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coffeeshop Haarlem
Reviews of Birdy Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal. Sent 25 Feb 2012.
Best coffeeshop, nice weed (don't remember what strain), very friendly staff, gifts for all and an honest smile for the costumers.
Positive Review Marcel from Netherlands. Sent 9 Aug 2011.
First shop I've visited in Haarlem. Nice and cozy place with a lot of regulars. Feels very local. You can either go inside and chill, or just buy some at the boot once you've entered. I highly recommend trying their Knetter at €10 for 1.1 grams. It's one of my favourite strains that gives a very relaxed mind high that comes on very fast and hard. Other strains available are strains you'll find at most shops like White Widow, which all range from 6 to 10 euros a gram and are good on the price as well. I didn't like that they don't weigh the weed in front of you but rather just give you a bag, so you have to guess that they're not ripping you off. But if you're looking for a decent shop that sells quality weed at good prices, Birdy is a good pick.
Positive Review Niko from Italy. Sent 9 Jun 2008.
The Northern Light is super (10e = 1.4 grams). Very good the Ice-o-Later (10e = 0.4 gram). Special Jelly hash (10e = 0.4 grammo).
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK. Sent 19 Jan 2008.
Classy feeling kinda place. Took the opportunity for a large pre-rolled number which is a rarity. Won't be doing that again in a while. Just can't quite remember what was in it, or much else for that matter, but I was ripped. I couldn't get that Jacob's Ladder business out of my mind. I'll be coming back here.
Positive Review Ronen from USA. Sent 9 Feb 2006.
I just moved to Haarlem from Florida in the USA and live down the street from Birdy. What a lucky find! The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. They have free wireless internet access if you bring in a laptop and their espresso is wonderful. I've tried the Hugo, White Widow & Knetter and loved them all, though I seem to keep going back for more of the Knetter. The prices are much better than other places, approximately €6/gram. I really do need to start tasting their selection of hash, but I can't seem to get past the incredible weed. You have to go looking for this place if you're a tourist, as it is north of the train station (5-min. walk) and most of the cool stuff in Haarlem is south of the station, but it is absolutely worth it.
Positive Review Andrew 'n' Lyndsay from USA. Sent 14 Dec 2004.
The wife and I went to this shop on our first trip together to the Netherlands in July 2003. We loved it! The jelly hash we had was spectacular to the point of becoming a common high standard between the two of us. When we went back for our honeymoon in October of this year it was better than we remembered. Not the jelly, as it would have been possibly lethal were it any stronger, but the shop was finished. It was nicely decorated w/ board games, and magazines to boot. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful; and we were chatted up by a local at the bar. Have a buy 25 euros get 5 free, and bongs to use. Table hockey. Jelly was 12 euro half gram. We bought all they had, so should you.
Positive Review Leo from Netherlands. Sent 10 Dec 2004.
I come in the Birdy for many many years. They rebuilt the shop this summer and it looks great (good job Wilco!) Also the food and beverage section ;) is bigger and better than before. I love the ambience and the friendly staff. Of course the weed is great there. I would say: check it, when you are in the area.
Positive Review Duncan from UK. Sent 21 Jan 2004.
Upon entrance we were a bit shocked as it was a building site, however all this done was stimulate our ideas on how we'd love to be starting up our own shops. but onto the tip of the ice burg, granted herb outside of Amsterdam is a lot stronger and heaper, but here the White Widow finally pulled through and the Knepper gave me the prep to endure the most torrential rain with a smile, and Dan absolutely wouldn't stop going on about Hugo (what kind of name was that). On a down side the seating arrangement hadn't been finished, so we were a little uncomfortable, and there were few drinks and snacks available, but the friendliness of the staff makes you think what the heck. The Birdy surprisingly was one of the groups favourite, offering the perfect hospitality, strongest herb we have ever tried (we go to Holland at least three times a year each) and a great appetite to go back and see them again.