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Betty Boop

coffeeshop Amsterdam
Reviews of Betty Boop Number of Positive Reviews 11 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Chris from UK. Sent 15 Jul 2017.
Great coffee shop visited with my partner. Nice and quiet and relaxing place. Nice spot upstairs at the window watching the world go by. Good honest lad working there on the night. Definitely one of the best.
Positive Review Akai from Finland. Sent 26 Apr 2017.
Really quiet and nice shop. Me and my partner visited around 10 or so in the evening, bought a gram of one of their indica creams, the downstairs area was basically empty. The guy behind the counter was really nice and patient with us as we talked what we would like and instructed how to roll a joint, as I had never done it. Great experience.
Positive Review Memlock from UK (expat). Sent 8 Sep 2015.
Great shop that is very easy to walk past. Good weed in here. I live here, so only really fly and buy. Sour Cheese is nice at the moment. They have a lot of strains here that other shops don't get, so worth checking out. Somango is nice, fluffy buds, nice taste and smell, and a fair kick to it.
Positive Review Green Frog from Ireland. Sent 15 Dec 2008.
A great place for a phat spliff and creamy cappuccino as well as good conversation from the staff, I would highly recommend Betty Too, great selection of weed and hash make you you. Check out the betty figure upstairs too.
Positive Review Ganjwarrior from Canada. Sent 19 Jan 2008.
This is a very nice coffeeshop in the gay district with spacecake that really does the trick. It was right around the corner from my girlfriend's work and, unlike nearby 'The Otherside', was very open to both homo and heterosexuals (my girlfriend caught mad scowls when we popped into The Otherside for a pre-rolled joint before a movie). They also have a good selection of green. Here's a story they told us - apparently, the Betty Boo theme caught the attention of whoever owns the rights to Betty Boo and they threatened to sue the shop until one of the owners came to Amsterdam, saw how nice the shop was and told them they could keep her picture up.
Positive Review Matt from USA. Sent 16 Jan 2008.
Found this place by accident. Quite a surprise to find the owner and his wife Japanese. I lived in Japan for a long time so I enjoyed hanging out here and talking with them. The Blueberry was 1.3g for 10 euro and seemed to be the best value. The Sour Diesel was not great, and overpriced at 12 euro. The only pure pre-rolled joint they had was also Blueberry, 5g for 7 euro, I enjoyed it. I think their hours are 1100-2400 Sun-Thu and 1100-0100 Fri Sat.
Positive Review Micky W from UK. Sent 17 Sep 2007.
Being right in the middle of a street in the gay district and being named after a female cartoon character, I thought the Betty Too might be frequented purely by lesbians, not that I have anything against gay people, i just didn't want to be the only fella in there you understand. Got there early (opens 11am) and purchased a gram of Temple Balls and a coke from the very friendly young lady behind the counter. Temple Balls was quite sweet tasting and gave a nice light stoned feeling, not too heavy on the head. Sat upstairs where there are plenty of seats and tables, a games machine and a couple of comfy arm chairs right in front of some double doors that open up and look over the street below. This is where I sat with a lovely breeze coming in through the doors, very very relaxing place to be, very friendly and chilled.
Positive Review Benjamin Franklin from UK. Sent 9 Apr 2007.
I was impressed with their product and prices. Bubble Gum 1.5g for 10e, had nice crystals and taste, clean high.
Positive Review Paul from UK. Sent 26 Jan 2007.
Excellent atmosphere with very friendly staff. Good weed, good coffee - what more do you want?
Positive Review Billy from USA. Sent 31 Jan 2006.
Warm comfortable atmosphere and delicious hot chocolate. I found a good variety of bud and the prices were good as well. Betty Too's management and staff were awesome, my friend and I were given tips about great parties and clubs.
Positive Review Jon.
Clean place with internet and music. Good hashish as well.