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Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 13 Apr 2010
Great coffeeshop, one of the best in Amsterdam. Great pre rolled joints too. Highly recommended!
Positive Review Paul from USA sent 2 Mar 2009
My wife and I patroned Bagheera on our honeymoon (Mar. '08). The shop has several tables in a nicely laid out space when you walk in. Relaxed reggae at a moderate volume plays in the background. An incredibly friendly budtender gave us a menu and some time to peruse. I ordered some AK-47, Himalayn hash, fresh squeezed OJ and coffee. This was the first coffeshop we visited and it was only 4 hours after arriving (we came all the way from AZ!). The budtender was friendly, presented our order promptly and we proceeded to partake. We engaged in good conversation with another American patron from California and I didn't notice as I quickly lost all control of my faculties. The AK-47 hit me like no other, incredibly potent I was actually quite taken aback! This shop is nice, I felt comfortable but I should warn you that it can get very busy and so don't be afraid to pop next door to Bagheera if you can't handle a crowd.
Positive Review Alex from UK sent 8 Jan 2008
Their Crystal is the best I've had and in seven years I've never been disappointed.
Neutral Review Zack from Canada sent 11 Aug 2007
Not the friendliest place in the world but good weed and comfortable seating. Seemed to be filled with a lot of regulars. Small menu and I tried the Lovepotion weed and got very stoned but didn't feel anymore in love than before I smoked. 6/10
Positive Review Dave from UK sent 17 Jun 2007
This was a nice place a bit old American style with the heavy wooden bench tables, black dude behind the till was sound even though we were that stoned we nearly walked out without paying! Didn't buy weed but would defo go back to chill and look out the window.
Positive Review Doc the Dogg from Denmark (Basjoe webmaster) sent 22 Feb 2007
Third time I went to Amsterdam, I came across 'Basjoe' just walking by and then remembering something about some guy on the internet writing good stuff about this place. Ever since that, 'Basjoe' has been my favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. I also like places like 'Abraxas' and 'Rokery' for the cosy inventory - but these places are also very crowded. Furthermore I like 'Basjoe' for its original formula - No nonsense, only coffee & weed. But yet James & Leonardo, the two brothers running the place, makes the stay pleasant and delivers some of the best smoke in town.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA sent 12 Dec 2006
We stopped here twice. We already had too much bud by the second visit, so we smoked from our stash, but the first time we had the Orange Bud (1g/E7), which was a nice end-of-evening toke after an ACD smokefest. The budtender brought our drinks and bud to the table on a tray, which was a nice touch. If I'm in the area, and looking for a smoke, I'm probably more inclined now to bypass Rusland and visit Basjoe.
Positive Review Doody from USA visited May 30-June 7; sent 18 Jul 2006
Very fun and laid back little place, in a very picturesque part of town. Located right on the Kloveniersburgwal Canal. Just south of the RLD, or walk straight south from the Nieuwmarket square, down the canal. A somewhat smaller shop, but a very friendly place to hang and chill. As you walk in the front door there are several tables with cushioned benches and chairs, 2 big windows with an amazing view (best place to sit), chess and other games, magazine rack w/ Dutch and English publications, all in all very cozy. Then make your way to the back for the wiet menu, try the "Haze Special," that is what I had, a great sativa. Good menu, several choices of wiet and hasj, also pre-rolled, mixed and puur. This was my first time here and I had a wonderful time chillin' with the staff and the patrons from around the globe. Great pit-stop between the Waterlooplein and the RLD or Nieuwmarket, stop in if you have the chance.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 7 Jul 2006
Visited several times during this year's trip. Again a favorite of ours. Got Early Pearl (8 E) a nice indica on first visit as well as a Great Hash Joint (3E.)- best pre-roll of trip. Saw some Brits enjoying a serious bong session at the counter, and some Asian fellows having a great, giggly time getting totally ripped in one of the booths. A nice hang out for a while shop, due to its comfortable seating, nice music at nice volume and helpful, friendly budtender.
Positive Review Jack from Italy visited 10-13 Nov; sent 18 Nov 2005
Basjoe is a quiet shop. There is not so much trouble than in other shops. It is a little bit dark in there and they are not playing songs with bass - how the name suggests :)
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 3 Jul 2005
Located between the Waterlooplein Market area and the RLD, a nice shop with comfy seating and nice staff. It became a regular stop during our recent 4 days in Amsterdam. Had an enjoyable meeting with the Lemmings here. The music ran the gamut from reggae, pop, rock to jazz. Guys take note, at one point the place was overrun by Dutch babes. (You did notice that didn't you?)
Neutral Review Lemur from Canada sent 4 May 2005
Staff was friendly but not particularly informative or helpful for admittedly inexperienced customers; did not clarify that the pre-rolled items were mixed with tobacco; space cake had a grassy taste (contained chaff, not just made with infused butter), no noticeable effect from suggested "dose" of cake.
Positive Review Garry from England sent 16 Apr 2005
I had often wondered what a "whitey" was. Now I know. After sampling some of Basjoe's excellent Special Haze I happily staggered to the door. I would have hit the pavement were it not for one of the staff who must have ran to catch me (6' 4", 15 stone). He then sat me down, brought me juice and made sure I was OK. Now that's service. Well done Basjoe!
Positive Review Buurvrouw from Netherlands sent 20 Feb 2005
Working at the other side of the canal at the Weekly Press (Weekbladpers) under the strain of differing management and smoke prohibitions, Basjoe was my anchorpoint on the Kloof for seven years. I'm not there as regularly as I was, but being in the area without a cup of cha and a smoke at Basjoe's is unthinkable! Although I only came in from across the road, I know Basjoe's 'regulars' are spread over the world's surface and through Leo I've been introduced to some of them 'You should talk to so and so from so and so, she knows all about that subject, she'll be here again in a week or so'. This is their great pride, as others have remarked, a thing that cannot be caught in stars or points in guides, measured or legislated by authorities. Love you!
Positive Review Uncle Ghost from England visited Feb 11-14; sent 18 Feb 2005
I'd read a few good reviews on this site about Basjoe, so I made an effort to find it. Great chilled out atmosphere, quite bright, with a great spot by the window for people watching. The guy working here was very laid back and friendly, and said he hoped I enjoyed the 'Jack Herrer' weed I bought from him. Didn't think much to the weed (maybe Jack Herrer wasn't the best choice I dunno) but it's a cool coffeeshop, with a great calm atmosphere.
Positive Review Paul & Bri from UK sent 17 Jan 2005
This coffeeshop came highly recommended and boy were we impressed! If you are looking for a place you can chill out in then make your way from Centraal Station through the Red Light District and take a left until you hit Kloveniers Burgwal. Walk south until you see the Basjoe sign in the window on your right where Rusland meets KBW at a bridge. All the buds are good quality and the White Widow was apocalyptic. This is not however, the main reason for making the effort to find this place. The atmosphere is what will take me back there as often as possible. Some shops complain if you spend too much time at a table - here they join in your game of cards! Drinks selection is varied from chilled beer to smoothies and excellent hot chocolates.
Positive Review Dave from Wales visited Oct '04; sent 31 Oct 2004
Headed straight to Basjoe's to hook up with James and Leo and friends. What great dudes and what a great coffeeshop. The Haze was the order of the day and I had a couple of ready rolled and ordered a gramme before heading out into the stratosphere. I would certainly recommend this great place to any newbies right on the edge of the Red Light. Met great people there and can't wait to get back. Outstanding. See you soon guys.
Positive Review Sarah from UK sent 19 Aug 2004
We visited Basjoe a couple of days ago. The guy who served us introduced himself and kept us happy for hours. Just chilled chat and the best space cake in Amsterdam. It's multicoloured and made with weed, not hash. He gave some friendly advice regarding eating space cake. He explained how they (Basjoe staff) wanted everyone to enjoy their experience and have a good time. Basjoe is the place to go when places like the Greenhouse and De Rokerij loose their appeal and start to feel a bit too touristy. It's a 'real' coffeeshop that welcomes everyone.
Positive Review Paul from UK sent 16 Aug 2004
This little place was our 'base' coffee shop in Amsterdam. The guys who run it are very friendly and helpful. The weed we bought from there (called 'house haze' or 'haze of the day' or something similar) was a very pleasant sativa. Not madly strong but sativas aren't supposed to be. Beers are served chilled (in fact he refused to serve me beer unless he was happy with the temperature), and are very reasonably priced. Conveniently situated for stoned exploration of many parts of the city.
Positive Review Cathy from UK sent 29 Feb 2004
My hussy and I have been to the Basjoe many times even when it was the 'Peace Cafe' The very first time we had a debate over James' dreds, I said they reached at least his calfs, Trev said the reached his bum, well anyone that visits knows they are well and truly on the floor. He make the 'best banana shake' in the Dam! I love it. It's the start, middle and end to our day!! Sooooo comfortable, warm and homely I love u guys! Every time we go, they recognise us, it could be 2 years in between but James always knows who we are. Conclusion: Comfortable, friendly, clean, quality and wonderful people!! We love u Basjoe!
Positive Review Fil from UK sent 20 Jun 2003
I am a frequent visitor to Amsterdam (I have been 20 odd times) and Basjoe is always the first place I visit. They have a good menu with great special offers and the staff are really helpful and very funny. All in all a great shop. My favourites are the Super Silver Haze and the Punjab hash .