Betty Boop

closed coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Betty Boop Number of Positive Reviews 15 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review DW from USA sent 17 Dec 2010
Nice place. Very nice to have an upstairs that removed you from the foot traffic to the bar below. They have a computer you can use upstairs as well. Weed was good but during my last morning the pre-rolled joint I purchased just didn't seem to do the trick. Not sure why since earlier in the week I had purchased the same exact thing here and really enjoyed it. Overall good place. Definitely would recommend.
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 14 Feb 2008
Quite a small coffeeshop this, over two levels, the upstairs has seating for about 12 or so but was busy so me and the missus went back and sat downstairs where there are a few stools at the bar and a few more at a ledge to the left as you walk in, purchased 1gm of Blueberry for 9 euros, nice smoke, sweet and not chokey in the slightest, the Budtender was a good laugh as well and made us feel very welcome, he also wound the missus up by telling her they had no white Betty Boop lighters left while she was blatantly pointing to one, had all the usual hot and cold beverages so all in all a pretty decent place, worth a visit.
Positive Review OleTex from USA visited Jan 19; sent 30 Jan 2008
A very nice, clean, professional shop in the heart of Centrum. Budtending lady was friendly and offered up special of "LA Confidential", a blended Sativa/Indica that was not on menu for 15 euro gram. Absolutely first class ganj from the word go. Despite the Indica, high was very uplifiting and fun, despite the Sativa, high was strong and long-lasting. Excellent service, juices and snacks. A must stop on each visit.
Positive Review Adam + Pam from UK visited 21/05/07; sent 25 May 2007
This place is really nice to chill. We both looked at the menu and the Blueberry Haze Ice caught our attention 20 euro a g, perfect opportunity to try out my newly purchased bubbler, the hash was so sticky and bubbled like mad. It took very little before we holding on our seats for a wild ride that was to come. Place overall 8/10. The Blueberry Haze Ice is definitely worth checking out and I found it better than most of the expensive hashes from Barney's.
Positive Review James from UK sent 17 Mar 2007
I only discovered Boops on my most recent visit to Amsterdam this month. It was right across from my hotel and proved on all 3 nights to be our last stop on our way home. Decent interior and music. Lighting is a little gloomy late at night but the staff, the Blue Berry Sativa and the space hot chocolates are excellent! I'd say their weed isn't quite as good as the place is to chill in but I'd still heavily recommend you stop by.
Positive Review Brufy from UK sent 6 Nov 2006
Amsterdam's best kept secret, which is the only reason I can think of that it isn't in the top ten. Their website used to say "Where the real people meet", which is about right. Very amicable staff and some of the clientele are, well, Angels! ;)
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 28 Oct 2005
Fun little place, great service, very friendly, smiling faces. I only tried the Bubblegum joint at 3.20 euro, which was nice and strong, very fresh smelling, the rest of the menu had several choices that looked good as well. Couches with pillows, nice stools to sit on, outside terras seating as well, relaxing place. Across the way is the bier profloekal "In de Wildman," one of the best bier cafes in all of Holland. The little building out front used to be a distillery (1600 1700's?) and if you look at the stone archway over the door on the terras side, you can see where it is worn down from them carrying in bags of grain, interesting history.
Positive Review Nance from USA visited Aug 03; sent 21 Sep 2005
Staff very friendly, used their internet lounge upstairs to make my daily check- in to the US. (I'm here & I'm high). I've not seen much hoopla about the place, but I loved it for their ambience, staff and cool jazz, good selection of drinks and menu/goods I was most impressed with being a neophyte but quasi regular kush smoker over the years. Maybe because I was a woman traveling alone, I felt immediate comfort and acceptance, whereas other coffeeshops I wandered by with blaring rasta-mahn music or dark and dreary, I kept walking feeling weird vibes.
Positive Review Cliff from USA sent 26 May 2005
I have been to Betty Boop on two different trips to Amsterdam. They definitely have the friendliest staff of any coffee shop in A'dam. They are also very conveniently located across the street from In de Wildeman, which has the best beer selection in Amsterdam. You can't beat that!
Positive Review Stargirl from UK sent 6 Apr 2005
Excellent banana shakes and very cute little lizards of some description to stare at endlessly!
Positive Review Phrancine from USA sent 27 Jan 2005
A good idea on my first day because I tried the Northern Lights and had trouble feeling my legs. Cindy, the barmaid turned me onto to Cocomel, a tasty chocolate drink that was wonderful hot or cold.
Positive Review Luke from UK sent 7 Jan 2005
Found this place by accident whilst we were getting lost. Turned out to be very pleasant, the weed was good quality and their orange juice is truly awesome.
Positive Review Wease from England sent 22 Oct 2003
Right near the central high street, this small, but perfectly formed shop had one of the finest attitudes in Amsterdam. People were cool - guy (who was colourblind) greeted us first in Dutch, then in English - but in a cool way. Woman behind the bar very friendly. They had access to a great outside seating area, right next to a lovely, very old, church and other outlets who also had outside seating. Blended in well with the other businesses, and didn't seem as if we were intruding on those that weren't smoking. Brought ready mades, at 4 euro's, which were good(ish). Still had stuff from La Canna though...but were able to smoke that without trouble! Wife really liked it...unlike some very male-orientated places!!
Positive Review Randy from USA sent 11 Aug 2003
I visited Betty Boop coffee shop while spending a week in Amsterdam late February 2003. This was a really bad time to be an American in Europe with the impending war at hand. But Cindy welcomed me in and made me feel welcome. She made the best banana/vanilla milk shakes! I visited several times during the week. I was always greeted by come on in American biker man. I guess my huge 35mm camera gave me away as a tourist. It was a festively relaxed atmosphere that brought you back on the tram day after day. I don't partake of smoking weed but my travelling companion was very pleased with the selection and quality of the merchandise. If you are in Amsterdam and want to relax and smoke or just have a couple of Cindy's smart shakes, Betty Boop is a cool place to go to have a good time and not get ripped off. I visited about ten coffee shops and this one was my favorite!
Positive Review Brian from USA sent 26 Oct 2000
I have visited the Betty Boop coffeeshop several times to use their Internet-access computers, which are located upstairs. I haven't purchased any goods other than the required one-drink minimum when you use their computers, and the shop is fairly small, but I have found the staff to be very friendly and the Internet access a good bargain, especially if you just want to pop in and check e-mail or do some surfing for train schedules.