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Black Tiger Bar

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Black Tiger Bar
smoker-friendly bar Black Tiger Bar, Amsterdam, Noord Holland allowing pure cannabis consumption with address, telephone number, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Black Tiger Bar Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 13 Aug 2009.
A very inviting and chilled out smokers bar at the north-east end of the Red Light District. There are two levels, each with a very extensive full bar, and ample seating. The lower level is actually below street level, like a basement sort of, but very cozy. The upper level has a spacious seating area in back and a nice area up front, made up like a "living room" with huge bay style windows opening right up to the street, offering a great view and letting in a fresh breeze. A great place to sit there on the bench or one of the couches and watch all the action outside. I asked about smoking there and they said, "By the door or the window," so there I sat and enjoyed a nice, cold, draft lager & jenever (kopstootje), and lit up a puur spliff, a very relaxing night cap. They also have "AGWA," a coca derived licquor that is very interesting to say the least, check it out. Very friendly service, the funnest patrons, everyone has a goodtime here, stop in for a bier and a buzz.
Positive Review Becky from England. Sent 11 Feb 2006.
My husband and I lived and worked in Almere for nearly 2 years and every weekend us and our workmates would be in The Black Tiger. The atmosphere was great, a lovely girl called Nikki used to work there but we lost touch when we went back to England. Many a great night was spent in that bar.
Positive Review Dave an Shtu from UK. Sent 30 Jan 2006.
Great location and view, excellent ambience and you can smoke here too. You can sit in the big bay window and watch the world go by. Nice view of the laides across the canal and very handy for coffeeshops as it is bang in the middle of the Oudezijds Achterburgwal. My trips with my brother always a visit to the "BT". Can never understand why it isn't always full. Great pub, great times, will be there again at on my next three trips this year. 10/10
Positive Review Angela from Scotland. Sent 22 Aug 2005.
Fantastic staff, great atmosphere - I met a fantastic American from Chicago there called Mark but had to leave early - it will always have a special place in my soul.
Positive Review Jo and Matthew from Wales. Visited 13 Feb. 04. Sent 17 Feb 2004.
We always visit this café. We love it last thing at night just before we go back to the hotel we go here for the last drink of the evening. A bit dark and dingy for everyone's tastes but you can chill right out here. You can't buy any weed but you can smoke and they have a bong for the use of. 6 times we've been to Amsterdam and we have always gone in this café. I'm shocked there are no other comments as it is very central.