coffeeshop in Eindhoven
Reviews of Upstairs Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review 1925 sent 21 Oct 2011
Good location (just at the beginning of Stratumseind and near to Thomas and Spijker) but bad choice! The people hanging out here are generally nice like many people in Noord-Brabant area; however, staff of this coffeeshop are rude, non-smiling people. They are always looking for getting profit from small things, even if you are a loyal customer of this coffeshop. Let me explain; I think everybody knows tube-shaped boxes that you can carry a joint in them. These tube-shaped boxes are free-of-charge in nearly all of coffeeshops. But in the upstairs, even if you are a loyal customer and the non-smiling staff know you well and you bought a package of weed 30 minutes ago, they want you to pay 20 cents for a simple box which costs 0,1 cent for them. If it's close to you, just buy your weed and don't hang out there, because there isn't no reason to do it.
Positive Review Jay from USA sent 2 Jul 2011
As mentioned, Upstairs is really tough to spot; look for the address and unmarked stairs. However, it's close to the train station and a good first stop. Very cool and laid back, I took a gram of Widow for 8 euros and a gram of Silver Haze for 12. The haze wrecked me, don't smoke if you have important things to do (like take trains/airplanes).
Positive Review Jughead from UK sent 29 Aug 2010
A nice little shop, good location. Quite difficult to spot (just stairs next to a pub). Widow is excellent as usual.
Positive Review Michael from France (living Eindhoven) sent 20 Mar 2004
Coffeeshop and weed upstairs, pub and alcohol downstairs, friendly people (even if people in the pub don't appreciate so that much joint smokers), very nice place to get big headaches.
Positive Review Anon. sent 12 Mar 2004
Actually the pub and the coffeeshop are separated. You'd have to go upstairs to buy marijuana and hash but you can also sit down and buy non-alcoholic drinks. The music is pretty techno/trance like and they usually have a TV where u can play the X-box. Downstairs is a pub where it is allowed to smoke but cannot buy MJ, it does sell beer and other alcoholic beverages though. Further it has 2 dart boards and several other games like chess/checkers and cards. Music here is fairly alternative ranging from Techno to Hiphop to Garage. Oh yes and it's not only known by the local people. Quite a few foreigners come in there, especially Limeys!
Positive Review T-room from Netherlands sent 7 Mar 2004
Due to new regulations, Begijntje has split into a downstairs bar and upstairs coffeeshop with separate entrances.
Positive Review Hugduck from Belgium sent 22 Jul 2003
(Mid-class). An underground coffeeshop, only known by local people, it looks like a pub and you can use and buy there.