Het Binnenhof

closed coffeeshop in Zwolle
Reviews of Het Binnenhof Number of Positive Reviews 16 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Jesscass sent 22 Apr 2021
Closed down for good by the owner by choice in 2019. Sad as this was mainly a great shop for atmosphere and is surely missed! Though everyone should respect this decision no matter for what personal reason and remember the good times at this fine establishment me thinks.
Neutral Review Rafiki from Germany visited June 2019; sent 9 Jun 2019
The shop itself is artfully decorated. Has 2ish floors - one for pure, the other for tobacco mixed smoking. Budtender / staff is friendly and tries their best. Dogs are welcome here! Tried the classic Gorilla Glue, under magnification the flower seemed stressed and showed hermi-bananas. 11 € / g. Also tried 'Tropical Dream', some Choco X Skunk. Very fruity & uplifting high. 12€ / g. The buds are prepacked, no scale and it is highly advisable to bring your own scale.
Positive Review Jesscass sent 4 Oct 2017
Agree with what has been said by other posters already. Great shop for hanging out and socialising! This time had some Blue Diesel (Blueberry X Diesel) which was fruity but not too special, nice enough though.
Positive Review The Unknown Smoker from N. Ireland visited 3/10/16; sent 15 Oct 2016
Well this place is seriously over-hyped for a place for a buitenlander to sit down and smoke. Parochial vibe. But I left a bag of weed behind and the security guy sprinted 100metres to give me it back. Beautiful city, amazing people. Great coffeeshop!
Positive Review Eyez00 from UK sent 27 Aug 2016
I stop off once, twice a year at Zwolle for a weekend away. Delightful place. I visit the Binnenhof each time, discuss the range of options on the menu with the tender and buy on her recommendation, usually also getting a lighter, pack of skins and those roll up tips, with a double espresso. My sativa selections have never failed to hit the spot, the coffee is good & the atmosphere is always very pleasant. Staff are helpful, informative & friendly. Even Security seems laid-back and non-threatening. Locals don't speak to you unless you talk to them first, which I like. Music isn't too loud and I've always found a seat if I've wanted one. It's in the centre of town, so finding it is easy, yet on a small side turning that makes it feel discrete. I exit the shop, quickly walk into the big market and disappear into the shopping crowd, which helps with the paranoia & anxiety :-)
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 19 Jun 2015
The best in Zwolle to sit and relax. Medium size menu, lower quality compared to New Balance, but more than OK. Worth a visit if you are in Zwolle.
Positive Review NoWhereMan from USA sent 12 Jun 2014
This is the coolest coffee shop that I've been into period. Really nice vibe with cool staff. I have been there multiple times and was just a place to hang out, be it for 2 minutes or 2 hours (as long as you're ordering drinks). It has the vibe of a pub, of course without the alcohol. The locals there are very friendly as well, the bud tender was friendly when I asked for his recommendation, and I didn't feel out of place. You need to check this place out if you're ever in Zwolle!
Positive Review Big Tree and Megatron from Scotland sent 1 Dec 2009
Good coffeeshop with friendly staff, but they seemed to by quite wary of us when we came in, probably because we had big bags with us and there's not a lot of space.
Positive Review Otto from Groningen sent 12 Aug 2008
Good coffeeshop with a nice atmosphere. It looked a bit like a small café where you go sit and take a cup of coffee, it looked very nice, a bit classy, it had multiple floors but we went from there to the next coffeeshop. The weed and hasj were good, I can't recall what I took but the three of us tested most of the weeds and 1 or 2 kinds of hasj. Good stuff.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 1 Jul 2007
Right in the centrum. On three floors. Bottom floor a bit too loud for me. Music caters to a younger crowd, got a minus from us. But a bit quieter on the top floor where folks were playing cards and board games. Got a G of Lemon Haze for 10 which was a fine smoke. No real complaints, just think it's a shop for a younger crowd. There were some dodgy types panhandling outside though, and bothering females as they left.
Positive Review Dennis from USA sent 14 Dec 2006
Binnenhof rules. I think they have the best of all of Zwolle, nice place, good people and tasty stoned weed! So I recommend all my fellow Americans and other visitors to check it out!
Positive Review Chris from USA sent 28 May 2005
This coffeeshop was very crowded and somewhat noisy, yet at the same time very cozy and friendly. The gentlemen with the pony tail behind the bar was very nice and treated me like a customer. A very cool place in Zwolle to check out.
Positive Review Leen from Netherlands sent 26 Mar 2005
The place to be if you want a really good smoke and friendly people behind the bar. Full of regulars but that's with every good joint (!) but the regulars are friendly and if you want to talk, talk and they talk right back at you. The coffee is never ready so always fresh!
Positive Review Tha Rock from Zwolle sent 13 Feb 2005
It's the most 'well-known' shop in Zwolle I guess in the centre of Zwolle. Friendly atmosphere I must say averytime I come there. Super friendly bar-personnel, I like them all :D. The weed, well I always take the Chrystal/K2 Skunk but the Moonlight is very much liked by the bigger public there. The space cake is ok, but by far not so good as in the New Balance, also Zwolle! Well you should try it sometime!
Positive Review Tennessee Red from USA sent 1 Dec 2004
I believe that this is the coffeeshop discovered downtown on a trip there 2 years ago. I remember it only positively. Small but friendly with only Dutch regulars when I was there. The weed was magnificent - a name recommended by one of the guys at the bar but long forgotten. Consensus of what is the best smoke is usually the best course when faced with the variety of smoke that the Dutch enjoy. Powerful stuff which I was told by a regular there he would smoke a bag a day (he held up what looked like a quarter ounce of fat buds). I was astonished that someone could inhale so much stoney weed without falling asleep but it is that necessary tiny cups of coffee that fuel our fortunate friends of the Netherlands. I suggest score some stuff from Het Binnenhof and then discreetly smoke it on a bench that faces the river a few blocks away - with green lawns and distant church steeples remind you how beautiful this country can be.
Positive Review Eelco from Netherlands sent 26 Nov 2004
Not much space here (which is a charm in it's way). Nice barpeople, which talk a lot with the regulars. Service is therefore quite good as long as you don't have to wait a while. Their menu is limited but fairly good. You won't get bored here. Great to stay a while. My favourite: Moonlight.
Positive Review Staticbarf from Netherlands sent 13 Feb 2004
This is my hometown favorite, nice vibe, service is top-notch, and the Moonlight rocks indeed. A "y'oughta check it out yourself" shop, for all self-respecting stoners!
Positive Review Joyce from Netherlands visited frequently; sent 27 Dec 2003
A pleasant environment and their Moonlight weed is great. The shop is not big but is very cosy.