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Koffie en Dromen (Blowboot)

coffeeshop Almere
Reviews of Koffie en Dromen (Blowboot) Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 3 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
Another coffeeshop boat then, located at a parking lot nearby the city centre. Bigger menu than the other one in town. No pre-packed shit here! Opted for some barely nice enough looking weed and guy wanted my ID again to write down my personal data. Again refused. We then got told our data will only be stored that day or shit and that this is a local rule by the city council. We said our farewells again as no semi-legal business is worth our personal data, let alone even in a legal context I'd never put my data anywhere or register for drug consumption. If one day this or other drugs only get legal if you register as a drug consumer, especially in case of occasional recreational use, I just go back to the black market or whatever as a matter of principle as the body and mind of an adult is a private affair so any authorities have to shut up despite youth protection. This is no conspiracy bullshit or paranoia but a sociological fact since ages that monitoring, data collection 'for the benefit of mankind' and shit raised a lot in recent decades. Let alone Big Data, Digital Revolution and all that. Think only ignorant people, addicts or spineless people respectively too obedient ones follow such stupid rules as nothing of that applies to our circle but we speak up for honest prevention instead of anti-drug propaganda. By the way sick people in need fighting cancer and shit with this drug shouldn't go to a coffeeshop anyway and stick to homegrown or tested grass from pharmacies rather than from unregulated markets. Think for yourself and use common sense, don't agree on everything! Too big topic, go figure! Seemed to sell better stuff compared to the other coffeeshop in town by the way, at least on that visit.
Positive Review Aston from South Africa sent 15 May 2013
I used to go to the Blow Boot 4 times a week maybe less. Being South African I lived in Almere Buiten for 6 months. What a beautiful place. Very nice. Blow Boot has good strains and knowledgeable employees. They change from time to time with new stuff coming in every 2-3 weeks. Hazes etc with good indica strains and hybrids. Got some Amnesia Skunk from there. Still to this day it is one of the best highs I have ever had. E8 a gram! Staff are very friendly and the people who smoke in there are all cool people.
Neutral Review Speakeasy from UK sent 24 Jan 2011
I visited this coffee boat(!) just once while travelling to Almere on business. Although the location is great - a real boat on the canal - it was short on ambience on the inside. After my photo ID checked on the way in by a very welcoming doorman, you go down the steps (why do so many Dutch coffee shops have such killer stairs?!) into a single room with vending machines, a few tables & chairs and, at the far end, the counter. The selection was reasonable with prices running at €5-10 per gramme of weed and around €3.50 for a pre-rolled spliff. Unfortunately there was no bar, just the aforementioned vending machines selling coffee, drinks and snacks. In summary then, OK for somewhere to pick up something to smoke but you probably won't end up staying very long.
Positive Review JellyfishFestival from Germany sent 11 Sep 2008
I went there some weeks ago with good friends of mine and it really was a pleasure. After passing the passport control at the entrance we entered the shop. The atmosphere was pretty relaxed and the whole interior seemed to be very neat and clean. So the first impression was very good. They have a huge menu card with lots of hash, weed and prerolled joints. Me and my friends were advised very well and so we decided to buy the Skunk and the White Widow after a while. The guy behind the counter was pretty cool, relaxed and friendly and before we had decided which stuff we wanted to get he gave us a bit of the stuff we wanted to try so we could sniff it and check the quality. I definitely recommend the Blowboot to you if you get to Almere. It's great!
Neutral Review Renée from Netherlands sent 26 May 2008
I used to live in Almere and enjoyed De Blowboot at least twice per month, really good Warlock and Dynamite. As I now live 75km from Almere, trips to enjoy this quaint atmosphere is not often. However, as a friend was coming from Almere to my house today (May 26, 2008 @ 16:30) I ask them to stop by and pick up some Warlock - Well, it was not what I remembered. For 10.00 my friend brought me a small amount of weed called Warlord, smelling of dirt and all tiny waste. It was very different than my experience. Perhaps De Blowboot is under new management or the fun red headed lady with cool glasses wasn't there, but it is different something has changed. I know times change, but I was really looking forward to remembering De Blowboot as it was, not like this. So to say De Blowboot is not a place to visit would be too harsh, as perhaps this purchase was just a stroke of non-fluke.
Positive Review Rob from Netherlands sent 23 May 2006
Nice coffeeshop, my first visit was on my 18th birthday, at the door my ID was checked and I was kindly congratulated with my birthday and explained 'how thinks work' around this shop ("down the stairs, watch your head, drinks/snacks at the bar on your right, toilets under the stairs and you can buy hasj/weed at the booth all the way in the back, keep you ID ready because you will have to show it again while ordering"). The old system where you had to fill in a small form yourself is gone, the cashier will do this for you now (they will write down the following, familyname + the first character of your first name, date of birth, what city you officially live in and what kind of ID you've used (passport, driving license etc.) Usually a decent selection of hasj and weed, which can be purchased in any amount (up to 5 grams) with a minimum of 5 euro. Usually a decent amount and quality of weed for your money.
Positive Review Sam from France sent 25 Apr 2006
Some difficulties to find the place. To find it, search the train station, the boat is just in front of a big parking. A lot of people inside, good ambiance. Strange to give your name (passport or identity card required) to have something to smoke.
Positive Review Jos from Netherlands sent 4 Jan 2004
Koffie en Dromen has moved to the boat at this address [Koffie En Dromen, Marskramerstraat 7, Almere].
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 24 Oct 2003
I was playing in Almere at the "Under the Sea" festival back in August. I asked one of the stage hands where the closest coffeeshop was, he told me, "Go up the street and look for the police station, right behind it is a boat, here we have a boat, you'll see it." So off I went and amazingly enough there it was, directly behind the police station, on a boat in the canal. I crossed a plank and on the back of the boat was the entrance and a friendly fellow checking ID's. You then go down a steep staircase into the somewhat small body of the boat. There are windows surrounding the room up at the top of the walls, at deck level, so the sunlight beaming in mixed w/all the smoke made for a very surreal ambiance. There is a beverage bar w/coffee drinks, teas, energy drinks, shakes, juices and Heineken I think. Several tables are around and an area for darts as well.
The different part however was that to purchase any product, you had to fill out a piece of paper and sign it. Then the staff were behind glass type "Ticket Windows," so you had to talk through a weird little hole and give them your slip. I didn't mind really, but it is the only place I know that does that. Perhaps it's because of their location behind the police station and the new laws and all? Anyways, I got the "Warlock" (8 euro-gm.) and a pre-rolled "Dynamite" joint (2.50 euro). I sat at the beverage bar and enjoyed an energy drink with the "Dynamite" pre-rolled, which got better more and more as it went. A very smooth bio-green bud, citrusy in smell and taste, w/ a nice uplifting buzz. The "Warlock" was perhaps some type of white bud, very fluffy green/white bud w/ a skunky/fruity smell and taste, body type buzz. All in all I had a really good time there; good bud, good music, unique location, good ambiance. Just wish they would get rid of the paper work and the "Ticket Window" weed counter. [Thanks for the pic]