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Black Star

coffeeshop Amsterdam
Reviews of Black Star Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Positive Review Ganja Doctor from Germany sent 16 Apr 2019
I visited the Black Star coffeeshop on my trip on March 30th, to try out the very cheap Thai weed. The staff is very friendly and nice, and the location: first you see a big couch and a bigger flatscreen with Dazn (a sport streaming network). I really like the music, but the Thai weed was with semillas but okay it is less than 4€/gr. The Coke was really cold, next time I have to try out the coffee. I will come back because the music was hot and the people nice. You can also get a bong to smoke your weed/hash. Also there was an area downstairs, and I must try it out next time and also try out the cheap Jamaican and African weed, and to buy a pipe. 4 of 5 stars, but when the other weed is better, it is a candidate for 5 stars.
Negative Review Coopdog sent 24 Dec 2017
Literally a shithole. Ushered downstairs, so the dealer and his mate can have the seats upstairs, into the basement which the toilet comes off. Either the drains are badly blocked or someone had a serious bowel problem and didn't clear up (I didn't investigate). I'm not a faint of heart man but that's something I'll never forget.
Positive Review sNc from Wales sent 26 Jun 2012
Been here 3 times, guy is friendly, try the Dynamite 20 euro 1.6g but it's knockout!
Positive Review Steve from Scotland sent 14 Apr 2009
Just around the corner from the Anne Frank House. It looks like a mini cab office, very cramped when you walk in. The guy behind the counter was very helpful and asked what kind of stone I wanted and advised I should try the Silver Haze. I took a bag and asked where I could smoke, I was directed through a security door and had to go down stairs. This I found a little freaky as I didn't know what to expect or how many were there. To my surprise I was the only 1. The smoke was really good and was only 10 euros, after a while other folk started to come in and although I thought this was not the nicest of places, everyone seemed ok. There is internet access for those who like to surf, but as it was downstairs with no windows or air condition it became very smokey. On my way out I had another look at the menu and bought some space cake for 5 euros and it was excellent.
Negative Review Falmouth Crew 08 from England sent 19 Apr 2008
I have to say this was by far the worse coffeeshop we visited. We asked for "South African Durban Poison" we we're given something that was worse than what we got when we we're 15! The guy wouldn't even look at us let alone speak to us. Whether it was for being English or whatever. That guy had a problem with us, unless he's as thick as pig shit and thought it was good. Amnesia was by far the best.
Negative Review Hasse from Sweden visited Nov 07; sent 5 Dec 2007
At first, this coffeeshop seemed like a great place to buy some cheap smoke just to take home, so that's also what I did. I went for the Ghanaian weed which were advertised as 3.2 grams for 10 euros. The weed was pre-packed and the amount didn't look like 3.2 grams so when I came home I used my scale and found out that they actually just gave me a bag of 2.6 grams. Don't buy weed here, it's a cheat!
Positive Review Lole from Italy sent 4 Jun 2007
We were there three times in three days! We tried at the first the Jamaican Sensi: very good and very cheap. At the second we bought a good hash Lebanon red; and finally we smoked the Northern Light! Very goood stuff! The guys inside are nice and the music is a classic reggae selection!
Neutral Review FL Pothead from USA sent 26 Apr 2007
Only about three varieties availability and the weed looked a bit sketchy. I looked and left. Nice music playing though.
Positive Review Crissy from USA sent 7 Jan 2007
At first I wasn't sure because it looked like it might just be a place for African Americans to hang out at. We were mistaken about that. It was small and cozy and played really good Bob Marley. They had a nice selection of hash and weed. We tried Super Pollen and it was wonderful. But I guess why I really like this place a lot is because it is where my boyfriend of 4 years proposed to me. So I would definitely tell people to check it out.
Positive Review Oversmoke from France sent 3 Jan 2007
The staff is nice and the White Widow is very good, and cheap (1.7g for 10euros). I also recommend the Northern Light Special for the same price.
Positive Review Pablo from Spain sent 6 Jan 2006
I was there about 10 years ago and they played wicked African traditional music for about 4 hours. Then I left when I was in a fit state.
Positive Review Simon from Denmark sent 1 Jun 2004
A small place with mainly black people, their Durban poison has a fine taste and gives an uplifting high. They play reggae music.