Irish it is a bit steep but you won't be disappointed, best breakfast we had in the Dam! It's well ventilated and spacious unlike some crowded coffeeshops! The staff are nice, maybe a little bit forgetful lol but that's to be expected I guess, will defo be going back!
Positive Review Kay from UK sent 8 Jun 2010
The ultimate chill out zone. The staff are friendly and helpful, the food is amazing (especially the ceasar salad) and the atmosphere is just so relaxed that you want to spend the whole day there. You can grab a bag of whatever from Barneys just across the road, come in have a drink and some food and just watch the day go by. Also the music is top draw, there is a DJ called Dave (legend) he plays the most soulful jazzy beats, and another guy called DJ Red-Eye (great selection of HipHop). All in All Barneys Uptown is just the perfect place if you are passing through Amsterdam. Location: 5/5 Staff: 4/5 Food: 5/5 Music & Atmosphere: 5/5
Positive Review Macker from Ireland sent 10 Jul 2009
The food and drink is lovely (especially the Irish Breakfast), sleek interior and friendly staff and you can smoke. What more could you ask for? Plus the Barneys coffeeshop across the road has the best weed menu for Cannabis Cup winners, loved the G13 Haze & Utopia Haze too, both expensive but worth it!
Positive Review Dave sent 8 Oct 2008
I lived just off Haarlemmerstratt from Jan. to June of this past year. Barney's Uptown was a regular hang out for us. Very friendly staff and great beer on tap. Can get very busy from time to time but overall a nice place to enjoy a great brew with some great buddds.
Positive Review Stoner Association from UK visited 8 Dec 07; sent 7 Mar 2008
Although you can't buy weed from here you can buy it across the road at Barneys coffeeshop. You can smoke and drink at Barney's Uptown whilst enjoying a large cooked breakfast.
Positive Review Matt from USA sent 8 Jan 2008
Serves food from 8am and has booze, but allows you to bring your grass from Barney's, which is just across the street. Uptown looks chic and is trying to go upmarket it seems. More space, you get your own table, less chance to talk to other people it seems and the vibe isn't the same. The Irish breakfast was 13.20, and 2 more for coffee. Seems expensive. Great sound system, could depend on what type of music is playing. Very chic interior, which I guess is a trend in coffee shops.