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Reviews of Barraka Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Negative Review TrueBlue from UK. Sent 30 Apr 2017.
Stopped in this coffeeshop 28/04/17 after great smokes in The Rocker and Grey Area, wish I didn't! Staff were a little rude but nothing major, however the weed was the worst of the trip. I bought the Ice Cream weed. It was terrible, wouldn't stay lit and was clearly sold too early. Luckily the next place is not too far. Will never visit this place again.
Negative Review Andy from England. Sent 5 Mar 2017.
If u want slagging off by staff with serious bad attitude then Barraka is the place for u. Non stop bitching about tourists (the ones who keep the place in business), then giving out wet grinders n screwed up Rizlas n refusing to supply usable kit. Spend your money in friendly places like Greenplace.
Positive Review staving-marvin from UK. Sent 10 Dec 2015.
I have just come back from Amsterdam 7/12/2015 and the last coffee shop I went into was Barraka. I wish I had found it sooner, a very nice size relaxing venue in a great spot in Amsterdam where you are near everything, with friendly staff what more would you want. But the reason I am emailing in is, like I said I went in as my last coffee shop on my own around 2:30pm and I bought my gram and a drink and headed upstairs with my hand luggage to have my final smoke of the holiday. Sat opposite me were two couples having a quiet chat. Me being pretty bummed out about going home I didn't join them or anything but as I was leaving I left them my leftover gram, grinder and bid them farewell. From that moment all the way to the train station I realised that I'm not the first person to do that as a couple I was talking to a few days before did the same to me. So I'm proposing that for weed smokers the three x's of Amsterdam could mean something: x number one - passing on your left over weed - to show how weed brings people together; x number two - the equipment to roll - to show how what you put in you get out of life; x number three - message - to show we are always learning. I know the xxx comes from the coat of arms but seeing them everywhere and coming up with this on my journey home I wanted to drop all my things and run back to Barraka's like I had the answer to life.
Positive Review Yiannis from Greece. Sent 24 Jul 2009.
Was there July 2009 and found this place to be the cleanest, friendliest and most sincere of coffeeshops. No frills or pretentiousness. Its location is great in a quaint small square. The guys who work there are cool and know all about Amsterdam!
Positive Review Amsterdam Lover from UK. Visited Feb.. Sent 23 Mar 2009.
I visited this place in a mad panic just b4 I was due at the train station on my way back to England and had about ten euros in change and just wanted something to chew on as I rode the train so I asked the budtender what his cheapest hash was and he gladly showed me the Creme hash which was a really soft and fresh blonde hash. I wish I had went in 4 a smoke during my stay because this Creme hash tasted lovely and by the time I got to train station I was giggling like a girl so I'm gonna go straight there when I go back this May. The budtender was really cool and understood I was in a rush laughed and wished me a pleasant flight home.
Positive Review Nesquik from France. Sent 1 May 2008.
Though it doesn't look like the best coffeeshop, the Baraka is worth it, I went to this place on the last new-year's eve period with 3 friends of mine, it's certainly one of the cheapest coffee in the center Amsterdam! The menu is quite complete with a large selection of 3,3g bags for 15€ (Northern lights, Citral, Skunk#1 among 10 others), if you like the finest smokes, you got some PP and 3 or 4 other weeds for 10€/g, I unfortunately can't say a thing about their hashes, I didn't taste them. The budtender does his job, he's not rude but not your friend either. The music is quiet cool, and if you want to sit correctly, you'd better go on the first floor. To sum up, I'd say it's a great coffee to buy and go, chilling in it is OK if there's place on the first floor, because the chairs on the entrance hurt a little if you stay bit too long.
Positive Review Nik from UK. Sent 25 Mar 2008.
Went to this coffee shop early one morning, it was friendly and a nice chill spot. I got a cappuccino which was good and a pre rolled Skunk joint which hit me like a tonne of bricks, the coffee sorted me out tho haha. I was wearing a Dr Dre. t shirt at the time and as soon as I sat down they put Dr Dre 2001 on which was just brilliant.
Positive Review FL Pothead from USA. Sent 26 Apr 2007.
I've purchased a couple of space cakes that were pretty good from here. Visited close to the end of the trip and struck up a long conversation with Sonja the budtender. Even liked the male budtender the next night. I appreciated the place to smoke and was always treated nicely. Sonja explained lots of stuff about Amsterdam to me and made me feel very welcome. I did notice that there wasn't a lot of "interesting" weeds on their menu, but just the standards. Their weed quality looked as good or better than several coffeeshops, but not superlative. Native American decor inside the shop.
Positive Review Clive from England. Sent 17 Mar 2006.
Barraka was the first coffee shop I ever visited over 12 years ago. I am pleased that it is still running and intend to return on my next trip to Amsterdam. For me the place was the ideal introduction to the coffee shop scene in the Netherlands and although I have been back to 'Dam' on many occasions I have never revisited Barraka. As I remember the service was very polite and the weed knocked me out.
Positive Review Phrixion from USA. Sent 29 Jun 2005.
A decent coffee shop, the first I went to in Amsterdam. The owner is very nice, he has a cat and two parakeets. He had big bags for 15 Euros of the Skunk, which he had most of. The interior is small and cozy, as well as a couple tables out front. The inside is decorated with American Indian décor and artifacts. It was very chill and laid back, not like Route 66 or the other bigger coffee shops.
Negative Review James from UK. Sent 13 Dec 2004.
I went back here on a recent trip because on my previous trip I picked up a nice 3g deal of nice black Moroccan for only 15 euros. Big mistake! This time I ordered exactly the same smoke, however whilst trying (and failing miserably) to shape it into little sausages to stick into a spliff my fingers ended up black, as if I had dipped my fingers in a pot of ink! I'm not sure if the smoke had been doctored with henna or some other inky kind of substance, but it was the foulest smoke I have ever tasted and my 3g bag minus 1 J ended up in a rubbish bin along with 3/4 of the joint I rolled. :o( I really did not expect this to happen to me in Amsterdam of all places, and just goes to show how careful you have to be when buying hash out there. My friend also scored a G of their isolator hash which wasn't really up to much. Again the smoke had a nasty taste but the resin appeared comparatively clean. I bought a bag of Silver Haze which was mediocre, the Super Silver Haze they sold at the Greenhouse Centrum was 5 times better than this stuff! The coffeeshop downstairs is quite pokey (small!), we were tucked in the corner with some parakeets whilst some dodgy looking Morrocan/Turkish (?!) guy sat at the bar talking to the guy running the place and staring at me and my 2 mates until we left. Unfortunately I decided to smoke the S.haze whilst sitting in the shop so I didn't find out how bad the hash was until I got back to our apartment - if I had of been in the shop at the time I would have taken it straight back!
Positive Review Fernando from USA. Sent 13 Oct 2004.
Barraka is a two-story joint with an outdoor terrace. The first floor has tables and chairs and the bar/dealer's counter is surrounded by a few stools. There's also a very chill, kinda' dark area to the far left of the bar area. I was quite fond of that spot, because it was less prone to traffic, as it did get quite crowded if people weren't going to the 2nd floor. The 2nd floor was huge. Maximum seating was up there, along with some comfy pillows and couches. Great atmosphere, very friendly employees and dealers & you could definitely find some decent herb (the hash was better, IMHO). It was located just a stone's throw away from my hotel in Dam Square so I frequently visited it, as I stumbled my way back to the hotel after a day's worth of toking and such. It was just the kinda' place I needed when I really wanted to feel "at home", as the atmosphere was very chill and cool. Try the Purple Haze, Power Plant and the Maroc hash. Be careful - you don't want to miss this one, but you just might if you're walking down Gravenstraat.