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The Black Sea

coffeeshop Enschede
Reviews of The Black Sea Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 4 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Negative Review Rafiki from Germany sent 27 May 2019
Ah yes, the Black Sea. Our first store we tried in Enschede. Never went there again since it is too small, has no decent coffee and has weed that makes no decent sense to us. Never again.
Neutral Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
Located on this narrow side street too predictable that there is some dodgy stuff going on and voilà not the red-light district of Enschede but three coffeeshops. Moroccan owned place itself is on two levels and despite a bar on the first floor only vending machines for coffee and tea, yuk. Also I don't like their very dimmed lights, it feels as sitting in a fishbowl, somewhat gloomy. They offer bongs for consumption as well. Their best weed was Haagse Top at 12€/g and they also carry about five other strains but didn't care at all. For hash they offered only two types. Super Cobra (sp, 10€/g) and Noga (11€/g) both supposedly from Morocco but not too sure about the Cobra. Tried both of them on different occasions and found them at best ok. The Noga was better but lacked taste and potency, the Cobra is not worth mentioning (well...). Dealers are hit and miss too, especially when weighing up but let one particular guy know I observed his scale. Despite the fact that our visits were a snapshot in time as usual I have no urge to go back there at all and would only give them one more chance.
Positive Review Man on a Mission from Australia sent 17 Dec 2012
The staff are very helpful and give a friendly vibe. You can get free tea and coffee if they like you, it helps if you're nice and clean up after yourself. Good selection of bongs always clean & nice upstairs smoking room. Small but excellent quality menu. I always go for the Haag Biological Haze (house special) for either 12 a G or 55 for 5G. They also offer Amnesia Haze 11, Black Out Special 9, White Widow 8, Snow White 8 as well as a solid hash menu which includes haze iso-lator for 16 a G.
Positive Review Max from Germany sent 15 Feb 2010
Cool shop, friendly people! If they like you, you can get coffee or tea for free! They sell weed and hash, I bought White Widow, 1,3g for 10€! Special-offer is The Blackout Mix and you can buy pre-rolled joints! The shop is a little bit too small or they just have too many tables in there! You can borrow a bong, but you have to give the barlady your pass as long as you use it!
Negative Review Dan from Czech republic sent 14 Dec 2007
One visit is full enough, staff seems more like prison guard and finally we got weight worse than at random "illegal" shopping at home (4g at the price of 5). But anyway, better don't ask barman to show you the scale.
Neutral Review Pthomas from USA sent 22 Oct 2007
A weird vibe at least for an American. I felt like I was not very welcome there, a shame cause it seemed like a decent place to chill. The gear was good but I got a bit paranoid, as the bouncer started staring at me after he knew I was American, and I felt like he wanted to get in an altercation just to see if he could take me (some gestures are universal).
Neutral Review Oli from Germany sent 12 Sep 2007
Barman is very friendly and they have a nice menu but last time I've got 4g for the price of 5g.
Positive Review Tom from Germany sent 27 Dec 2006
Looked ok from outside so we decided to go in have a smoke and a drink. Barman was friendly and helpful and he gave us some good info on the different weed/hash. We were tempted by one of the top end grasses and so it was decided, got Bubblegum for 8 Euro. We sat down, ordered some drinks and rolled it up and put it on fire. The smoke was nice and the weed really smelled awesome.
Positive Review Palle from Sweden sent 7 Dec 2006
I have to totally disagree with Anke. I have visited several coffeeshops and this is one of the better ones, and especially considering that it is in Enschede. They have some 10 different weed selection and also several hash. Got Northern Light (weed) for 8 Euro per gram, that really had a nice smell and yes I did get really high. Staff are friendly and helpful. Bought some hash that were high quality for 7 Euro per gram. Have been to this coffeeshop 2 times and I really recommend it. I only bought the goodies and left so I can't really judge the place. From my short visit it seemed to be a nice place to hang around.
Neutral Review Anke from Germany sent 16 Apr 2004
In the middle in the city, small, two floors, darkly furnished, table football in the center, nice people, except the boss, but bad deals! Probably best avoided.
Negative Review Claudio from Brazil / Germany sent 1 Jan 2004
I wanted buy 3 gramms "Black Out" (8€/g !) and 2 gramms White Widow (7€/g !). At home I weighted the stuff once more, then I have a digital balance and founded out that they tricked on me in 0,2g in each "bag". ...I mean, they also got a digital balance there and I think 8€/g is too expensive for sucha little mistakes...
Positive Review Pit from Germany sent 5 Aug 2003
When we (a friend and me) were looking for a C/S in Enschede one afternoon, we picked "The Black Sea" by random - and it turned out to be a good choice! We did not find the dealers booth right away so we were a little lost in the first seconds. Finally the friendly dealer told us (in English) where to find the menu. We tried their top weed (White Widow, 7 €/g) and it was of finest quality (as expected). The interior was very inviting and looked comfortable. Nearly everything in the shop was made of wood which gave the whole shop a very rustic touch. The seats were small and had armrests - this is really important if you tend to fall off your chair while stoned ;-) Also the music was perfect - Bob Marley songs included. When buying 5 g each we were given nearly 6 g, but had to pay only for 5 g. After all a very nice shop!